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Added: Jun 20, 2018
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Me And Abimbola - Season 3 - Episode 14
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I was trying to take my face away but the konji spirit inside me has overcome the holy spirit in side me. I don’t know how she notice that my mood has changed. She stood up and push me down on the bed, then held her bom short to unbutton it. She was about pulling it down when we had a car horn outside the gate.

Ifeoluwa: (in surprised manner) my mummy!!

Me: seriously?

yes, she is back.

She pulled her bom short up, asked me to stay inside her room without making any move or noise. I asked her if that is the best thing to do.

yes, that is the best thing to do. I don’t want her to see you, so you have to keep quite just for some moment.


She went downstairs to open gate for her mummy. While I remained in the room wondering whether to go down or hide in the room. I made up my mind immediately to move down to the sitting room before her mummy comes in.

I went downstairs immediately. I sat opposite the plasma TV which was showing Awon Goons Mi by Olamide. Not less than a minute I came downstairs, my madam and ifeoluwa entered the sitting room. I can see the fear in ifeoluwas eyes immediately she saw me in the sitting room.

(surprised) rely, when did you come?

Me: am just coming now

Madam: but you didn’t inform me that you are coming.

Me: am so sorry ma, I came to visit my friend in the other street, so I said let me pay you people a surprise visit.

eeehn, so you have a friend around here.

Me: yes ma, they just packed in.

is OK, have you eaten anything

not at all, as I said before, am just coming now

ifeoluwa find something for him to eat.

Me: am OK ma, don’t bother your self.

Ifeoluwa and her mummy went upstairs living me alone in the sitting room. I started feeling like a supper man because I was able to dribble my Madam. I concentrated on the music playing from SoundCity channel when ifeoluwa came down holding a file on her hand.
Ifeoluwa: good lair, I don’t know you can lie like this.

lol, I don’t lie, I only do that when it is necessary. So where are you going with the file.

my mummy sent me to the school to take something for her.

are you gonna waste time?

not at all. I will be right back.

Ifeoluwa went out living me and her mother behind. I picked the remote resting on the center table to change the channel. I was pressing the remote but the channel wasn’t changing. I kept on pressing it thinking it was battery when I had my madam voice from the staircase.

that’s not the remote.


My madam came down with a bottle of BARON DE VALLS red wine. She handed over the wine to me to pop. After drinking, she told me that she wanna shower. She went upstairs while I remained downstairs with the small BARON DE VALLS remaining inside the bottle.

I took the right remote, change the station to super sport. I was watching the channel when I had my name from upstairs. Definitely it was my madam. I didn’t answer. I pretended not to hear her voice till she came down to the staircase.

rely please come and help me out with something.

Me: stood up and went upstairs.

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