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Me And Abimbola - Season 4 - Episode 3
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Me: (*** so I was dreaming all this while. How come Bblondon was telling me that I am the father of her child.***).

Just as I was thinking about my dream…my phone rang… I picked it.

Ttech: hello bro

Me: Ttech baba, how far.

Ttech: I dey bro.. You didn’t update on what happened between you, your madam and her daughter yesterday?

Me: bro is a long story. Is not what we can discusse on phone. I will tell you everything when I come to your place.

After the call, I went into the toilet to poo, immediately I sat on the WC , I had a flash back on what happened between me, Ifeoluwa and her mummy yesterday as I was bleeping Ifeoluwa.


I was bleeping her in a d----e style when the door opened, me and Ifeoluwa jumped up in a surprised manner. I nearly fell off the dinning table. I was trying to regain my balance when I heard Ifeoluwa voice.

Ifeoluwa: (shouted) Mummy!!!

Me: ( turned back immediately to see for my self) Am gone!.

Madam:(locked the door) what is going on here.

Me: silent

Ifeoluwa: silent

Madam:(in a sad mood) Rely upon all the warning I gave you concerning Ifeoluwa. You still went ahead to sleep with her. I gave you everything you want, why can’t you live my daughter alone.

I was trying to utter a word when she gave a heavy slap.

Madam: I will tell you the kind of person you have messed with. Idiot.

Me:(still holding my chicks as ifeoluwa ran upstairs crying)

Madam:(shading tears) you must sleep inside police cell this night.

Me:(scared) am sorry madam, is not what you think.

Madam:(bringing out her phone to make a call) you will tell the police that.

Me:( *** God, if I live this woman, she will call police for me, how do I stop him now. Rely you have to do something***)

I saw her pressing her phone which I believed she was searching for the police number. I had to summon courage to talk to her in a rude manner.

Me: madam if you dare make that call, I will expose you. I will send your video having s-x with me to your husband, Ifeoluwa and all your student will watch it one after the other, I will publish your naked pictures on the internet. Don’t dare me.

Madam:( put down the phone) get out of my house.

Me: if you try me, I will destroy you, I promise you that.

Madam: I said get out of my house.

I left my madams compound and that’s how God saved me. ***The problem now is that, I don’t have any of my madams s-x video or naked pictures. What if she bounce back, and dare me. I hope it won’t happen***


The poo poo wasn’t coming out, I had to force it to come out. After stressing my a-s inside the toilet to poo, I decided to call Ifeoluwa on phone to know what’s up with her and her mummy. I tried her number up to five consecutive times but it wasn’t reachable.i decided to take my bath so I can go to school.

I got to school around 9:14 am. I saw all the student present looking at me, all my mind was that my madam has casted me and Ifeoluwa. I got so worried about the way all the student was looking at me. I walked closed to one of the student to ask him what was going on.

Me: guy weting happen, this one all eyes is on me.

Student: go and check the school notice board.

Me:( look at the guy for some seconds be going to where the noticed board is.)
When I got to where the notice board is. I couldn’t find my name among the three people going to lekki for I.T. my madam has replaced my name with another students name. I got so angry but what can I do than to call my master planners.


When I got to where the notice board is. I couldn’t find my name among the three people going to lekki for I.T. my madam has replaced my name with another students name. I got so angry but what can I do than to call my master planners.

I called Ttech but but his cell phone was switched off so I decided to call AY. I called him for about four times but he didn’t pick up, I guess he wasn’t around. I was so angry and confused. It has been my dream all this while to visit lekki, not only that, to work there with high class people. I felt so disappointed in my self. I blamed my self for accepting Ifeoluwa offer at the first time. My madam has been so good to me, why did I succumb on Ifeoluwa temptation.

