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Me And Abimbola - Season 5 - Episode 3
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( laughing) so funny, when are you coming to see me again?

Me: the last time I came I was nearly caught by your mom and you want me to come again.

Ifeoluwa: that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come again. She won’t catch you. After all, you knows how to lie your way out.


I was bleeping her in a d----e style when the door opened, me and Ifeoluwa jumped up in a surprised manner. I nearly fell off the dinning table. I was trying to regain my balance when I heard Ifeoluwa voice.

Ifeoluwa: (shouted) Mummy!!!

( turned back immediately to see for my self) Am gone!.


I dressed up immediately as well as mary. I still wanna sq££ze her cleavages but I have to quite to avoid entering into trouble.

Three of us moved outside to meet Stella. We discharged Mary and zoomed off to unilag to pick Ttech. We got to unilag around 9:55pm. We didn’t see any sign of Ttech. We waited solely if we can see any sign of him. We was waiting consciously inside the car when flash light from back, front and sides covered our eyes. We couldn’t drive or run because we are unable to see. God, are we taking Ttech home or are they taking us home.



I was trying to come down from the car, at least to be free from the high intensive light. I managed to locate the door, immediately I came down from the car, all the light went off. I suspected that we have been trapped. It took me some seconds to be able to see what was right in front of me.

I saw Ttech standing in between two muscular guys. I turned back to look at Stella and AY whom I left in the car but unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anymore in the car. I was about running for my life when I had one of the guys voice.

First guy:
don’t do mistake of running, because you gonna regret the outcome.

I stood still, I don’t need anyone to tell me that I have entered into a big mess. Was this Ttech plan? Why will he do this to us? I murmured inside me. I was still standing on my spot without even shaking when one of those guys asked tunji a question..

Second guy:
is this him

yes, he is the one.

I got more scared immediately. Ttech was not looking that bad as he claimed to be on phone. Though he was beaten but not that bad. I was still confused, trying to figure out what was actually going on. I couldn’t find the trace of Stella and AY. Where they are was what I can’t tell.

Stella car was still parked right beside me. All this while, people has been passing along where we are but I thought that they aren’t aware of what was going on. I couldn’t shout because it was dangerous and might cause me my life. Car lights passing along the road made it possible for me to see Ttech clearly.

I focused my sight on his eyes to know if he can communicate with me, but I was disappointed as I was not getting anything like sign or communication from him. He kept on looking at me constantly without blinking his eye. Why they haven’t move me from that place is what I can’t tell. About two minutes later, I was ordered to enter one of their car.

I met two of their guys inside the car with cigarette and some alcoholic drinks. I was busy praying and confessing all my sins inside of me. If I should have known, I wouldn’t have bleeped Mary this night, because it seems that I always find my self into trouble or hardship when ever I bleep. I was still asking for forgiveness when those two guys with me in the car started their conversation.

First guy:
Desmond, what is happening?

what do you mean?

First guy:
this is 12:13am and boss is yet to come.

he said he will soon be here.

( boss kee!! Oluwa Egba mi oo, oluwa e joor sanu mi oo. Please just save me from this one, I won’t sin against you again, I promise)

where are the other two?

First guy:
they has been transfered.

The outcome of everything was not yet clear to me, it seems to me as if I was dreaming. I sighted through the car window, I saw sienna car parking beside Stella’s car, I was watching With hundred percent attention to know what was going on.

I saw two men coming out from the sienna. The look extremely rich, there was no doubt that those guys are working for them. I saw those guys prostrating to them. I saw their lips moving up and down but I was unable to hear what they were discussing about because of the short distance between them and I.

About 3 minutes later, the two men came straight to the car where I was. They took a short glance on me before moving back. Immediately the two men mounted their car and left. The other guys entered their own car while two of the guys entered Stella’s car. I was looking through the window to know where they are heading to when Desmond started the engine of the car I was in, then we all zoomed off with my face fully covered with a black cloth.

open the gate, open the gate
My face was still covered, but I thought we are already at their destination. I was still inside the car when Desmond ordered one of the guys to loosen the black cloth on my face and take me to a room. He removed the cloth as Desmond ordered. Everywhere was dark, I was unable to see anything. I was taken to a room upstairs. He opened the door, pushed me inside and said !!

Guy: madam, you have a partner.

Thats when I knew that someone else was inside the room. Though the person refused to talk since the guy left, probably because of the darkness, so I decided to brake the silence.

who are you and how did you get here?

( recognized my voice); God, rely is that you?

(surprised) Stella!!!

(crying) Rely!!!

We located our self and hug each other..


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Sep 19, 2018
Now. I like this part, some action.? It has been hot so far tho!
Sep 22, 2018
Thanks @Errika for your lovely comment.....
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