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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 9
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I opened the gate and went inside. I saw my brother watching cartoons in the parlour. He looked back as I entered, closing the door behind me. “How do you manage to get home with that bicycle?”he asked looking at me. I stare at him not knowing what he’s talking about”what is it?”I asked him. “I told you the break of your bicycle were faulty but you went on with it”he said as he rolled his eye, and face the TV. I walked to him and hit him on his head”when did you tell me? You almost killed me today”I said as I pushed his head forward. “Thank God you are not dead”he said and ran off to his room. “This naughty boy”I said and head to my room to take shower.


It’s our exam period and everybody is getting prepare for the exam. I stood by the window resting my back on the wall with my legs crossed together, listening to music with an air peace plugged to my phone. Mary was standing beside me reading a novel. “Who took my English note book?”I heard Linda shouting in anger. I quickly pull one ear of the air peace off. “What’s she saying?”marry said rolling her eyes. “who dare to open my locker and took my book without my permission”she yelled angrily. “Who took her book”mia said standing up from her seat. “Check everyone’s locker now”mia said raising her voice. “What is she doing”I thought to myself looking at mia who is now smiling as if she knows the culprit. Linda began to search everyone’s locker. When she got to our locker she opened Mary’s locker she didn’t found it, when she got to my locker I feel calm, knowing I didn’t take her book, and she can’t found it in my locker. She opened it and didn’t search too much before bringing out the book. She raised up the book, and landed a slap on my face”How dare you take my book without my permission?”she yelled in anger. How come her book was in my locker? “Who dare put it there? Did someone planed this to frame me?” Many thoughts we’re running in my head as I hold my face looking at her confused. I looked at mia who is now smiling in see Linda slapped me”Did she planned this” I thought to my self”she raised her hand to give me another slap and mary stopped her holding her hand”let go of my hand”she said looking angry. “Why did you do it”marry said looking at mia’s direction. Everyone was confused looking at mary and mia. She dropped Linda hand and went to mia’s locker. “I know you did it, stop acting innocent”. She said looking straight into her eyes in anger. Mia smiled and move closer to mary folding her arm together”do you have the evidence I that I did this?”she said confidently looking at mary. “It’s enough”I said pulling mary by the hand. “Am sorry Linda, please forgive me”I said pleading to her on what I didn’t do. She looked at me and hisses as stormed off with her book. I looked at mia boiling in anger as I saw her smiling wickedly again.”that evil witch”I said silently.

Our English teacher came in and everyone went to there seat. He dropped our exam papers on the table before him,as he looks around the class suspiciously.
during break….

Mary and I sat on a bench close to the school field. “I know that girl called mia planned this on you”mary said picking from her snacks.”I know as well, but no evidence to prove that”I said as I looked forward to see Mick, Sammy and Victor playing basketball with some guys on the field. He was putting on his sport wear, which looks sexy on him. I stared at him for a while admiring him, the way he moves the ball to the net. what’s happening to me? why am I staring at him? Wake up Nicky! Wake up! I thought to my self,as I was shaking my head to snap out of it. He looked at my direction and smiled. Oh my God that his smile hits me in the heart. My heart was beating very fast as I saw him smiling. “Hey what are you staring at?”mary asked waving her hand before my eye. I blinked my eyes and looked at her”it’s nothing”I said as I went for my snacks. After they finish playing, mick came to us, wiping his face with a towel he hung around his neck”hy”he greeted waving his hand. “I took your bicycle yesterday on my way back home, you should come and get it”he said wiping his face with the towel. “Thanks.

I will come and get it when we close from school”
I said looking up at him. He went on to join his friends on the field as they all went away.

Mia’s POV

I went out of the class feeling satisfied at what Linda did to Nicky. “This is just the beginning, let’s see how far you can go”I thought to my self smiling in satisfaction. I walk towards the field and saw a guy among the student playing basketball, he was so cool as he moves the ball to the net. I stood there staring at him the way he moves the ball. I fell for him at first sight. He was about six feet tall with his body well build, the sport wear was showing the shape of his sexy abs which drives me nut. I saw him smiling at someone and I traced his gaze. I saw Nicky and mary on the bench close to the field. I saw him walk to them and waved at Nicky. Looks like they know each other. I frowned my face in anger”how did he know like someone like her? Are they friends? I thought to my self. Looking at them from afar.

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