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Me And Abimbola - Season 2 - Episode 17
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I saw Ngozi standing in front of the door as I expected. This time, she was wearing transparent white top which reveals her red bra. Seeing her red bra resting on her big boobs. My J0yst!ck started doing press up…

Me: wow, you look sweet and sexy baby

Ngozi: thanks love..

Me:(going inside together) so what did you bring for me?

Ngozi: I brought my self

Me: (my J0yst!ck signaled *** chaii, no condom ooo how will I do this now***) you don’t mean it…

Ngozi: (turn back and give me a kiss) you can see am serious..

Me:( my J0yst!ck trying to burst out of my trouser) OK ooo I can’t wait
We both entered inside and she requested to cook noodles for her self … I showed her where kitchen is and also where she can get the noodles… I asked her to excuse me to get something outside the compound which she accepted politely. I dashed out of my house in search of condom. I got to a pharmacy behind my house but the attendant said there own just finished not quite long.(*** nawaa… Nah so people dey bleep girls reach ni***). I searched for about two more pharmacy but I couldn’t get one so I decided to go back. I got home and I met Ngozi in the kitchen wearing only bra and pant.. I looked at her big boobs which all most wants to fall from her bra. I couldn’t hold my self again. I moved closer to her. While she was still standing, I place my J0yst!ck on her A$$, move my two hands forward to her boobs.. I sq££zed them..on squeezing process, one of the boobs drop off the bra so I decided to loose the bra to get full access. My J0yst!ck was already paining me inside my buzzers because it has gotten so hard. I moved her hand down to my trouser. I guess she understood the message am sending across. She bent down and loose my belt.. Pull my trouser down and brought my pencil out. I lowered the gas cooker so the noodle won’t get burnt while she kept on sU-Cking my pencil. Though she try in sU-Cking but not like my madams own. I pulled her up and we kissed so passionately before I tured her back in a d----e style. She hold the washing pan and positioned her booty for easy penetration. I held my pencil and dipped it into her sharpener. I started sharpening my pencil, going in and out. The way she shouts will even make you sharpen more harder. I increased my speed, and she kept on shouting harder harder…

Me:( ***oloshi, upon all the speed and you are still shouting harder harder, no be me you go kill… Common Gera out of my face.***)
I pulled my pencil out from her [email protected], place it on her mouth. She s----d it until I cumed on her b----t. I became weak and went to the parlor to rest. I was still resting when my phone rang..

Me: hello Ttech

Ttech: rely baba how far

Me: omo am fine. Kilo nshele Gan Gan

Ttech: nothing much bro, I just wan reach your side with my babe..

Me: which of them

Ttech: the new one I told you nah… Aishat

Me: that Muslim girl…

Ttech: yes nah, omo that girl set, if you see weting she wear come my house now eee… My J0yst!ck done already wan brake ni…

Me: bleep her nah…

Ttech: Shebe I told you that my senior brother came to visit me…that’s why I even wan carry her come your place…

Me: no problem.. Dey come

Ttech: OK…but your voice sounds weak hope you are strong…

Me: bro nah Ngozi wan send me to my early grave but it won’t work for her…

Ttech: bad boy… You sha wan chop this girl no wan remain anything for her future husband …

Me: future kee, wo, live future, all this girls wey we dey bleep like this, you think say dey get future …. Maybe nah you go come marry her nah…

Ttech: holy ghost fire… I will jeje go and Mary better girl.. I no wan robish..

Me: me nah deeper life I dey go Mary my own self…

Ttech: bad pikin. I dey come now now, abeg keep condom down for me ooo..

Me: I no get ooo, my own done finish..get one packet if you dey come…

Ttech: OK…

Not less that 3 minutes that our conversation ended, Ngozi came out of the kitchen with her noodle. After eating, she layed beside me, dipped her hand inside my buzzers and brought my pencil out again. She started romancing it, pressing my two balls as if she is the owner… I grabbed her boobs and dipped it inside my mouth… We where busy playing with each other when we had a knock on the door.

Ngozi: are you expecting anybody?

Me: yes, I guess is Ttech..

Ngozi: OK, go and check while i dress up.

I went straight to the door, I grabbed the handle and pull it back. I saw Abimbola standing in front of me…

Abimbola: hi honey, surprise surprise…..

Me: open mouth….(war)

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