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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 7
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I stared at her for a while. then she looked at my direction, our eye met and she smiled like she is happy to see me. I quickly stared off. I looked at mary who is now confused to see me act that way”what’s wrong Nicky?”she asked looking at me. “It’s nothing. I just have a slight headache”I replied placing my palm on my forehead, to deceive her.
Mia’s POV

I transfered from my school because of a student we used to bully in my school who committed suicide due to our act. They blamed me for it and I was forced to transfer from the school.

I went to the principal office to fill some forms for my transfer, and I was taken away by one of the teacher, who took me to my class.

We entered a class and everywhere was silent as a graveyard. They greeted the teacher. And I was asked to introduce myself to the class. After the introduction I caught someone staring at me from the third seat in the middle. To my surprise, I saw Nicky staring at me seriously. I smiled at her and she stared of as if she doesn’t recognise me. The teacher asked me to take my seat somewhere among the students.


Mary and i went out to the school compound to buy some snacks. I saw mia among girls from our class chatting and laughing. Mary and i sat on a bench under a tree.”that new girl is so lively,she laughs and play with everyone”mary said looking at mia’s direction and smiling innocently. I looked at her shaking my head positively”if you say so”i said taking from my snacks and dip it into my mouth.”why are you so down today? Are you sure everything is ok?”mary asked looking worried. “I need to use the toilet. I will be right back”I said leaving mary behind. “Don’t stay too long”she shouted. I entered the girls toilet and stood there for a while. The present of mia still baffles me a lot. I washed my hands and prepare to go outside. Then, mia came in.”hy long time no see”she said smiling at me. “Yes how av you been?”i asked looking at her but still not happy to see her at all.”don’t you miss me?”she said, raising up my shin up with her right hand. I moved my face from her hand by moving my head to the right. “Why are you like this are we not friends? You should be happy to see me, what’s with that look on your face” she said placing her hand on my shoulder friendly . I can’t be a friend to somebody like you”I said moving her hand away from my shoulder. As I walked out on her. I can hear her laughing so loud. “What an evil witch”I said silently. I opened the door and saw mary outside the girls toilet. Did she heard our conversation I thought to my self, as She stood there staring at me. I closed the door behind me”how long have you been here”I asked looking at her. “So you guys know each each other”mary asked looking at me suspiciously. I took a deep breath and and walked to Mary’s side”yes. am sorry for not telling you earlier”I said as we walked on. “So where do you know her?”she asked. “That’s the girl that made me leave my former school”I said not looking at her. “You mean she is the one that used to bully you in school?” She asked looking surprised. “Yes”I replied. “Oh my God. We can’t judge people by there looks,I mean she looks innocent by looking at her face”mary said demonstrating with her hand. I smiled and we went to the class.


Me and my parent we’re watching movie in the living room. My dad phone ranged and he picked the call. After he finished talking to the person on phone, he hung the phone and place it on the center table. “Honey we are leaving tomorrow, so prepare everything early. My dad said picking up his phone and pecked my mum heading to his bedroom. “Mum where are we leaving to”I asked my mum. “We are moving to a new place tomorrow, so prepare your things and be ready”she said changing the channel of the TV.

“Where are we moving to? Is it far?”I asked her jumping from the coach and adjust to her side to know more about the place. She kept quiet concentrating on the TV.


We we’re packing our stuffs in a truck preparing to move out. I went to help my mum carry a big bag she was struggling with at the door step”so you won’t tell me about our new place”I asked carrying the bag along with her. “You this girl”she said tapping my head.

The truck was loaded and we moved. I was so happy to finally move to a new environment.

As we move on I looked out the window to see all what’s going on outside. This rout we are taking looks familiar to me, av I been through this road before? I thought to my self.

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