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Mr Irresistible - Season 1 - Episode 9
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We were on the hmm.. hmm… when we heard
ummh.. ummhh.. we panicked like Nigerian
politician that EFCC serve letter for fraud.

The man threaten thunder, fire, he said
we will be flogged mercilessly and disgraced.
anybody that always threaten like this has
a price. Cythia said she can do anything
for us not to be reported to the school authority
I was even crying like small pikin, this life sha…

The man smiled with his burnt brown teeth.

I wonder if someone can locate him in the night
without the help of armed robber’s torchlight,
respect to those night guys, how many days
did they charge those torches. His darkened
skin by Nigeria hot sun, he live half of his
years under the sun that resulted to burnt skin.

he demanded for what Cythia is giving to
me, Cythia agreed without much argument.
this life, she turned back and hold the
wall, her bare a-s shinning like Rihanna
diamond, the man spank her a-s that vibrated
like Okoro bus under his palm, he unzip
his trouser to unleash Africa Anaconda.

I was just watching the live p--n with spiritual
popcorn and coca cola bottle, at first
I thought his BBC won’t go into her p---y.

but he nestle his d--k head that disappeared
into her p---y, he pounded into her roughly.

and ahhhs and ohhhs.. you are given me
harder, the man grunt like a pig. The sex
is like world war 7, she thank him and also
promise to meet him for more pounding,
I was ignored like I was never there, to have pencil
as d--k isn’t a good think oohh…. from that

day henceforth I determined to boast
my bedmatic prowess that landed me in coma,
am really happy isn’t Early grave.

I switch off
my television and left to my room to have a nice
sleep, a text from my acting manager
if I’d like to come to work tomorrow to conduct
interview for my new secretary. Do you know that
the bible says we are fearfully and wonderfully
made, there are this specific people that do
womderful things Sambisa, my best friend
and my acting manager is one of them.

how can you leave your house and go to a forest
to have sex through out the weekend, he will
call it nature sex or picnic sex, that one is
my senior in sexology, he isn’t even scared
of hiv, I sent him a message to carry forth
the interview, I need to interview ugly girls for
my housegirl position, I dive to dreamland
after I sent the message. The next morning
is a new day, and a new day comes with
a hard d--k. and a hard d--k need a good f--k.

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