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Me And Abimbola - Season 1 - Episode 3
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As I was about to insert my d!ck, my phone rang. I pulled my J0yst!ck back and pick my phone to check the caller. I was shocked to see the person that was Calling me, it was my uncle. I check the time and it was 9:25 pm. *** chaiii this girl done put me into trouble, I touched my pocket and found out that the house key is with me. Chaiii this man would have come back since and be waiting for me. Where will I tell him that I went that made me to stay out side by now. See what konji have caused now*** as I was thinking, blessing was busy sU-Cking and romancing my J0yst!ck simultaneously. My uncle called about 5 times which I didn’t pick any because I don’t no the kind of lie that I will tell him that he will believe. I decided to tell blessing who was busy with my J0yst!ck.

Me: blessing! My uncle called me now and am very sure he is outside waiting for me now because house key is with me.

ooooh, Rely let’s just do this fast, it won’t take more than 30 minute.

(*** shey I go con loose this opportunity to bleep this girl now, chaiii see free kitycat and boobs wey wan pass me by, but my uncle is outside now waiting for me, and if i waste more time here that man fit give me hot slap even more than that. Rely you better go home and after all you are not with condom, should I let this k---y cat go? I ask my self.***). But my uncle is outside.

Blessing: find something to tell him when you reach. Are you not a guy Rely? Stop behave like a kid

am a gu….

Before I can finish saying ” guy” she lock her mouth on my mouth we started kissing. By that time all i can hear inside me was “Rely Bleep, bleep , bleep. I forgot that my uncle was waiting for me. We kissed like 7 more minute before my phone rang again, that’s when I remembered that my uncle was waiting for me. I remove my mouth from her mouth and pull back.

am going baby

why nah

my uncle is outside waiting for me

I can’t wait to put this your J0yst!ck inside me.

Me: me too

when I we seeing again

Me: hmmm, tomorrow is Monday, maybe on Sunday or Saturday because I will go to school

I will miss you ooo

I will miss you more

are you on 2go


ok, what’s your username?


OK, thanks love, I will add you this night

I will be expecting you request.

She Neal down and sU-Ck my J0yst!ck like 5 more minute and she stood up. We arrange our self.

I was about to go when she came closer to me and whisper to me ” am still waiting for hot s-x from you” immediately I heard that hot s-x my J0yst!ck rise from dead.

We bid our self fare well and I started going home.

I was still thinking of what I will tell my uncle when I saw a WhatsApp message notification, when I opened the message I saw what skipped my mind…


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