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Me And Abimbola - Season 1 - Episode 27
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I was still thinking when the person started making an effort to open the door that’s when I made up my mind that it was my uncle.

Me: (*** what will be my explanation that I brought girls into his house***)

I stood beside the door for about three minutes before I summoned courage to open the door. I look straight into ttech eyes and he nodes his head meaning that I should open the door. I turned back, hold the door and drag it back. I had a deep breath immediately I saw the person standing in front of the door. It was AY younger sister who I normally call “ToTo” in short form of her name.

Toto: brother rely good evening

Me: ToTo how are you?

Toto: am fine! Please is my brother here?

Me: hope no problem

Toto: not at all. It just that his General Secretary “Bolanle” came to look for him. I guess is because of their party.

Me: oooh that’s true, give me a second let me call him

I went inside, the first question I received was, who is that? I told them who the person is and all of them had this kind of relief. I told AY what her sister said and he told me to tell her to go home and tell Bolanle that she should give him 20 minutes of her time, he will be there with her.

We finished eating around 5:40 and we are about to go out but my mind was still telling me to bleep one more round before Blessing will go. I decided to discipline my self and forget about bleeping again. Me, Ttech and AY, we both hug our self and bid goodnight to each other. I saw Blessing off to her house and she requested to visit me next week Sunday but I refused her because my uncle would have come back by that time. We agreed to see each other some other time but no specific time. I bid her goodnight and I went back home. I checked my time and it was already 8:30pm, I took my further mathematics textbook from my bookshelf and solve VECTOR till 11:30pm when I decided to sleep in other to wake early for school.I did my prayers and jam my bed.


School went as usual. My classmates disturbed me up and down to teach them. I normally teach girls because at the end of everything k---y cat must sure locate my J0yst!ck. School closed around 3:30 but I got home around 5:00. Immediately I entered my compound, I noticed a truck full of house equipment like television, home theater, chairs and so on… (*** this must be a new tenant***) I stood there about 3 minutes to observe what was going on before I decided to go inside and take my launch.

I warmed the remaining rice to eat. I was almost done with the food when I started coughing. I rushed to fridge to take pure water but I was unable to find one. So I decided to go and buy, on my way back, I saw “this charming, cute and average height damsel standing inside my compound” but by physical observation, she will be older than me, so I decided to mind my business. I was about entering my apartment when I had “HELLO”, I turned back to check who the person is. I was shocked when I saw the same lady coming towards me.

Lady: hi, am grace

Me: hi, am rely

Grace: I guess you live here?

Me: yes, why do you ask

Grace: we just packed in today, so when I saw you coming in, I decided to say hi and equally know you.

Me: that’s so good of you.

Me: please what’s that your name again?

Grace: grace

Me: what a beautiful name for a beautiful damsel like you.

Grace: you can say that again

Me: nice meeting you

Grace: nice meeting you

Me: you can come and check on me anytime you want my help

Grace: thank you. I want to go now, so I can help and arrange something’s inside.

Me: OK no problem. See you some other time

Grace: see ya

I watched her as she was going inside. Though I was busy watch her curvy A$$ and hips. *** chaii, see free [email protected] waiting to be drilled.

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