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Me And Abimbola - Season 4 - Episode 13
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The whistle of the birds outside my room woke me up. I looked through my glass window, everywhere was bright. “What a lovely new day”. I watched the birds as they jump from one place to another. I felt nothing inside me, I was just neutral. I was grooving to the sound of music coming from the other street when I noticed the presence of a lady selling airtime in front of my condo. I signaled her to dish out #200 mtn to me.
” dam my phone is inside ” I waited for her to bring the airtime before I can go inside a take my phone. As expected, the airtime was brought to me. this time I was busy greeting those who was doing some construction opposite my domicile.

“Where is my phone? Oooh there it is!” I picked my phone, insert my password, I was in the process of loading the airtime when I discovered a message envelope on my status bar. I decided to get done with the card before barging into my inbox. I was frustrated when I saw that the airtime wasn’t entering, not knowing I was the one make a silly mistakes.
I opened my inbox immediately the card was loaded on my cell phone. I opened the message which reads ” please we need to see”. I got confused, I checked the name of the sender but I saw nothing than a mire number. The number was strange to me, I didn’t recall seeing the number before. (*** who will this be***). I decided to give the number a call to confirm who the sender is.

Me: hello
Receiver: hello rely
Me: please who is this?
Receiver: is me blessing

Me: (scratching) Bblondon
Bblondon: yes, I know you will call as soon as you see my message. We need to see, is very very urgent.

Me: why must we see, can’t we discuss on phone?
Bblondon: I don’t have time for this, wait for me under the bridge in oshodi around 11:00pm on Thursday.

Me:(cut in) why should I do that?
Bblondon: you know what I can do right. Only if you know where your passport is, you won’t be asking questions.
Me: I will be there.
Bblondon: make sure you come alone, remember, for your own safety, tell know one about us including you two friends.
Me: ( a bit scared) hope my safety is guaranteed?

Bblondon: yes ofcourse.
I was reduced to absolute zero immediately after the call. How will I just keep mute about Bblondon. I Hope this meeting won’t be disastrous. I went into the bathroom to brush and wash my dull face. (***Things are no more fascinating anylonger. Bb is back***). I was putting the toothpast on my toothbrush when my J0yst!ck scratched me in an unbearable manner. I dropped my toothbrush, dipped my hand inside my buzzer. I brought out my J0yst!ck.

God, my J0yst!ck has gotten much bigger than ever, it was surrounded with boils and at the same time peeling and removing some little blood. (*** yeeeh, God I have contacted infection ooo***) I remembered bukola who i know very well to be the one who transmitted the infection to me because she was the last person I bleeped. I got so scared on seeing the blood and the boils.

I decided to call nurse Elizabeth but I had a change of mind because it might result to another thing entirely. I had to call our family nurse to examine me and know what the problem was all about.

Not less than 30 minutes that I put her on call, I noticed her presence. I explained everything to her, how my J0yst!ck has been scratching me all this while.

She asked me to took off my buzzer so she can examine my J0yst!ck, which I did without wasting a dim time. She took my blood sample for a test and promise to come back with the result the next day. Though I bribed her not to disclose the problem to my uncle. I tried calling Ttech but his number wasn’t going. His number has not been connecting since yesterday. He hasn’t replied all my WhatsApp messages. I don’t know what was going on. Anyway is time to go to work.

I got to work exactly 3:00pm. My manager was inside his office with someone, so I decided to pend my greeting. I was going through my documents when I saw blessing walking in through the door.

Blessing: good evening sir
Me: how are you today
Blessing: am fine sir, I brought my CV.

I went through the CV and found out that it was empty. No experience at all.

Me: with this your CV, the company can’t employ you. You have know experience.

Blessing: please sir, help me in anyway.
Me: is alright, I will see what I can do.
Blessing: thank you sir.
Me: Meet me here around 6:00pm this evening..
Blessing: why sir?
Me: do you want the job?
Blessing: yes sir
Me: then do what I asked you to do..

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