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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 6
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I went to school early on Monday morning and went straight to my class. Its too early and student have not fully arrived in school. I sat on my seat and open my bag. I brought out Mick’s wrist watch, to take it to him and thank him for saving me twice at the party. I went to his class but I can’t find him there, so I waited for him to arrive. Few minutes later he appeared coming towards the class.”hy” I greeted him but he looked at me in a strange way. “What are you doing here?”he said in a little harsh voice.”I.. I.…

“you came to do what”
he asked looking at. I stood there looking at his face and don’t know how to start talking. “Why are you not speaking up?”he asked staring at me. I brought out the wrist watch and handed it over to him. “I came to return this”I said hanging my head down. He took the wrist watch from me and stare at it for a while. “You dropped that yesterday at the pool”I said looking at him. He blinked his eyes twice and slipped it into his pocket.”so you came to return this”he asked. “And thank you for yesterday. Thank you for saving me from that guy”I said smiling.

“You are so dumb. How can you follow a guy to that place?”
he said as he sat on the desk beside him. I stare at him for a while, then stare off. “Don’t blame me I was forced there by him”I said looking through the window beside me.

Sammy and Victor walked in “what’s up dude”victor said stretching his hand forward to shake mick,and so did Sammy.”hy what brought you to our class?”sammy said facing me.

I came to return something to him”
i said.”bye I will be going now”i added. I excused myself and went out of the classroom.

I entered my class and saw mary reading a novel. She saw me coming and closed the novel. She dropped it under her desk and smiled at me. “You came already?”she asked standing up. “Yes I came early today to take care of something”I said scratching my head.

Soon the bell ranged for first period. Everyone seats properly. A teacher came in with a new female student. I looked up surprised”mia”I said quietly. Mary looked at me wondering why my face changed. Everyone stood up to greet teacher except me.”hey stand up”Mary whispered tapping me on my shoulder.

The teacher responded to their greetings and they all have their seats. “Here, we av a new transfer student. The teacher said pointing to mia. “Please introduce yourself”the teacher said facing mia. “My name is Felix mia nice meeting you all” She said smiling and looking around the classroom. Why is this girl here again? This girl made life like hell for me in my former school. What is this? Why did she followed me here again?

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