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Me And Abimbola - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I was about bringing the soup out when I had a knock on the door. I have to use my belt to hold my J0yst!ck to avoid embarrassment before opening the door. I opened the door and I was surprise to see BBLONDON standing in front of me. My d--k Nealy bust out from my belt. We hug each other tight (*** omo see soft boobs..chai I can’t wait to sq££ze this big Oranges***)

rely were is my food?

that’s what I was about to do when you knock.

Bb: Jesus! Since then?

am so sorry love, I went out to get something.

OK , were is the food let me go and prepare it?

nooo! Sit down I will do it by my self.. You know I love you so much and I can do anything for you.

OK love.

I entered kitchen why Bb sat at the parlor and change the channel to Africa magic. About 5mins later, I came out with a plate of soup and semolina. We ate together and gist along while eating. I was still thinking on how to start the parol cause my eyes was already red. (*** chaiii how will I tell this girl that I need her now***). We finished eating and I cleaned the table and took the plates to the kitchen. On my surprise, BBLONDON told me she wants to wash the plate which I allowed her. I lead her to the kitchen were washing pan is. I went back to parlor and change the channel to SOUND CITY to high my liver and moral. Like about 3 minutes of thinking on how to meet her, I summon courage to meet her in the kitchen were she is washing plate. I entered inside the kitchen and work straight to her and held her waist, and she did not resist me( ***chaiii e be like say this thing dey hungry this girl, this one wey she no resist me***) immediately I held her waist, I pulled her back with her massive A$$ resting on my d!ck. She turned back to face me. I summon courage and pull my hand from her waist to her booty.(*** chisos this is so soft***) and she was eyeing me. I pulled my mouth closer to her own and we started kissing. We kiss like 2mins when I started moving my hand up to her boobs. I started squeezing her boobs. I put my hand inside her bra to locate her n----e. I tickle her n----e for like 5 Minutes later when I decided to move my hand down to play with her k---y cat. I move my hand down and locate her k---y cat and I played with it and Bblondon was m0an!ng on low tempo. I played with her k---y cat when she did what surprise me. As she was m0an!ng, she move her hand down to my bussers and locate my J0yst!ck, she played with it and I was m0an!ng small small when she bent down and sU-Ck my d--k like 7 minutes later I decided to remove her clothes. I remove her clothes including her bra and she helped me remove mine. I sU-Ck her boobs and she was m0an!ng. She insert my J0yst!ck at the middle of her boobs and I f**ked her boobs( boobs f**cking style). I was already high both in the spirit. All that full my head was to bleep her. I kissed her and we head straight to the room were the condom is. I brought the condom out and she opened it. She sU-Ck my d!ck like 2 minutes more before she decided to wear me the condom. After wearing the condom, I was about to mount my J0yst!ck into her k---y cat when she held my J0yst!ck……

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