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Me And Abimbola - Season 3 - Episode 6
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what!!! In church!! I cover my bumbum with the blood of holy ghost.
I moved away from that place to another location so I can concentrate and pray. After the long prayers with interesting and boring prayer points, I returned back to my seat. My mood wasn’t that quite good at that point in time because I haven’t encounter gay before in my life, I only heard about them.
I sat down on my sit. I took a glance at the guy with one corner of my eyes. He was still busy starring at me. His mind wasn’t in what the pastor was saying. I picked my phone to update Ttech about the guy on WhatsApp.

Ttech how far.

you are chatting in the Church, am disappointed in you. Tomorrow you will be forming pastor E.A Adeboye.

live that one and listen first.

what is it.

omo I found out that one guy sitting next to me is a gay ooo. The guy has been starring at me since I got here.

oloshi…you no well ooo…is it because the guy is starring at you that’s why you call him a gay?

not only that!! As we was praying not quite long, the pastor asked us to hold our neighbors hand and pray for him or her!

am listening

immediately I gave the guy my hand, can you imagine?

Ttech: what happened?

he started romancing my hand, when I noticed what was going on, I opened my eyes and took a look at him. If you see how romantic his face was at that time. I was tempted to run away.

Ttech: wow, rely we have make it ooo… This what I have been waiting for since..

Me: what do you mean because anytime something like this happens, nothing good is coming out from your plan.

you no well, see eeehn, you are going to play along with the guy.

Me:you must be mad tunji. You want me to follow a gay. See, am not ready to wear pampas.

rely see, we are going to make a lot of money from this business. Just play along with him now. If he request for your social media account, just give him. Even your phone number.

Me: Ttech please am not into this one. You can just take a bike from your house to this place, is not cost, when you get here, I will show you the guy then you can go on with him.

listen to me, no body is bleeping your a-s, I have a great plan. I have done something like this before. Where is the guy now?

he is right beside me here.

good, you know what you will do now?


after this chat now, give him attention, smile for him. Let him come and introduce him self to you.

I insisted not to play along with tunji until several begging and promise from him. I warned him that if anything should go wrong, I will hold him responsible.

I turned to my left and look at the guy who was busy pressing his phone at this time. I didn’t disturb him nor drew his attention. I concentrated my mind on what the pastor was saying. Pastor took a little bit time on his teaching about repentance. I was emotionaly touched. I felt sorry for my self. I started shading tears. I decided to confess all my sins and ask for God grace in my life.

After a few moment of the teaching, one man climbed their alter and introduced the choir. It was time for praise. I really love the praising part. I waited patiently for the choristers to start something. I was eager to dance for God, if not for anything, at least for giving me life upon all my unfaithfulness. I was Groving to the melody when I had a voice saying excuse me.

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