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Me And Abimbola - Season 4 - Episode 20
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you have been starring at me since I came out of the bathroom, what is it?

am just admiring your beauty.

is that all?

( is like she has an ideal of my discovery) . yeah, that’s all.

OK I will be going now, I have something to do at home.

( God… Ttech please show face now, I can’t handle this all alone) OK baby, let me get you some money for your Tfare. *************

what about my pictures on the bed and the baby.

Bblondon: for the pictures, I took them the last time I visited you. I was showing it to our baby to know you.

Me: ( surprised and curious) what do you mean by our baby?

Bblondon: the baby is your son rely… ***********

<<<<<< EPISODE 20 >>>>>

what do you mean by the baby is my son?

calm down rely, remember the last time you visited me in IMO state during my wedding

and so what?

remember we had sex. After that, I never had sex with any other person. After some weeks, that’s when I discovered that I was pregnant.

how then did your husband accepted a baby he did not father.

i convinced him that the baby is his but the real father is you rely.

you are in insane, you must be joking. How will I believe a prostitute like you. When you kept on sleeping with all the men in the town, why won’t you get pregnant.

(shading tears) rely please believe me,I won’t lie to you, prosper is your son. He is your blood.

Me: listen to me, go and settle what ever you have with your husband, and leave me alone, never you call my line again.

Bblondon was crying and at the same time on her kneels. I couldn’t hold my self looking at her tears, I felt so bad of how I spoke to her. She was really hurt. I felt it within me. I tried hiding my emotions but I couldn’t. I looked at her swollen face covered with tears and Carter. I haven’t seen her like this before, perhaps she might be telling the truth. I held her two arm and lifted her up. I wiped away her tears with my handkerchief and gave her a hug.

is ok, stop crying. Am here

am so sorry baby.

People were busy stirring at us. But we didnt mind what their opinion might be. The fact that the baby is my son is what I won’t accept unless a DNA test is conducted. I told Bblondon about the DNA test which she proved stubborn but later succumbed. I wasn’t happy at all. I felt my world is falling apart. How old am I to have a baby. What if her husband found out that the baby is not his. Where will I take the baby to.

I was lost in my taught when I had the conductor shouting next bus stop. I highlighted from the bus when I got to my bus stop, I was so depressed that I nearly ran to a moving car unknowingly. Who will I talk to. AY is not around, Ttech has disappeared. All of a sudden, tears started dropping down my eyes, I started regretting the kind of life I was living.

I never had time for my books again, all I think of was girls. Is this how am going to make it in life?. Am now a father. What will my people say if they get know about these. Am doomed, at last Bblondon has destroyed my life.

I got home around 2:30pm, I called my manager and lied to him that I won’t be coming to work due to sickness. Actually, I wouldn’t have called it lie, because I was actually sick. I glanced at my bookshelf while I was lying on the bed. Seeing my physics and chemistry textbook, I remembered a scholarship examination I abandoned because of a girl.

I blamed my self on what ever comes upon me. I am the architect of my misfortune. My uncle ones told me ” life without girl friend is a life of greatness but life full of girlfriends is a life of destruction “. Now I can vividly relate to that. I was so depressed, the thought of committing suicide was all over my brain but I don’t have the mind to do that. I made up my mind to restructure my life and focus to be a better person in life. But before I can do this, I have to settle the problems at hand and broke up with all my so called girlfriends.

I was still meditating, when I had a call. It was Abimbola.


Abimbola: hi baby, have you gone to work?

Me: am not going today, am not strong. I have to take chill pill

eyea, and you didn’t inform me, should I come and keep you company?

thank you, am fine, no need of you coming.

Abimbola: OK baby.

After the call, I had second thought on what braking up with Abimbola is gonna result into. Am dam sure that is not gonna be an easy task. I hope braking up with her won’t bring me another enemy. I was really feeling bored when i decided to put Stella on call.


are you back

yeah, can you come and pick me, am feeling bored right here.

sure, give me an hour, I went to visit a friend.

I staired at my ceiling fan as I drop my phone on the bed. The thought of Bblondon and her baby flashed back on my memory. I started shading another round of tears. I started blaming my self for trending on the wrong path. Now that i had all the sex in this world, what’s next. What did I achieved if not pains and destruction. Is good to focus and fulfill your destiny first, then the right girl or woman will find you.

I wish teens and youths will learn from my mistakes and live a good life. Do what is necessary at the right time and leave what is unnecessary behind. The did is already done, my tears can’t correct them. I have to face my predicament. As I was thinking about my life, my phone started ringing. It was unknown number… I didn’t pick until the third time.


Caller: ( with sick voice) is me tunji

( flabbergasted and shocked) Ttech! Ttech!! Is that you?

Ttech: yes is me, help me please

I was about asking him his location when the call ended.



I appreciate all the fans of ME AND ABIMBOLA. Is not easy but you guys made it easy for me. Rely loves you guys a million times.

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Aug 13
season 5 oooo
I can't wait.. you guys really did a great job. keep it up.. really really interesting story
Aug 13
Guy u are just too good nice 1 there plz start the season 5 asap this stories are stories that just keep me company and give me joy.
Aug 13
Thank you very much @adetutu, @Victorazure for your lovely comment.......

Season 5 Coming Soon.....

Aug 13
Ttech is Alive!!!!!!!....Nice Story
Aug 13
I Cant Wait Ooo U Are Doing A Great Job
Aug 14
Still the best so far. Don't keep us waiting hommie. Season5 anticipating!!
Aug 22
keep it up.....cant wait for season5
Aug 25
wow so cool
can't wait for season 5
welldone job
Aug 28
So the master planner TTech is alive can't wait for his return . What really happen to him? Is he going to repent or not ?can't wait to read more of that.
da real joshman
Sep 07
...u realy tried guys...cant wait to read season5...nd we love u all...
Martin young
Sep 16
What an interesting story i really enjoy reading it, thanks for the good work, keep it up
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