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Me And Abimbola - Season 4 - Episode 6
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Abimbola: OK, now let’s go inside, I have something special for you!

Me: wow, I can’t wait…

I held her waist as we climb upstairs. We got to my parlor, I was still curious to know what the surprise was all about. She took the remote and put on the TV before she called me by my name.

Abimbola: rely, you know I love you

Me: ( surprise) yes baby

Abimbola: (move closer to me) that’s why I don’t wanna loose you.

Me: but am here with you sweetheart, you are not loosing me.

Abimbola: (smile) that’s why I want us to do this.

Me:(dressed back) do what?

Abimbola:( put her hand inside her bra and brought out a ring).

Me: what are you doing with that?

Abimbola: you said you love me and you are willing to do anything to make me happy?

Me: (confused) yes, can you tell me what the ring is for?

Abimbola: I brought this ring because of my love for you, I want you to be my man until death do us apart, that’s why I brought this ring so we can have a convenant with our bloods and you will put this ring on my finger as a sign of marriage.

Me: you must be joking, are you crazy. Do you know what you are asking of?

Abimbola was begging me to accept her request but I found it difficult to do. Am still battling with Bblondons own, now she wants to put me into another one. I asked her to live my house out of anger, I told her that it is over between me and her. She cried as I was chasing her down the staircase. Her cry and tears was touching me down in my heart, but I have to let her go to avoid doing what I will regret.

I got so annoyed. I was busy thinking what lead her into this act when my phone notification beeped. I drew my status bar down to check what the notification was all about. It was a Facebook friend request from a girl named “itz mhiz bukky”. I logged in on Facebook immediately to check her profile and photos before accepting her. She doesn’t look that beatifull on the pictures I saw on her profile but she is well packaged. In fact, well loaded.

I accepted her friend request, before entering the kitchen to prepare something to eat. I was warming the food when my phone started ringing, it was Abimbola. I didn’t pick the calls until my message tone beeped, I checked the sender, this time, it was from Stella. She remineded me to visit her tomorrow.

After my dinner, I took my bath so I can have I peaceful rest. I was going through my old pictures on my phone when a Facebook message entered my phone. It was from itz mhiz bukky.

Bukky: hello handsome, thanks for accepting my request.

Me: ( open her profile again to take a look at her cleavages before replying) you are welcome beauty.

Bukky: where do you stay.

Me: I stay at****** street Lagos and you

Bukky: wow, that’s good, I stay at mile 2

Me: ohh that’s far.

Bukky: yes, so what’s your name?

Me: rely and you?

Bukky: my name is bukola but my friends do call me bukky.

Me: wow, what a sexy name for a sexy girl like you.

Bukola: hahaha….but not sexier than you

Me: what do you mean?

Bukola: rely I have been following you on Facebook for long now, I really love your pictures, your ABS and your smile. I was afraid to chat you since because I felt you might not give me a listening ear.

Me: why won’t I listen to a queen like you. Thank God you finally changed your mind. So what made you change your mind?

Bukola: because I couldn’t hold my self anymore. I think I love you rely, I know it might sound crazy to you but am serious. I wish I can see you now to tell you that.

Me: speechless, I think we should see first. Can you come over to my side?

Bukola: yes I can if you want me to

Me: when will you be able to make it?

Bukola: next tomorrow is Sunday, I think it will be OK next tomorrow

Me: OK dear, see you then.

After the chat, I couldn’t even remember Abimbola and her problems anymore, the thought of bukola was rooming over my head. I couldn’t hold it anymore so I decided to update my master planner on phone

Ttech: bro how far

Me: I dey bro, nah one girl just dey burst my medulla now.

Ttech: who she be?

Me: I never see her sha, but she go come see me on Sunday.

Ttech: serious, my new babe dey even come see me on Sunday.

Me: shey mhareey bee?

Ttech: no ooo, I just met this one on Facebook last week, so she done agree to come and see me on Sunday. Omo if you see her cleavages guy, you go fall.

Me: seriously, nah for Facebook I even see this one self.

I was about ask Ttech the name of the girl when my call card exhausted. The call ended, I opened bukola profile again to look at her cleavages. Her boobs was really big enough and well packed inside her bra. I tried borrowing card to call Ttech so I can ask him the name of the girl but I realized that I was still owning mtn #100. I was unable to complete the transaction. Nothing more was left to do, so I had to say a bit prayers before jaming my bed.

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