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Movie Story: Jemeji - Season 1 - Episode 114
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Mausi tells Peace that she ought to be strolling into the shrine like it's her house.

Peace says she hopes Mausi is not angry with her.
Mausi says they are blood so she can't be angry at her and Peace's mother should have told her that if she was alive.

She asks why Peace has come.
Peace says she needs her help.
Mausi says she can't say no to her.
Peace says she can't do what Mausi wants.
Mausi asks what she wants.

Peace says it's Oviyon
Mausi nods.
Peace says they've been together for a long time and she thought he would marry her and take her to Lagos, his mother was already planning their wedding but Senami came to Aji and Oviyon no longer thinks she exists even after using the love charm Petunia gave her.

Mausi asks if she is sure this is what she wants.
She tells her to think well.
Half-a-day's 3rd in command walks Folake to the lodge.
She thanks him.
He says he just wanted to make sure she's safe.
She says it's not easy being a single girl and staying at the lodge.

He tells her not to worry as MAGA is in charge.
She asks what MAGA means.
He says it stands for Make Aji Great Again.
She asks if it's the neighbourhood watch.
He says he's the number 3 person there.
She says she wants to report the doctor to him as he's been harassing her even though he has a wife and she even had to break his head one time with a bottle.

He's surprised.
She says even the new car he bought was with money he stole from the clinic and she knows where he kept part of it so she would like them to help her get it and return to Senami at the clinic.

Oviyon is at home with his mother.
She just told him all that happened to her at Fonton's place with Petunia and Zosu.

He asks if she's serious.
She says Petunia told her boy to throw her out.
Oviyon says the problem is that there is no evidence to use against them.
She tells him not to get involved.
Oviyon's workers come to see him.
His mother condoles with Peter over the death of his brother and tells him that his brother's killers will die a painful death and vultures will feast on their bodies.

Oviyon tells her to please go into the house.
She obeys.
Peter tells Oviyon that they came with weapons because they want to take on Half-a-day and his boys as he knows his brother wasn't killed by strangers from another village like they claim.
Oviyon asks if they have evidence.

Peter says they don't need evidence; they want to face them blood for blood.
Oviyon reminds them that it's burial season so no fighting is permitted.

They tell him to help them as it's blood for blood.
He says they need more men and they also need an insider in Half-a-day's camp to provide them with information.
Peter says he can join them and pretend that he needs their help to avenge his brother's death.
Oviyon stands up to give him a hug.

Senami and Kingsley enter the clinic.
Seyive asks where Akweyon is.
Senami says she's sorry it didn't work out; she went to the shrine to see Mausi and Akweyon wasn't there but she saw the real Mausi.

Seyive says Matron already said there is nothing they can do as Akweyon's destiny is tied to Mausi.
Senami says she doesn't believe that.
Seyive shows her the bag she had packed to leave Aji with.

Senami tells her to keep the bag at her grandmother's hut and they will try again.
Kingsley asks Senami if she's already planning again when she's yet to get over her first attempt.

Senami asks Seyive if she's ready to try again.
Seyive hugs her.
Sulah's body is being taken out of the clinic.
His wife and Doris are wailing.
Iya Francis consoles them.

Dr Jide brings out a hanky to wipe his dry eyes.
Senami, Seyive and Kingsley look on sadly.
Half-a-day's boys are playing draft in Sulah's joint.

The 3rd in command informs his colleagues about all Folake told him about Dr Jide.
He suggests they deal with him and they might even make enough money for a car.

Peter comes with a Jerry can of palm wine and presents it to them.
He says he wants to give them a gift for finding his brother's body.
Zosu drinks from it.

The 3rd in command pours some on the ground in memory of Sulah and Moses.
Peter says he wants to join them in protecting Aji.

They slap him around and tell him it's not child's play.
Zosu says he will call Half-a-day.
He moves aside to make the phone call.
The 3rd in command tells the other boys that they can use Peter to get to Jide and they don't need to involve Half-a-day as the money would be too small to go round.

Petunia meets Half-a-day in the bush to tell him that there is wahala.
He asks what the issue is.
She says Fonton told her not to tell him but she needs to because there is an eye witness in the Moses' death case and it's Iya Francis; she told Iya Oviyon and that one told her.

He becomes furious and asks why she's just telling him now.
He storms off.
Folake is alone in the lodge at night.
She hears banging on the door and opens it.
The 3rd in command and the other boys walk in.
He tells her to relax as they are there to help her deal with Dr Jide.

Neza Seyive, Kingsley and Senami are in the clinic.
Neza says he never knew Senami was as crazy as to want to return to the shrine after everything.
Kingsley says he agrees with Neza.
Seyive begs Senami not to abandon her sister.

Neza asks if Senami has heard from his friend.
Senami says they don't need anything from him.
He says wasn't Oviyon the one who saved her when she almost died?

She says it's not like he burned down the shrine to save her, she saved herself.
Neza asks if Oviyon has to burn down the shrine for her before she can accept he tried to save her.

She says if Oviyon is so useful, he would be with them trying to help.
Neza says it's not like she welcomes him, otherwise he would be with them.
Kingsley says it's not like he made himself welcome.

Seyive sees Akweyon approaching and alerts them.
Akweyon marches to them like someone with a score to settle.
She gets to them and viciously pulls Neza and Seyive out of the way.

Senami tries to apologise for the failed plan.
Seyive pulls her out of the way too and Senami falls on the ground.
Akweyon spits at Kingsley it lands on the ground.
Kingsley helps Senami up and says he told her it was a bad idea.

He tells her that Akweyon has chosen her people so they need to go.
Mausi tells Peace to take off her clothes and tie a white cloth so they can purify her before the burial.

Peace says she just wants a charm and doesn't want to be involved in any ritual.
Mausi says she has to give something to get something and there is only one way to get what she wants and for it to be permanent, she needs to tie the white cloth.

Akweyon is inside the hut with Seyive and Neza.
Seyive asks why she was fighting with Senami and Kingsley who were supposed to help them escape.
She brings out a dress from her bag and gives it to Akweyon to change into.
Akweyon looks at Neza.
Seyive tells her not to fight Dr Senami and Kingsley again as they are trying to help them.
She says she has to go and get what they will eat.

After Seyive leaves. Neza tells Akweyon to speak as he knows she can talk.
He asks her what happened by the river, the drums, shadows in the trees... was it his imagination?
She turns her face away.
He begs her to talk to him.
He asks if Mausi hurt her.

She points towards the door.
He gets the message that she wants to change.
He says he has seen everything.
She points again.
He says he has seen everything.
He goes outside.
At the shrine, Peace is changing from her regular clothes into the white cloth of a priestess.

At the exact same time, Akweyon is changing from her priestess attire into a regular dress.

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