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Me And Abimbola - Season 2 - Episode 27
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I grabbed her booty, jacked her up and threw her on top of the bed, I was about drawing her skirt down, when I had a knock on the door.

I asked her to hide beside one cupboard. I threw her top and bra for her immediately while I went to check who was knocking.

( prostrate) aaaagh good afternoon ma!!

Mummy chiamaka: how are you my son

Me: am fine ma.

Mummy chiamaka:
please am looking for chiamaka, I want to know if you have seen her.

Me: yes, I saw her going towards the gate side.

Mummy chiamaka: gate? What is she doing there kwa nu.

Me: no ideal ma.

Mummy chiamaka:
thank you my son.

I was there to make sure mummy chiamaka went out side the gate before I can go and notify her daughter. I went back to the cupboard side. She has already finished dressing.

is my mummy gone?

yes, what do you take me for. Let’s continue she won’t disturb us again.

no, I want to go now.

go kee, in this kind of situation. Let’s just make it fast. She won’t come back looking for you again.

Chiamaka: ok, but no s-x please, only kissing

Me:why nah?

am on my period. Or do you want me to get pregnant?

Me: nooo, for what nah.

then no s-x!

no wahala

I drew her closer to me. Lock my mouth with hers. We started kissing for the second time. The kissing was getting so fascinating that she started rubbing her hands on my chest. (*** good time to strike***). I removed her top again and unbutton her bra. I sq££zed her small boobs before I gave it a good and well balanced sU-Cking. After wasting a little time in sU-Cking her boobs, I grabbed her A$$, jacked her up again and threw her on top of the bed. I kissed her and also tickle her t--s at same time. I moved my hand down to remove her skirt, I was able to pull the skirt down a little because I wasn’t balanced to remove it entirely. As I pulled her skirt down, she didn’t resist. (*** wow, she is already enjoying it***). I stoped the kissing and stood up so I can have the chance to remove the skirt entirely. After removing her skirt and pant. I drew the zip of my trouser down immediately. I nearly spoiled it. I removed my buzzers and brought out my J0yst!ck. I looked at chiamaka who was busy staring at me. I jumped on top her, kissed her again then insert my J0yst!ck inside her [email protected] I started dancing ONE CORNER on top of her. I was spooning and digging hole. Going in and out. I bleeped her for some time before I decided to change to my favorite style. I caried her up, bend her down in a d----e style. I was spooning from the back while she was given me a soft m0an. I was enjoying it because her own [email protected] is till tight and young not like my madam own that has already slack. I was seriously digging hole when she told me that she is tired. Ignored her and continue my spooning. I was enjoying it until I wanted to c-m, I was about withdrawing my J0yst!ck when I cumed inside her. I guessed she noticed it that I released inside her. She asked me while I cumed inside her but I denied it.

I want to go and rest, am tied.

nooo, you can’t go like this, your mummy will suspect.

Chiamaka: is it when I stay here that she will not suspect?

Me: you won’t stay here. All am saying is that, you should wait here, let me go and get you lacassera. So you drink and regain some strength.

Chiamaka: OK, just be fast, before my mummy will come back again.

I dashed out of the room in search of lacassera. I was still scared that I cumed inside her which might result into something else. I dont know what to do again rather than to call Ttech.

hello bro.

Ttech: rely where have you been nah, we have been looking for you.

just live where I am. Wahala done gas.

kilode Gan.

omo I just bleep chiamaka finish now now. I mistakenly go c-m inside her and she told me that she is on her period. Am afraid she fit go get belle.

Ttech: but you fu-Ckup nah, how u go bleep her nah. You no say…

Me: (cut in) bro stop blaming me now, you will do that later. All I need now is a solution not blame.

where are you now?

I dey outside, I wan buy lacassera for her.

Ttech: you know wenting you go do now?

Me: if I know I no go call you nah.

Ttech: no buy lacassera again, go buy Viju milk, then look for one pharmacy and buy POSTINOR 2, pieces it and pour it inside the viju milk. You know if you pour it inside lacassera, she might notice the white particles but when you pour it inside viju milk, everything will rime.

baaaaad boy.

listen!!! After pouring the POSTINOR 2, go back and give it to her. Make sure you open it for her. Don’t allow her open it by her self. So after drinking the viju milk, the c-m will wash out.

Me: Ttech baba… Chai nah you bad pass me ooo…how you take know all this nah.

just go do am now now.

Me: weting you call that drugs again?


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