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Movie Story: Jemeji - Season 1 - Episode 112
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Obi and Folake are sitting inside the palace.
Fonton comes in with Dr Jide.

Obi stands up and asks what Dr. Jide is doing there.
Fonton says Doctor has come to tell them the cause of Otogan's death.
Dr. Jide brings out a report and says the cause of death has been determined to be cardiac arrest further exacerbated by his pre-existing conditions of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Obi asks if he wasn't supposed to be treating him for the conditions as his doctor.
Jide says he did the best he could and it's even a miracle he lived this long, perhaps he was holding on to life till he could reunite with his long lost son.
Fonton shakes his head.
Jide says going by Chief's consumption of alcohol
at the reunion, one can say he died of happiness.

Obi shoots daggers at him with his eyes.
Senami and Kingsley are still waiting in the car.
Senami says Akweyon and Neza should have arrived by now.
Kingsley decides to call his staff that are out of town to find out what they know.

He doesn't get a network signal on his phone so he steps out of the car.
Neza rushes to Senami.
Senami asks where Akweyon is.
He says he lost her
She asks how
He says at the shrine, there was smoke and fire and the sound of bells so Akweyon ran back as though she was hypnotised; there were shadows in the trees.

Senami asks if he's high.
He says he's telling the truth.
Senami gets out of the car and says she's going to the shrine to confront Mausi.
He tries to stop her but she ignores him.
At the palace, Jide says he wishes he could have done more.

Fonton says he has done enough.
Fonton and Dr. Jide leave.

Obi says what happened is not right!
He runs after them.
He meets them outside and gives Dr. Jide 2 punches that send him to the ground.
Folake and Fonton hold him back.
Dr. Jide asks what he has done.
Senami enters the shrine yelling for Mausi to come out as Osenami Minasu has come to see her.

She turns around and an unknown person hits her on the head with a stick.
She falls down unconscious.
Kingsley berates Neza for letting Senami go.
Neza asks if he was supposed to tie her up.
Kingsley says between Neza's crazy stone-throwing girlfriend and the priestess that's victimising Senami's grandmother, who knows what harm Senami is going to come to.
Seyive runs up to them and asks for Senami.
Kingsley asks where she has been.

Seyive says she waited for the masquerade dance to be over.
Kingsley says the curfew is over and it will mean Mausi is back at the shrine.
Neza says maybe Kingsley should call Senami.
Oviyon joins them and asks what happened to Senami.
Kingsley asks who else they are expecting.
He asks if Oviyon is stalking Senami.
Oviyon says he called Neza and Matron already told him.
Oviyon says it doesn't even matter what matters is 'Where is Senami?'

Seyive says she has gone to the shrine.
Oviyon lunges at Kingsley and asks why he let her go.
Neza holds him back.
He warns Oviyon and Kingsley to stop.
Oviyon starts making his way to the shrine.
Neza follows but stops to tell Kingsley that next time, he won't stop Oviyon from dealing with him.

At the shrine, Mausi is sitting on the ground, cradling Senami's head in her lap and making her drink water from the clabash she's holding.
Senami regains consciousness and stands up.
She is still weak as she asks what Mausi has done to Akweyon.

Mausi speaks in perfect English.
She says she is sure Senami has better questions for her.
Senami looks around.
Mausi asks if it's not what she expected.
Semi says it's exactly what she expected; something out or a cheap Nollywood movie.
Mausi says Senami is welcome to help her redecorate.

Senami says Mausi speaks too well to be a village priestess but she's clearly out of her mind.
Mausi asks if she has questions or insults.
Senami asks how the drugs were returned to her desk and who Mausi sent to return it.
Mausi looks as though she has no idea what she's talking about.
Senami says the smoke in the shrine is the same from back then when she was little.
Mausi says so she remembers?

Senami says in spite of all Mausi did to her back then, she remembers.
Mausi asks what she did.
Senami asks what Mausi did to her grandmother and what secret she died with.
She asks about a loud noise she's hearing is.
Mausi says oh she forgot to put it on silent.
She runs into the shrine and brings out a laptop.
She asks Senami if she reads Bimbo Tella's blog as she seems to know everything happening in Aji.

Senami is shocked.
Petunia is about to enter her house.
Iya Francis is chanting 'Ayo Ayo!'
Petunia asks what it is again.
Iya Francis asks if she wants to act like she doesn't know Moses is dead.
Petunia feigns shocks.

Iya Francis says Petun ought to know.
Petu asks what she means.
Iya Francis asks who else will know when a soup is cooked other than the cook.
Petu tells her to tie her tongue before she gets someone to do it.
Iya Francis says she has seen how Petu likes to tie people.

She continues chanting as she goes on her way.
Obi and Folake are in the unfinished bathroom at the palace.
She begs him to eat something as Chief wouldn't like him this way.
Obi says she wouldn't understand.
Folake says she doesn't know what its like to lose a father but ...

Obi says he wasn't his father.
Folake says it doesn't matter that he didn't grow up with him but he spent his childhood with him.
Obi says he never had a childhood with Chief and it's all a lie, Chief is not his father and he's not Miyise.

