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'Jemeji' Season 1 Episode 140 Recap - Aired: Friday 15 September 2017
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At the clinic, Fonton tells Matron that he should have known and recognised the evil in Half-a-day's eyes.
Matron tells him he was too intoxicated by the power.
Fonton says he was enjoying the respect the people of Aji were showing him.
Matron tells him respect is earned and not taken by force.
Fonton starts crying and asking why Petunia his hibiscus left him and died like that.
He says it was his duty to protect her but he failed.
Matron consoles him.
He says her death is on his head and now her family wants him to go and swear he didn't have a hand in it and if he does that, he would die.
She asks if that was why he apologised to her.
He says he wants to go and meet his ancestors with clean hands.

Zansi starts laughing.
He tells her it's not fair for her to laugh at him as he's telling her his life problems.
She says she's sorry but he didn't kill Petunia.
He says he allowed Half-a-day to kill her.
She tells him there was nothing he could do at the time so he should go to the shrine and swear.
He says he doesn't want to die.
She assures him that he won't die.
He starts crying again and comes he to rest his head on her shoulder.
She consoles him.

Oviyon and Folake leave the police station and meet Senami waiting outside.
Oviyon asks what she's doing there.
She says he didn't answer her text.
He asks if she came there for her reply.
Folake says she thought Senami said she was too stressed to come.
Senami tells Oviyon that she came because of what they talked about.
Folake asks what they talked about.

Oviyon tells Senami that Neza has been released; he doesn't know how or where he even went but he said he found an opportunity and took it.

Folake asks Senami if she now remembers Oviyon.
Senami says it's a long story.
Folake looks at Oviyon and asks what the story is
Oviyon tells her to ask her friend.

Kingsley returns home and makes a phone call.
He tells the person at the other end (Most likely Saul) that he went there and the place is empty; the girl is missing and he can't reach her and if she has made her move, they need to be prepared.
He says Saul knows what to do and he should get it done.

Folake tells Senami that she thinks they should go to the local government to report what Aji people are doing to Obi.
Senami doesn't respond.
Folake asks if there is something she's not saying.
Senami says it's complicated.

Dr. Jide appears and holds them from behind.
They jerk away from him and Folake warns him never to touch her again.
She receives a message on her phone.
She pulls Senami away.

They get to the lodge and Senami admits she got her memory back.
They see Sesinu.
Senami is shocked.
Sesinu asks Folake why she wasn't picking her call.
Folake apologises and says she came as soon as she got her message.

Senami asks what Sesinu is doing there.
Sesinu says Folake said Senami needed her.
Senami asks Folake if she said that.
Sesinu says she's guessing Senami didn't faint
Folake says she did but she has regained her memory.
She says their friend she told her about is still in police custody.
Senami says she can't believe Folake tricked her sister into coming to Aji.
She tells Sesinu that she now knows who killed their grandmother.

At Fonton's place, Petunia's brother holds Jonah by the collar and asks him to bring Fonton.
Jonah says he doesn't know where Fonton is.
Iya Oviyon is with them.
She begs them to leave Jonah as Fonton wouldn't run away.

Fonton walks in.
The siblings grab him and take him away.

Sesinu asks Senami how she found out who killed their grandmother.
Senami says someone told her.
Sesinu asks what evidence she has.
Senami says the evidence is irrelevant because the killer told her himself.
Folake asks when.
Senami says it happened just before she blacked out.
Sesinu tells Senami to excuse them.
Folake leaves.

Sesinu tells Senami to start from the beginning.
Senami tells her there was a guy she started living with after their father tried to kidnap her and he was really nice to her until she found out about the baby factory.
Sesinu asks what she got herself into.
Senami says he wanted her to help the women but she froze.
Sesinu asks what she means.

Senami asks if she ever mentioned the screams they hear at the lodge.
Sesinu asks if she can hear herself.
Senami says they have to find a way to put the man in jail.
Sesinu asks what she's still doing in Aji with such a man around.
Senami says she had to keep him in Aji and pretend she still doesn't have her memory.
Sesinu asks what Senami plans to do to the alleged killer.
Senami says he's not alleged as he did it.
Sesinu says he's still alleged until Senami can prove he killed their grandmother.
Senami says they would prove everything then.

Sonayan and Nowheyon are in the market square.
Nowheyon says there is nobody there.
Sonayan says the market women should be there.

The attendants run to them and they tell her that they searched everywhere but can't find Sewedo.
Sonayan tells them to keep searching.
Nowheyon asks her what's really going on.

Petunia's siblings have brought Fonton to the shrine.
Jonah, Iya Oviyon and Matron are with them.
They are all on their knees.

Mausi complains that the villagers don't seem to have anything to do lately but to troop to her shrine.
Petunia's sister says they came to report the man who killed their sister.
Fonton says he didn't kill her; it was Half-a-day.
The siblings tell him to produce Half-a-day then.

Mausi comes out from behind her curtain.
She has an image made of calabash in her hand.
She taps Fonton's forehead and chin with it then tells him to swear be didn't kill his wife.
Fonton takes the image with shaky hands.
Mausi tells him to say he didn't kill Petunia.
He says it.
She tells him to say if he liked her, he should burn.
He asks it be should say that too.
He repeats it.
She tells him to say if he killed Petunia, he should burn and his ashes should be scattered in the winds.
He chokes a little as he says it.

Mausi tells the siblings that the truth will always prevail.
She tells Fonton that if he lied, his life would burn with wild fire and he would never be seen again.
She takes the image from him.
She tells him that if he has said the truth, his life would endure.

Sonayan returns to the shrine to meet Sewedo casually chatting with elderly Johnde.
She barks at him, asking where he has been.
He asks if there is a problem.
She asks where he has been.
He says he went to see elder Johnde as he feels weird about taking over from his father as Otogan.

Nowheyon asks her mother if that wasn't what she said.
She leaves for her room in anger.

Elder Johnde tells Sonayan that Sewedo is very humble.
He tells Sewedo not to worry as he has the support of the elders behind him.

Sonayan brings out Sewedo's drugs and tells him to take them.
Sewedo asks why she's making him do it in front of the elder.
Sonayan says the elder can leave if he wants to.
She tells him to take them in front of her.
She gives him two tablets.
He complains that's it's supposed to be one.
She gives him two and tells him to open his mouth after swallowing.
He opens his mouth.

He says he has to see elder Johnde off.
They walk out together.

Folake tells Sesinu that she doesn't have evidence but she knows Obi is innocent because he was with her the whole time.
Sesinu asks if she has told the police.
Folake says she has tried but they are not listening to her.
Sesinu says they are not allowed to continue to keep him if they can't tie him to the crime.
Folake begs her to help.
Sesinu says she's going to Wesere to get the police and she would try to get Obi out.

Kingsley is at home.
He gets a call from Jide who asks where he has been.
Kingsley asks what he has to tell him.
Dr Jide says he just saw his girl with Oviyon and they were in Wesere where there is a police station.
Kingsley ends the call.

He plays the camera footage from the day Senami lost her memory at the baby factory.
He is surprised to see the recording gets scrambled just before Senami passes out.

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