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Me And Abimbola - Season 1 - Episode 24
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Me: (wave hand for him to see me)

Ttech: haba, so quick,you didn’t waste time

Me: were did you go to?

Ttech: that girl bad, she nearly finished me.

Me: which girl is that?

Ttech: that slim girl that was shaking her A$$ up and down here

Me: I can’t remember

Ttech: aaaagh, I gave her left,right,back and front and she was still shouting “more more more”. Some girls are witch when it comes to s-x

Me: bad guy, hope you used condom

Ttech: do you think am you? I have one condom inside my pocket

Me: bad guy…( I checked my time and it is already 12:30am) Ttech baba, let’s be going home, it is already late.

We trek back home because we couldn’t find a bus or byke to take us home. We arrived at exactly 1:45 pm.. Ttech decided to sleep over to my place because it was already late. I taped Ttech who is already lying down on the bed to stand up so that we can pray and sleep. I started with a worship song which Ttech don’t know how to sing. I ignored him and continue. We did short worship and after the worship, we prayed and finally jam our bed


I had my phone ringing for the first time, which I ignored, second time, third time, fourth time. After the fifth missed call Ttech got upset and tap me

Ttech: Rely who is that idiot that is calling you like that, is it by force to pick call again. Since you didn’t pick can’t the person use his head and stop calling. Rather he choose to disturb someone’s sleep

Me: abi ooo ( I was about saying another word when the phone rang)

Ttech: who is that?

Me: let me check… ( I straight my hand forward to the direction were my phone is) guy is blessing ooo

Ttech: is like her p---y is scratching her.this is Sunday morning for Christ sake and all she can think of is to call a guy. Please pick her call let someone have peace of mind.

Me: hello baby

Blessing: hi love, how was your night

Me: fine and you

Blessing: fine, please can I come to your place so we can go to church together, I just wanna go to another church. These my church is boring..

Me: eyaaaa, am sorry dear, am not around, i went to my cousins place at ikotun and I will be back by 12:00pm

Blessing: OK no problem, which time should I come to your place Me: Anytime from 3pm

Blessing: OK, prepare ooo

Me:(***Oloshi*** you want to come and finish me abi***)”I pretended not to understand” what do you mean?

Blessing: nothing, let’s see first.

The conversation went on for about 10mins before she hang up. I stood up and went outside to get tooth brush for Ttech. On get home,I told him that we are going to church together which he did not argue with me. I gave him some of my cloths to wear because him didn’t plan on staying over to my place at the first time. We finished preparing and we are set to go. We took some selfie and finally head straight to church.

Church dismissed around 12:30pm and we head straight to the house. After removing our clothes, we decided to go to the market and buy some stew stuff so we can prepare what we will eat. We were still in the market when Ttech called his girl to remind her to come to my place around 3pm.

Around 2:00pm I had a knock on the door but I couldn’t open the door because I was busy in the kitchen. So Ttech decided to open it. I had a shout with some voices. (*** wow AY has come***) I went to the parlor and I met AY with one chocolate beautiful damsel beside him.

Me: paddy me how far

AY: (stood up and give me a hug***) I dey bro. Where is ur girls nah?

Me: they will soon come.

AY: OK,meet my baby girl, my love, my heart and my all.

Me: (*** bad boy, she is your All and All because she is here with you, if she is not here now, she will be your bitter leaf***) i move close to her and give her a hug

Me: am rely and you

She: am Bisola.. Nice meeting you

Me: thanks… OK guys, I was busy in the kitchen before I came out, if you guys don’t mind to excuse me, I wanna go back and continue my cooking

AY: rely the chef, please be fast am seriously hungry here

Bisola asked to help me in the kitchen which I refuse because I know my self. I might start fingering her inside the kitchen which might result to another outcome. I finished my cooking around 3:05pm and I serve the food with some drinks to start the party. I remembered that I have not checked my phone since I started cooking so I decided to check it. I saw 34 missed calls from blessing and one message envelope. I opened the message and it was from blessing which says “rely where are you, I am outside your compound since,please come out”. I went to the parlor, on getting there, Ttech told me that his girl just called now that she is inside the compound… Shuuuuuu did they plan it?

Ttech: plan what?

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