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Me And Abimbola - Season 5 - Episode 6
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hi baby…hope I didn’t keep you waiting…

Bukola: you did rely, what about the money? did you get it?

yes, is in the parlor. While not come with your bag so I can see you off to the bus stop

( smile) OK love.

I went inside the parlor to wait for her to come out. She finally opened the door…

(shocked) Olatunji!!!!… What are you doing here..


We went downstairs immediately, we all headed straight to the gate, immediately we let the gate open, we saw Desmond holding Stella on her hand with a gun pointing on her neck.

Desmond: don’t move, if any of you dares to make a step, I promise you all, I will gun that person down.



Stirring at everyone one after the other, then back to Stella who was resting her head on my chest. Every part of my body was full of pains because of the severe beaten and inhuman punishment given to us for the escape attempt we made the other day.

We are all packed in one room these time, no more separate rooms. We were eight all together in the room waiting for their next step. We had earlier that Ghost will be here in the next two days. We have actually spent five days already and it has been hell. I knew Ttech was still busy thinking of another way out. His eyes has been closed since all this while.

who is this ghost?

One of the girls: he is their main boss, who gonna transfer us.

transfer us to where?

no idea.

There was no atom of help coming from anywhere, but I knew God was watching. Even if am a sinner, I do know that God do have mercy for the sinners. I was busy stirring at Ttech who had his eyes closed. I couldn’t read his mind but I definitely knew that something strange was running through his mind. The sound of the door drew everybody’s attention towards that direction. It was Desmond.

( looking at a everybody for a while)

Everybody: (silent)

your food will be ready soon, you guys need to eat to stay healthy.

One of the girls: we don’t need your food. Why are you so wicked and heartless?

if you don’t need the food, then don’t eat. By the time you will die here, I will personally burn your flesh and spirit by my self.

I was watching the hole drama going on without interfering. Actually the food was my problem, I can’t wait to set my eyes on the food because I was dam hungry. I looked at Ttech and AY who was looking totally confused. They had to be, because there was nothing to do again. No more plans.

I knew Bblondon would have been calling my cell phone without any answer. Where my cell phone was, was what I can’t explain. Nothing less than five minutes, our food was served to us by one of Desmond gang. It was semolina and egusi soup. Very Delicious anyway. We all was busy with our food when I heard a voice which seems to be familiar.

Ttech! Did you hear that voice…

which voice?

listen very carefully…

( putting down the ball of semolina on his hand to focus his attention) yeah… That sounds familiar..

I know that voice, but I can’t actually decode the person…

( battling with his meat) I remember, yeah, I remember now..

who is that…?

your madam

(astonished) madam kee, which madam?

Ttech: what’s wrong with your thinking, in your computer school.

Me:(listening to the voice closely) yeeeh, I swear nah she be that ooo, i talk am, nah person wey know us dey do us this thing.

you done see am nah, bleep bleep bleep every time, assuming you keep this J0yst!ck for one place, we for no enter this wahala.

Me:(sad and flabbergasted) so this woman never forget wetting happen between me and her since all this years…

you guys should keep quite oo, they are coming.

Everybody concentrated on his or her food, awaiting for Desmond and his gang to come in and declare what ever they want. I was still surprised on my discovery. Why will my madam go this far. To the extent of take my life, even the life of my friends. I couldn’t eat anymore. I felt like killing her immediately if I can actually set my eyes on her. Dam am finished, my past has been hunting me all this while.

My thought was cut short when the door opened. Behold Ttech and i was wrong. It wasnt my madam. It was someone Ttech and I knew quit very well. It was bukola. The same girl whom Ttech and i met on Facebook. Who wanted to bleep me and Ttech on the same day. Why she wanted to do that, was want I couldn’t find out.

I and Ttech was very very surprised, we wasn’t expecting bukky here. I was about shouting her name when Ttech covered my mouth with his hand. She was busy looking at Ttech and I. I guessed that was what triggered Desmond.

bukky do you know them…

( surprised and silent)
Ttech ? silent)

AY: ( stood up)


I was surprised at her answer to Desmond, why did she lie, what is she up to again. Not up to a minute they left the room..

So is bukky that is behind all this s--t. But she was the one who started it all. Now she is after our life.

(trying to sit down) Ttech wahala they ooo, better figure something out before we die here. I no wan die ooo. Mi o fe Ku oo.

( looking more confused) rely let me tell you the truth.

Me: go on…

this one done pass me. No more plans on my head.


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