Folake says 'Hmm?'
The women of the village are mourning with Moses' mother.
They are all wailing.
Iya Francis is wailing the loudest.
Iya Oviyon pulls her aside and asks why she is crying more than the bereaved.

Iya Francis says she also lost a son and what they are saying is the cause of Moses' death is false.
Iya Oviyon asks what killed him.
Iya Francis says Fonton Petunia and their boys.
Iya Oviyon joins in the cry.

Obi says Chief's wife and children will return next week and he can't be around and can't continue pretending.
Folake says the DNA test proved he's the son.
He says it was Dr Jide who produced it.
Folake's jaw drops.

She asks if the entire plan had been in motion since he met Dr Jide last year and said his name was Lionel.
He says his real name is Emeka and only used Lionel when Dr Jide found him.

She asks how.
He says some people don't want to do NYSC so they hire someone to do it for them and the person collects all the allowance.
She asks how long.

He says he's been doing it for 3 years in different states and Dr Jide caught him then gave him the option of working with him on his plan or he gets exposed for fraud.
He says Jide told him all the secrets about Miyise that chief told him when they were drinking together and even taught him the song Miyise and his friends used to sing.

Folake says so it was all a lie.
He asks about his Wesere babe.
He says he was meant to act like he really didn't want to be in Aji
She says so he and De Jide hating themselves that much was part of the plan?
He says it's part of it and part of it was real as Jide wanted him to stay away from Folake.
She says so it was Dr Jide on his phone.

He says she doesn't know how he got himself into the mess and if he had known the village was this fetish, he wouldn't have gone into it.
He says she needs to know the things be has done since, just that he didn't know the people he will get close to.

He reaches out to touch her hand.
He says he didn't also know the person he would fall in love with and hurt.
She slowly pulls her hand away..
Petunia is at home counting money

Half-a-day walks in and asks for Fonton.
She tells him that he has gone on burial duty.
He sits and unbuckles his belt.
She asks what he takes her for.
He says he doesn't like to talk too much.

She asks if she has to like what he likes.
He reminds her that she and her husband are getting all they want.
Matron walks in.
Petunia asks if she lost her way.
Matron asks for Fonton.

Petu says he's in her nose.
Matron asks to tell him that she would like to see him.
Petunia asks what wants with her husband.
Matron leaves..
Petunia asks Half-a-day if Matron didn't see them.

He says he doesn't care.
She begs him to zip up his fly.
He zips up.
Obi says in the little time they spent together, Chief was more of a father to him than his real father; he thought it was going to be a few months, few millions then he would be out of Aji.
She asks what changed.

He says Dr Jide lied to him; he wants all of Chief's money and even made Chief put him (Miyise) in his will.
Folake says so Chief's death was in the hands of Dr. Jide.
Obi says he suspects but can't say anything as he would be the one in trouble.

He says he tried to save Chief but it was too late.
Folake says so he couldn't protect chief and now he's dead.
She asks what he wants to do and if he still wants to go ahead with the plan.
Obi says no, if he just collects his share of the 5 million Chief gave Dr Jide for his parents
She asks who they were.

He says they were actors and Dr. Jide has refused to give him his share.
Folake is stunned.
Obi says they should just forget about the Sulah situation.

She asks what happened.
He says it's another person he tried to save
He looks down and says if he can just get his share, he would put a long distance between himself and Aji, he would go away with her but he's not sure she would want to have anything to do with him anymore.

He looks up and she's gone.
Senami asks Mausi what she put in the water she gave her.
She asks how she can have a laptop as nothing is making sense.
Mausi asks if she's expected to just sit around the shrine all day? Or Senami thinks she just appeared in the shrine as a baby?

She says she had a life and a job and wasn't even supposed to do it.
Senami asks why she does the show; the smoke, the bells...
Mausi says the people need her and the show is to give her them a reason to listen when she talks and she makes sure everything she says
helps to maintain law and order in the society.

Senami asks if sending Akweyon to set the clinic on fire is maintaining law and order.
Mausi says it was a mistake.
She asks if Senami can imagine what would have happened if Akweyon didn't show up? The villagers all ran away when she came so Senami should be thanking her

Senami says so setting the clinic on fire was to help?
Mausi says Senami is making assumptions.
Senami says Akweyon needs help as she is damaged and needs a regular life.
Mausi says people need to make sacrifices for the greater good as the people need a symbol to rally around to inspire them like the pot that must never touch the ground.

Senami looks confused.
Mausi shows her the pot resting on the head of a female statue in front of the shrine.
She says that's one of them; the people of Aji like to talk about how it has never touched the ground and if it does, the world will come to an end.

Senami asks what happened to her grandmother.
Mausi says she and Senami know that if the pot touches the ground nothing would happen, life would continue but there are some important rules to put people in the habit of following rules.
Senami says she has had enough but one good thing has come out of it is that she has seen Mausi admit that she's just one old woman using tricks to confuse the people and she won't have any problems exposing her and freeing Akweyon.
She gets dizzy and falls on Mausi.

Mausi staggers backwards and bumps the statue.
The statue falls but the pot hangs in the air.
Senami sees it and runs off in fear.
Mausi tells her to wait as she can explain.

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