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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 137 Recap - Aired: Tuesday 12 September 2017
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The elders are having a meeting in front of Fonton's place.

The most vocal of them Daddy Love, complains that ever since Otogan died, they've been like sheep without a shepherd.
The elder who had gone to see Sonaya says the worst is that the future Chief is accused of killing a person.
Daddy Love says it's a bad omen and they need to deal with it quickly.
The one who was with Sonaya says they need to invoke the elders' right of choice to depose Miyonse and instal Sewedo.
Daddy love says they need to ask questions; what if Miyise is not guilty of killing the girl?'
The other elder says they saw the girl's body parts on his bed.
Daddy love asks if they saw him putting the parts there.
He love says if Miyise is not guilty, won't they be contributing to the bad omen already in the land by making Sewedo the chief?

Dr. Jide comes to see Obi at the police station.
Obi says if they can give some money to the police, they would let him go.
Dr. Jide says there is no way.
Obi asks what he means.
Dr . Jide asks how much Obi thinks he's worth for him to stick his neck out for.
Obi is shocked.
Dr. Jide says it doesn't matter if he doesn't get the money, as long as Obi doesn't get it too, then he's overly satisfied and would count his losses.
Obi says he can't be serious.
Dr. Jide says how time flies and conditions change; Obi cheated him and he's now in jail for murder.
Obi says he knows they've had their differences but Jide can't leave him there.
Jide says he can and he will gladly take the front roll to watch Obi on trial where the villagers will testify against him one by one.

Obi says he's mad.
Jide says he has a gift to entertain him with in the few days.
He throws a condom at Obi then bursts out laughing.

Senami is at the lodge.
She calls the NYSC to ask that she is reposted elsewhere.

Kingsley comes to see her.
She tells him that she never thanked him for taking her to the hospital in Lagos.
He says no need to thank him.
She asks if it's because he says they were dating.
She says she heard he broke her heart and was a bit of a player; Folake told her.
He says he wouldn't put much weight on anything her friend has to say about them.

He brings out a little pot from the bag he's carrying and he tells her that her some pepper soup from Wesere.
He sits down beside her on the mattress.
She flinches then tells him it's because he's still like a stranger to her.
He says he didn't mean to make her uncomfortable but he wants to help her how he can.

She asks where they were when he found her.
He laughs and says he just realised that losing one's memory doesn't change one's character.
He says he found her because he was on his way to her.
She asks if he was on his way to find her in the bush.
He says he just took a chance to check where he did and didn't expect to find her unconscious.
She says he could have called her but she didn't see any missed calls on her phone from that time.
He says phones have a habit of just dying unexpectedly in the area.
He says she's making things complicated or is there something else she really wants to ask him?
She says she's tired and he can leave the soup in the living room.
He tells her to get some rest then.
She says the stress is getting to her.
He tells her to rest well.

Jonah is at Fonton's place. ready to go out.
Fonton calls him back to sit down.
Jonah sits.
Fonton says he's ashamed of himself.
Jonah asks what he means.
Fonton says Jonah has been a good son, taking care of him but he's not the father Jonah deserves.
He gives him some documents and says they are his properties and he wants Jonah to be in charge of them.
Jonah asks if it's because of what Petunia's family said.
Fonton says it's more than that.

Fonton's phone rings and when he answers, the line disconnects.
He says it's Ojo.
The phone rings again.
Fonton answers and the line goes off again.

Fonton tells Jonah to help him call Oviyon because Oviyon will not come if he calls himself.
Jonah says it's not that serious.
Fonton says Jonah doesn't understand that it was his boys that killed Petunia so if he goes to Mausi'shrine to swear, he would die there.

Folake comes to the police station to see Obi.
She says she can't leave him for a minute without him getting into trouble.
Obi says Chief's family set him up.
He tells her about Miyise being accused of plucking eyes and what happened to Glory.
Folake is shocked.
She says she would get him a lawyer.
He's surprised that she wants to help him.
He says Sewedo is an animal.
She asks what makes him think it's Sewedo.
He says it was something Mausi said.

Sonaya is at the shrine.
Mausi asks how long it's been since she arrived and e asks what finally dragged her there.
Sonaya says she knows Mausi knows already but she will say it with her mouth that she has come for her son and wants to make a bargain; she could have come earlier but she was preoccupied with the burial.
Mausi says yet she had time to send Miyise to the shrine.
Sonaya says it was urgent and that is why she has come.
She says she heard about the madness of her husband's brother and it was the same thing that happened to Miyise when he was about to become Chief, now her son is next in line and she wants to know if he's also in grave danger.
Mausi asks her why she wants Aji to be without a head.
Sonaya tries to protest but Mausi says she sent her a Chief but Sonaya had him jailed.
Sonaya says Mausi is wrong because that boy is a killer who took Nowheyon's eye back then and has now killed a girl; If Mausi hadn't sent him away, this wouldn't have happened.
Mausi laughs and says he's not responsible for the killing so she had better release him.
Sonaya says the girl is dead so if he's not the one doing it, who is?
Mausi says she wonders why people ask her questions they know the answers to.
Sonaya asks who it is.
Mausi says 'Who indeed'.

Jonah meets Matron as she's on her way home from the market.
After exchanging pleasantries, he tells her that his father is looking for her
She asks why.
He says it's better for her to go and see him so he can explain.

Folake is back at the lodge.
Senami meets her browsing on her laptop.
She tells Senami that she needs a lawyer urgently for Obi.
Senami asks what happened.
Folake says the story is very long and too complicated for her to tell Senami as Senami doesn't remember anything.
She asks if Senami's sister is a lawyer.
Senami says she's a divorce lawyer.
Folake says they can still call her.

Senami gets a call from Oviyon who asks what sort of game she's playing.
She goes to her room to talk to him.

Matron comes to see Fonton at his house.
He says he has something to tell her as he doesn't have much time left.
She asks what he has to say.
He says their marriage crashed because of him and he doesn't blame her for leaving him to go and study nursing.
He opens a note and says he listed all the bad things he did to her and wants to apologise for them.
Matron is surprised.
Fonton begs her to allow him apologise so as to ease his conscience.
He says he wants to start from the shoe he promised to buy for her that he said he didn't have money for, it was a lie and he's sorry.
Matron says in that case, they would start from the days of their courtship; he broke her bucket by the water-side and said he would replace it but he never did.
He asks if there is more.
She tells him to be comfortable as there is a lot.

Oviyon asks Senami what game she's playing; the other day she was acting like she didn't know him then she's calling and cutting the call.
She says she had an episode and couldn't remember past when she got to Aji.
He asks if she now remembers.
She says she remembers and also remembers things from her past.
He asks what things.
She says Matron isn't who she seems to be and Kingsley killed her grandmother.
She starts crying.
She says she's really scared and she's far away from her family and she doesn't even think they would understand or even care about her grandmother.
She asks if they can meet as she needs to talk to him.

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