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Me And Abimbola - Season 2 - Episode 16
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I dressed my self and we walked together to the car so she can drop me off.

I highlighted in front of my school, she gave me 5k to manage… (*** see this woman ooo, calling 5k manage***). I stood still and wave at her as she drove off. I crossed to the other side to get ice cream and chicken for my guys. I got to Ttech place around 11:30pm and is already late for me to go home. I didn’t inform my uncle that I won’t be coming home or that am going to be late. I didn’t panic about that because I know my master planners will have away out for me.

haba, you guys are still awake…

AY: how do you expect us to sleep without you coming back..

how far your madam…how the parrol go nah…

Me: omo.. Forget say she is married… Omo her [email protected] nah like Toyota engine.. The oil still fresh and nutritional…

you no need to tell me, because that day wey I see her…that her curvy waist fit make blind man see again.

werey, oya go blind your self nah, so her waist go restore your eyes back..

nah you sabi..anyway where is our stuff nah…

Me: (pass the ice cream and chicken over to them) here they are..

Me: if you see as she they shout as I dey give her the lamber eeehn….yeeeh, aaaaauchi, aaaagh, harder harder harder, uuuuuugh….( everybody bursted into laugh)

mad boy… Hope say you give her d----e style..

Me: why not, nah the first style be that nah..

AY: next time she go respect you…but your sugar mummy nah baaaad woman.

u no well.. As she drop me off, nah so she lash me 5k to manage…

manage kee, nah e be say weting future holds plenty nah… We done harmer nah… Nah she go dey pay our house rent from now on..

Me: u no well.. But i have a little problem now..

Ttech: what happen?

Me: I didn’t inform my uncle about my absence at home today… And he will be mad at me by tomorrow if I didn’t tell him my where about…

AY: that one simple nah…just call him now, we will put Christian music and loud it to the highest. Tell him you went to night vigil that you won’t be coming home tonight.

a-s hole boy…you can lie..
I pick my phone and do exertly as AY said. Though he was a bit harsh on phone that I didn’t inform him earlier than this. I was able to convince him at last. Now I have to sleep over to Ttech place and go the next morning…

nah next tomorrow being Tuesday is my birthday..

how far the hotel at ikeja, that you said you will use for the party..

yes, is still valid.. But am not inviting my home friends, only outside friends, mainly girls to be precise…

why outside friends and not home based friends…

abeg I no need local things for now, home friends should park well for now…

if you say so, what about pool..

of course, there will be pool… Nah for there romance go make sense pass, all those new girls wey go show face…they go hear am..

I just pray I see better girl wey go sabi do am wella…

do weting… Anyway make sure you use condom ooo… I no trust does girls sha…
We gisted for about 2 hours before we dozed off.

I got to my place around 7:30am. My uncle had already called me around 6:00pm that he has gone out to work. He ordered me to wash some of his cloth which he left inside his room.. I was tired because of the marathon race I gave to my madam yesterday. So I decided to skip school in other to rest. I was done washing my uncles cloth around 12noon when I tried getting some sleep .. Not less than 1hour 30 minutes of sleeping… I had my phone ringing tone. I checked the caller and it was Ngozi..

hello babe..

hi dear, why are you not in school today…

Me: nothing, I just decided not to come..

is not good, you should have told me that you won’t be coming today..

am sorry about that baby..

no problem… Am on my way to your house…

Me:(surprise) my house?

yes, hope there is food?


I rushed to my Waldrop, check where I normally keep my condom, but I couldn’t find any… So I decided nothing is going to happen between us today..I arranged the parlor and my room.. I tuned the DSTV channel to MTVBASE, I was busy watching Nikki minaj video when I had a knock on the door. I went out side to open the door.

I saw Ngozi standing in front of the door as I expected. This time, she was wearing transparent white top which reveals her red bra. Seeing her red bra resting on her big boobs. My J0yst!ck started doing press up…

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