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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 5
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He was still holding me, I feel uncomfortable. My heart was racing very fast like it’s going to burst. His face was too close to mine”Please can you let go of me”I said moving my face backward. he released me and I adjusted my gown a little bit down.”thanks”I said clearing my throat. “Be more careful ok”he said. His phone ranged and he drew it out from his pocket to pick the call. He walked on as he answered the call. His wrist watch dropped as he removed the phone from his pocket. As I bend to pick it up, someone called my name. “Oh that is mary”I quickly hid it in my purse and turned around smiling at her as if nothing has happened. “Why do you take so long?”she asked coming towards me. “It’s just”I paused as I looked back to check if Mick will be coming to get his wrist watch.

“What is that? What are you staring at”mary asked,stretching her neck to see what am looking at. “It’s nothing. Let’s go back to the party”I said pushing her forward to lead the way.

We went back to the party and sat on a chair. people are having fun,some are swimming in the pool while some are dancing, with music rocking everywhere in the party. A lady came to us to ask us with a bottle of wine and two glass cups on a tray,and dropped it carefully on our table”serve yourself”she said and walked on. mary took the cup and pour in a glass. “should I pour for you”she requested pouring in the second glass. “I don’t like drinking too much”I said taking the glass of wine from her.

We chatted and laughed I looked at the time, it’s past 8pm already. I tried to stand up, but the energy in my body is so weak. I fell back to the chair”you are drunk with this little wine you took”I heard mary saying. “Am not I need to drink more”I said trying to take another glass from the bottle, but mary stopped me collecting the bottle from me and dropped it on the table. I dropped my head on the table facing the ground. Mary stood up”you must stay here ok. I need to use the toilet, don’t go anywhere”she said and walking away. I raised up my head and took another glass of wine. A guy walked up to me and sat beside me”will you like if I join you?”he asked smiling at me. I smiled back and stretched the bottle to him.”you are pretty. Do you attend our school?”he asked pouring me a glass of wine. I looked at him, but didn’t reply to his question. I took the glass and drank from it. I stood up to start going, i staggered back. Then manage to control my staminal for me not to fall.

“Will you like to dance with me”
He asked holding my hand.”ok let’s dance”i said as I looked at him smiling. He took me to the crowd and we started dancing. He touches my body romantically while we are dancing. I looked at him and removed his hands from my body. After a while I told him am going back trying to walk away from him, but he dragged me back”we are not done”he said looking straight into my eyes he held my hand, dragging. me along with him to an unknown destination. I struggled to free my hand from him, but I don’t have the energy to do that. He dragged me to the end of the party”here we are. Let’s play the real game here”he said romancing my body and hugging me tight I push him back trying to free my self from him. He grabbed me and try to kiss my lips, I struggled and struggled but I don’t have enough strength to free myself from him. “What are You trying to do”I heard someone said. He freed me immediately looking back to see the person talking . I was breathing heavily as if I was been chased by a ghost. I look Back and saw mick coming towards us. He threw a Heavy punch on the guy’s face which made him land on the floor. I looked at Mick’s face which looks angry. The guy manage to stand up, the corner of his lip was bleeding from the punch he took. “Why are you getting involve?”the guy said looking at Mick. “What are you trying to do?”Mick ask grabbing him by the collar. He punched him again looking more angry. The guy fell to the ground groaning in pain.”will you get lost or you need more of it”Mick said moving towards him. the guy stood up looked at Mick angrily and bounced on”and you,what are you? you like getting yourself in troubles. Don’t you”he said not smiling. then Someone called my name “Nicky. Is that you?”I looked back to see mary coming. “Your friend is here, take care of yourself”he said and walked away. “Where have you been since? Av been looking for you”mary said looking worried. “Let’s go”I said still looking scared.


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