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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 8
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We entered an estate, then I recalled When I pass through this road before. The car we boarded to Mick’s birthday, took us through this estate. We finally arrived to the place, then the truck stopped in front of a flat painted light blue, with black gate. We got down from the truck and my mum opened the gate to the house, I followed here in.

The compound was decorated with beautiful flowers. The house was quit bigger than the one we packed from. “Wow this place is nice”I said looking around the compound. “I know you guys will like it here”my mum said removing the key to the flat from her bag. “When is dad coming”I asked as she opened the door. “He will arrive here tomorrow, due to business”my mum said and entered the house while I followed her in. The living room is quit bigger than the one in our former house. I walked around the house, from one place to another checking out the rooms. “Nicky! let’s move all this luggage in”my mum called from outside. I quickly went out to help them pack in.

After some hours everything is well arranged neatly. we sat in the living room resting. My little brother is playing game on his phone. While my mum sat on the coach looking tired. “Am seriously hungry. I need to prepare something for us to Eat”I said getting up for the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and prepare dinner.

I woke up early around 7:00am and I went to brush my teeth in the bathroom. It’s Saturday, we don’t go to school on Saturday. I walked out going for morning exercise, I met my brother at the compound playing game with his phone”hey, you are up already. Don’t you sleep at all”I asked him going for my bicycle at the balcony. “I just came out now”he replied still playing game on his phone.

That’s my brother for you. He is just a 9 years old am 8 years older than him. he is so cute, smart and intelligent. He loves playing game a lot. He once told me a day that he is planning to create his own game, when he graduate from high school.

I took my bicycle and wheel it slowly towards the gate”am going for morning exercise”I said as I walked on. I opened the gate and pushed my bicycle outside, I placed it by the fence to close the gate. I heard him saying something”don’t take…. “I didn’t let him finish before I close the gate behind me. I rode on my bicycle and went down the street. I looked around the environment as I rode on down the street. I notice a bicycle coming behind me and moved to the side to make way for it. I wanted to slow down for me to turn left at the junction in the front, but the break isn’t working. I tried and tried but it refuses to work. Is the break faulty? I thought to my self. I tried controlling it, as I got more close to the junction but it fails. “Oh.. Oh… Ooh”I screamed as I Got closer to it. Suddenly the bicycle behind me speeds up and blocked me in the front by crossing his bicycle with mine. I flew from my bicycle and landed on him as he also fell off from his. I rested my head on his chest facing him. I looked up to see the person that saved me. I saw mick in front of me, I stared at him for a while looking surprised”won’t you get off me”he said looking at me. I noticed I was still on top if him, I quickly got up to hide the blush on my cheek. He also stood up dusting his body. I looked at his face and saw bruise on it”oh you are bleeding”I said trying to touch it. He moved his face away, covering it with his hand. He took his bicycle wheeling it down, passing the right by the junction. I took my bicycle and followed him”you need to threat your wound I said as I followed him walking by his side. “It’s ok I will take care of it”he said not looking at me. “What are you doing here by the way”he asked as he stopped his bicycle looking at me for reply “we just move to this area yesterday” I said as I also stooped my bicycle”Okay. I see”he said shaking his head. “It’s like you also live around here”I said while we rested our back on a fence under a tree placing our bicycle by the fence. “Yes, have you forgotten? when you came for my birthday?”he said looking at me”I can’t really recall the way to your house”I said smiling. “Thank you for saving me today again. I owe you a lot”I said looking at him. “Yes you have to pay back for it, I saved you thrice, am your fairy godmother or what”he said smiling brightly revealing the dimple on his right cheek. He looks more handsome when smiling. He moved from the fence for his bicycle”but not today, save it for another time”he said as he took his bicycle”you can’t ride that bicycle home. You should get on mine and let me take you”he said hitting his palm at the back seat of his bicycle. “I will manage i said” walking along the lonely estate. “Don’t be so stubborn and get on”he said moving his bicycle to my side. I got on it and hold him by the waist to support myself. he rode on, and when we got to our gate I told him to stop there. He stopped and I got off”thanks for the ride”I said smiling at him. he looked around”I should get going, bye”he said turning his bicycle around. “Ok take care”I said waving at him.

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