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Added: Nov 22, 2018
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Me And Abimbola - Season 5 - Episode 11
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Desmond: bukky do you know them…
Me:( surprised and silent)Ttech ? silent)
AY: ( stood up)

Bukky: No..*************
Ttech: rely what happened?
Me: silent and staring at them..
AY: rely talk to us nah pleased

me: silent

Ttech: bro what is it, why did you shout like that. I no that it wasn’t just ordinary.

Me: (tears running down my chick).
Ttech: this is serious, rely please tell me, whatis it.

Me: bukola is dead!
Ttech: ( collected the phone from me)
AY: bukola that just saved us few days ago.

Me:( with tears) yes. Desmond and his gang has killed her. She died because of us. She sacrificed her life because of d--k head like us. She died so we can live. God, bulky is dead..****************

Me: I wan reach market now, I wan go collect my sim card. I gave it to those mtn guys to help me retrieve my old line. That line I lost during our encounter with Desmond and his men.

Ttech: lets go together*************THE EVOLUTION EPISODE 11scrolling down my stangram, with the thoughtof what the evangelist told me. What the dream was is what I don’t no. I decided to forget about and move on. Continued scrolling down on my Instagram for new updates from my friends. I was also waiting for Bblondon to call and inform me about our passport. I have already made up my mind to go with her.I think is time to pack my cloths and get my self ready. I dropped my phone on my bed, looked at my Waldrop filled with my clean andsome dirty cloths. I need to separate the dirty ones first and get them washed before anything. I went down stairs to get detergent and soap. On get to aboki shop, I saw a younggirl of about 15 or 16 years of age. My J0yst!ckwas seriously hard immediately I saw the lines of her pant showing on her tight blue gown, how b----t was well package, the line of her bra was actually showing.I was tempted to bleep her, but I have made my self a promise not to bleep anyhow again. Beside I just met her, I don’t think she will giveme a listening ear immediately. I tried to forget about her and get my detergent.I got home only to see 5 missed call from Bblondon. What is she trying to tell me. I had no credit card to call her back so I had to wait for her to call again. I went to the bathroom to start Washing my

when I heard my phone ringing tone. I cleaned my hand and went straight to my bed to pick up my phone. Iwas wrong thinking it was Bblondon.

Me: bro how far
AY: bro I’m fine, I have missed you ooo
Me: I missed you too bro.What happened, your line has been switched off.

AY: I lost my phone bro, but I have gotten a new one now. I’m coming back next week.

Me: no lele bro..I’m expecting you.

After the call with AY, I went back to continue my washing. I was raising my cloths when myphone started ringing again, this time, it was Bblondon.

Me: hello baby.

Bblondon: I’m fine baby, have you seen the money?

Me: no honey, I haven’t seen anything

Bblondon: I made a deposit transaction to your account. Let me no immediately you see it.

Me: okay honey, I love you.

Bblondon; I love you too.

After the call, I received a message envelope on my status bar. I decided to check if it was the money Bblondon was telling me on phone. I was shocked to see the sum of#850,000 deposited on my account. I was still shocked and silent when she called me back to verify if I have seen the money.

Me: yes baby, I have seen it.

Bblondon: okay, our passport and every document we needed is complete, I’m heading straight to your domicile.

Me: wow so fast, I’m happy to hear that baby, where are you now?Bblondon: I’m at oshodi now. I should be in your place in the next 30 to 40 minutes.

After the call with Bblondon, I arranged my parlor and also my room. I cleaned the cowb webs. I hope nothing happens between us today. I don’t wanna bleep now.I waited for Bblondon, but I couldn’t see any trace of her. What is going on? I asked my self,. It was more that 2hours now and she said 30 minutes. I decided to exercise some patient and wait. I was about entering the bathroom to take my third bath of the day because the weather was so hot when my phone started ringing. I picked up my cell phone to check who the caller was, it was Bblondon.

Me: hello

babyCaller: this is a police officer. I saw your number as the recent dialled number on this young ladies cell phone. Please we need you to come over to Ikeja along now.

Me:(scared) why!! Should I come there, what is going on. How did you get Bblondons phone.

Police officer: sir you need to come now, she was among the victim of fatal accident that just occured now.

Me:( scared) Bblondon is what!!!, where is shenow?did she survive? Is she alive?

Police officer: I’m sorry, she is dead.

EPISODE 12 COMING SOONRely is really sorry that is coming late..bear with me…

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