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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 23
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I wasnt concetratin becos i was glarin at her until she saw me and the hollandria poured on my top,i felt ashamed,felt embarassed and confused before my friends,to worsen it all before Kara my crush,all eyes were on us especially me,i couldnt get angry or frown becos i dont wanna express my feelins in the presence of her and i’d be havin lectures around friends were suprised even Kara also”oh my!!are you all right dear?”she asked with care”what happened,Gio?”Angelo asked anxiously”i’m fine guys,i’ll go and clean up”i replied unhappily”you’re not followin me with that s--t on you,right?”she asked rudely”i’ll lend him my jacket for support”Raymond chirped in”thanks”i replied,collectin the black jacket with shame and headin for the toilet,some guys and girls were laughin and gossipin about me as i passed by.i went to the guys toilet,wash the hollandria off my top and put on the jacket n looked at the wall mirror in pain,disgust,shame and anger’you’ve to comport yourself,Gio!!!”i murmured

We left the restaurant immediately i came back to where we were in other to avoid further embarassment,’i’m never gonna return there again’i thought,all this while Kara was quiet becos she was in my car,i asked her ‘what happened?’ thrice but she kept sayin ‘nothin’,she kept starin at me and claspin her hands,i was like’whats wrong with her?’but ignored her.we got to school,had our lectures and ended around 5:30pm.i called my friends to tell them that i’ve left becos i need to drop Kara which i do almost everyday but the problem is whenever i wanna drop her at her hostel,she’d tell me to drop her halfway,givin me excuses.i never questioned her becos i trusted her.we drove in silence until i drop her halfway as usual,its was unlike her”i’m sorry for the embarassment earlier”i apologised”no problem,dear,its okay”she replied sadly,i gave her 70k for her tfare becos she told me the girls hostel is somehow far which i believed becos i dont live in the hostel,she took the money,hugged me and left

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