I kept on blaming my self and at same time, looking for a solution to get my name back to the list. I decided to go and ask for forgiveness from my madam. On my way going, I had a change of plane, I needed to discusse the issue with AY and Ttech before taking any action. But their cell phones wasn’t connecting. I went back to the class where other students are, I sat down while the student came one after the other to quarry me on my missing name. Though I didn’t give them any specific answer. I was with one of the student when my phone rang, it was nurse Elizabeth.

Me: hello nurse

Elizabeth: hi rely, how are you doing.

Me: am good, are you not at work to day?

Elizabeth: no, today is my off day. I called to check if you are less busy so we can hangout together.

Me:( I thought of it to be a good medium to forget the problem on board for the moment) of course, that will be good. I will be at your place in no time.

Elizabeth: OK, what will you like to eat?

Me: what ever you have is OK by me.

The call ended after series of talking. I checked my time, it was already 10:15am. I had to answer present in my working place before 3:00pm, so what ever I have to do, I must make it snappy.

I went outside the school, I called for the attention of a bike my to take me to Elizabeth place. Though I have to take two or three bike before I can get to her place. I got to her place around 11:10am. I knocked on the door, it was opened by a strange girl who happened to be Elizabeth friend.

We both greeted each other before I walked in. Elizabeth was still preparing food in side the kitchen. I decided to help her out in the kitchen while her friend was in the palor. She wore jean bom short with a black T-shirt,
she gave me a hug as soon as she saw me standing beside the kitchen door. she pulled her self back to check her food that was on the fire, I grabed her hand immediately and draw her back, I kissed her for some seconds before she pulled her mouth back.

Elizabeth: is OK

Me: you know it has been long. I have missed you.

Elizabeth: missed indeed, and you refused to call me since all this while.

Me: but I told you the condition of my phone nah, for now I don’t have a cell phone.

Elizabeth: OK no problem baby.

After the cooking, we both eat the food together including her friend. I tried telling Elizabeth about the removal of my name from the I.T list. But I don’t know what to tell her if she was to ask me what caused it. I was confused of what to tell her that transpired between me and my madam that made her to remove my name from the list.

I decided to keep mute about the issue until I disclose it to my master planners. After eating, I had to tell her that I have to report to work by 3:00pm. Which she begged me to skip work today just for her.

Elizabeth: please, just do it for me.

Me: you know I can do anything for you, but this is company, they don’t take any chance, ones I misbehave, they will give me a sack later.

Elizabeth: that doesn’t mean nah, you will still live the company next week.

Me:( ***eyea, I won’t live them dear, it doesn’t just work out***) I know that, but still yet, I have to report.

Elizabeth: no problem

Three of us watched a movie from African magic family, till 1:36pm when her friend requested to go home. Elizabeth asked me to stay behind while she see her off. I was already planing on going home to prepare for work. Not less than five minutes, she returned back with some snacks on her hand.

I told her that I want to go so I can make it to work early because traffic might be much. Though she was angry. I knew she has something light for me but because the opportunity wasn’t there because of her friend, she was unable to unleash it to me.

I stood up to go, I was about pulling the door back, when she dragged me back, she dipped all her mouth inside mine. Though I wasn’t in the mood for that, but since my J0yst!ck doesn’t know weather am in the mood or not. I moved my hand to her backyard, I sq££zed it so hard before taken it to her boobs.

The bra she was wearing this time was so thick and I like it when it is soft. I had to pull the bra down to locate the soft asset. I sq££zed it before dipping it inside my vocal to sU-Ck it out. After sU-Cking her boobs for some time, she tried to locate my J0yst!ck but I refused her.

Elizabeth: why

Me: am sorry baby, if we should continue, I won’t go to work again.

Elizabeth:( putting on emotional face) please rely, am already wet, please, don’t live me like this I beg of you.

Me: (*** if I didn’t go to work, it might result to another thing and is not good for me to live her like this, she is already in the mood, she is wet, she needs me and she is begging, what should I do? Live her and go to work or stay and satisfy her.***)


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