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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 138 Recap - Aired: Wednesday 13 September 2017
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Sonayan and Nowheyon are in the palace main room.

Sonayan tells Nowheyon that her father was a good man and a good father.
Nowheyon asks why she doesn't miss him.
Sonayan says maybe it's because she doesn't really know him and it's not her fault.
Nowheyon says she feels like she doesn't belong in Aji and she doesn't even speak the language.

Sonayan says they will leave but first, they have to talk her brother out of making the same mistake her father did.
Nowheyon asks what she means.
Sonayan says the throne has a way of taking one away from their family.

Nowheyon says Sewedo can take care of himself.
Sonayan says no, and they need to find a way to talk him out of it or else, he would make the same mistake Chief made.
Oviyon is with his mother at home.
Fonton comes in with a basket of yams.

He sits meekly and says when their ancestors offended the gods, they gave them the biggest yams from the harvest.
He presents one of the yams to Iya and begs them on his knees to forgive him for all he has done.

He tells Oviyon that he's sorry for dragging land with him.
Iya asks what's going on.
Fonton says he would have died if Oviyon hadn't come to his rescue.

Iya tells him he's lucky that Oviyon doesn't have her kind of spirit because she would have left him there for Half-a-day to kill.
She tells him to get up.
He asks if he has been forgiven.
Iya says with all Mausi has done for Oviyon, they forgive him.

Jonah comes to the clinic to see Matron.
He asks if Fonton apologised.

She says he did and she asks if there is any reason for the behaviour.
Jonah says Fonton thinks he would die as Petunia died and he has tried to tell him it won't happen but he wouldn't listen.

Matron says his father can be very stubborn.
Jonah asks if she can talk to him.
She assures him that Fonton would be fine; he should just get the guilt out of his system.
Nowheyon meets Oviyon in the village.
She tells him that she thought Aji would be different, less hostile but that's not the case.

He says one minute he's working on the farm and the next, he's being attacked and stabbed by a mad man.
She says he's lucky, unlike Glory and things wouldn't be that way if her father did something to Miyise back then.

He asks how they can be sure Miyise did it.
She points at her eye patch and asks if it looks like a joke to him.
She begs upset and walks off.
Senami walks up to Oviyon and says she hopes that wasn't as serious as it looked.
She tells him that Kingsley is a murderer.

He says he knows but there is no proof.
She's surprised.
He says Neza told him and Akweyon told Neza.
Senami says he even has a baby factory where he has women locked up and made to have babies to he can sell them.

Oviyon asks why she didn't go to the police.
She says she just got her memory back.
He asks how she lost it in the first place.
She says they tried to make her deliver one of the babies.
He says next thing she knows is that she woke up and can't remember what happened.
She says yes.

He says it's just like what happened at Mausi's shrine when they were kids.
She asks what he's saying.
He asks if they can trust what she says she remembers.
She says she knows what she saw.
He asks who is going to believe her.

She says not him for sure.
He says it's not like that.
She walks away.
Nowheyon is sleeping on the couch in the palace.
Sewedo approaches her with a knife and spoon.
His mother catches him.
He starts stuttering, saying he doesn't know what he's doing and he's sorry.

She takes the knife and spoon from him.
He asks what's wrong with him.
She tells him nothing is wrong with him.
She asks if he was the one responsible for Glory
He says he didn't do it on purpose; they told him to do it.
She asks who.
He says the voices.
He starts crying.

She hugs him.
He asks what's wrong with him.
Folake meets elder Johnde in the village.
She asks what the elders are doing about Miyise as they can't let that evil woman just put him in prison; he's the next Otogan.
He tells her she's not even from Aji and she's opening her small mouth to talk about their Otogan.

She tries to protest but heHe tells her to keep her complaint in her pocket.
Iya Oviyon comes out of her house to see Zosu and some of Half-a-day's boys cleaning her compound.
She asks what's going on.
Zosu says Oviyon is their new chairman.
Iya tells them to help her fill a drum of water then help her cut the grass behind her house and to peel Egusi.

Zosu gives the boys the orders.
Sonayan brings Sewedo to see Dr. Jide in the clinic.
He asks them if all is well.
Sonayan says they have a problem.
She looks around and he assures her that they are alone.
Sewedo says they told him to do it.
Jide asks what he's saying.

Sonayan says he does things when he sleep walks.
She asks if there is a cure.
Dr. Jide says there is and there was a case back in school of a boy who used to sleep walk and cut cadavers in the anatomy lab.
Sonayan asks if he's saying it's normal for people to cut things while asleep.

Jide says it manifests in different ways; some drive cars, some eat and some just walk.
Sewedo says he removes eyes.
Sonayan covers up and says he removes ice from the fridge.
Jide asks Sewedo how long it's been going on for.
Sonayan says not long.
Dr Jide says Sewedo should speak for himself.
Sonayan says he didn't get much sleep.
Dr Jide says he hopes she didn't wake him up because waking a sleep walker can have adverse effects psychologically.

Sonayan asks if they can get the treatment.
Jide says Aji clinic is too impoverished to have such expensive medication.
Sonayan gives him an envelope filed with money and begs him to get if for them.
Folake calls Sesinu and introduces herself.
Sesinu asks why Senami couldn't call.
Folake says Senami is unconscious, she fainted then woke up and gave her Sesinu's number.

Sesinu asks what she's saying.
Folake says Obi is also in jail.
Sesinu says she doesn't understand Folake's ramble but she should hold on and she will call her when she gets in.
Folake asks if it means she's coming to Aji.
She almost jumps for joy.
Kingsley comes to see Senami at the lodge.
He says since she doesn't remember anything, they can start over again like in the movies.
She tells him to hold on while she gets him a drink.

As she leaves, she takes out her phone.
Oviyon comes outside to see the boys working.
He asks what's going on.
The boys hail him and call him their Oga.
He says he's not their Oga.
Zosu says he is as he has Mausi's backing and they want him to talk to Mausi for them.

Oviyon says he doesn't know Mausi and he's not their Oga, so they should go and meet Half-a-day.
Zosu says Oviyon is better than Half-a-day as he's a full day.
Oviyon tells them okay they can leave and he will see them later.
When they leave he checks his phone as he receives a text message.

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