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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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She dropped herself down on me hard and
started grinding her hips in small circles with
me shoved as deeply as possible in her. I
continued pinching and teasing her n-----s as
Chika became more and more vocal and
started grinding herself onto me harder and

I started thrusting my hips upward into Chika as she continued to grind her hips into me and I pinched her n-----s. I thrusted
hard trying to force myself deeper into her. I responded by grinding her hips faster and starting to repeat “Oh yes” over and
over. Chika’s body stiffened and she stopped grinding her hips.

I pushed up into her as hard as I could and she responded by pushing back down on me.

Chika cried out and started to c-m.

Her p---y spasmed and jerked and seemingly tried to pull me
even deeper into her.

I held her n-----s between my fingers and watched Chika become completely engulfed in her o----m. I released her
n-----s when it appeared she was done and watched as she sat
still and recovered.

She started f-----g me again and knew that what she wanted
more than anything was to feel me spill my c-m into her p---y.

Chika f----d me for a while and then sat back holding me deep
within her. My eyes had been closed as I was enjoying her f--k,
but what she did next caused my eyes to shoot open. Her p---y
was rhythmically clenching and releasing me, almost as if it was
trying to milk my c-m out of me. Chika smiled at me as my eyes
shot open. I began writhing in pleasure.

I never imagined it could feel so good without either person
moving. Chika increased her efforts as she reached behind her.

She cupped her hand around my balls and held them as she
continued her f--k.

Her hand was too much for me and I yelled, “I’m cumming!”

Chika could feel my balls jump in her hand and I started to unload their contents into her.

She continued “milking” my d--k
as i came until she was sure that she had collected every last drop I had.

She la!d down next to me and we tenderly kissed and fondled each other as we each recovered. After perhaps 30 minutes
Chika whispered,
“I’m not sure about you, but after that I need to loosen up or
I’m going to be sore in the morning. I could use a good soak,
how about you?”
I agreed even though i wasn’t entirely sure
what she meant.

“I’ll be right back,”
she said as she disappeared out the door and
down the hall. I heard water running in the distance and after a
few minutes Chika returned with two large bath towels. “Follow me,” she said.

I followed her to the very back of the house where we entered a
large bathroom with a Jacuzzi. Chika dropped her towel and
started to enter the steamy water. I smiled as I dropped my
towel next to hers and slid into the tub facing Chika.

The warm water felt great and I immediately felt my body
loosen up. We sat for a long time simply enjoying the water and
not speaking.

I was brought out of his relaxed state by the feel of Chika’s foot
sliding up and down my leg. I spread my legs slightly to give her
better access and slid down on the seat putting myself a little deeper in the water and moving my legs a little closer to her.

Chika’s foot continued to tease me as it slid higher and higher up my leg. Soon Chika’s foot was resting between my thighs and
she was tickling my balls with her toes. Her foot moved up slightly and started rubbing against my d--k. She teased me for a
few more minutes with her foot as my d--k grew harder and

She pulled her foot away and repositioned herself in the tub.

She had been sitting with both of her legs between my spread legs, but she shifted and spread her legs so one of her feet was
still between my legs and one of my feet was now between her legs. She resumed teasing me with her foot as she propped my
foot up onto her seat with my hands.

I felt her shift positions slightly and suddenly felt something soft and warm brush against my toes. I realized what Chika wanted and started exploring with my big toe. I gently rubbed her p---y hair and dipped it down to tease her c--t.

I slid it lower still and positioned it at the entrance to Chika’s p---y. Without waiting I
slowly pushed my big toe into her.

She m0aned her approval and continued her teasing of my d--k with her own foot.

Once inside her I wiggled my toe before pulling it out slightly.

I started to f--k her with my big toe and she responded by spreading her legs wider and softly sighing.

She moved a hand to one of her own b-----s and started to play with her soft skin
and n-----s. She teased her n-----s until we were hard before dropping the hand fully beneath the water.

I felt her hand on my foot as she gently placed her fingers at the entrance to her p---y to feel my toe as it f----d her.

Eventually she wrapped her fingers around my foot and pulled it away
from her p---y.

She placed my foot on the bottom of the hot
tub and slid over to me.

Her hand smoothly slipped beneath the water and began massaging my d--k.

I was semi-erect from my excitement at
watching her as I f----d her with my toe, and her fingers soon had me fully erect. Her hand slipped easily on my d--k in the
warm water.

“Sit up on the edge,” she instructed. I moved up so I sat on the edge of the tub with my feet in the water on the edge where I
had been sitting. Chika moved between my legs and brought her
mouth to my d--k.

She opened her lips and took as much of my d--k into her mouth as she could. She then bobbed her head up and down
f-----g me with her mouth as she held me firmly between her
wet lips.

She teased the underside of my d--k with her tongue
and expertly had me groaning in passion.
“Sit back down,” she whispered as she released my d--k from
her mouth with a quiet pop. I slid myself back down the edge
and hurried to the very edge as Chika’s hands guided my d--k. She stood up in front of me and seemed to pause just long
enough for me to see the beads of water running down her
b----t and dripping off her stiff n-----s. She then spread her
legs and s-------d me with either of her knees resting on the
edge on either side of me. She reached between them and held
my d--k straight up before she lowered herself onto me.

She moved her hands behind me and gripped the edge of the
hot tub just behind my shoulders as I snaked my hands behind
her and began fondling her soft, fat a-s. She then started
moving herself up and down on me.
She moved slowly and we f----d tenderly for a long time.

The efforts of our own movements and the hot water in the tub
cause us both to build up a healthy sweat as we continued our
slow f--k and periodically kissed each other deeply.

As beads of sweat rolled down her forehead, Chika shifted her
weight slightly and reached one hand down between her body
and mine.

She lifted herself up so only the tip of my d--k remained in her
and then gripped my d--k just below her p---y in her fingers.

She resumed f-----g me except she kept her fingers just below
her own p---y. I groaned as she was now essentially jerking me
off and f-----g me at the same time. The smooth wetness of her
p---y combined with the rougher feel of her fingers produced a
combination of s£nsat!ons that was amazing.
She smiled and m0aned as she felt my c-m first with her hand
and then she felt my warm c-m deep inside her. Chika continued riding my c--k until I was completely spent and then
she let herself drop down on me so my d--k was deeply trapped
inside her.

She knew that I would quickly be going flaccid, as
even an 18 year old can’t f--k continuously without a break. She wanted to keep me inside her as long as possible and the
feel of my d--k slowly wilting inside her after our f--k felt e----c to her.

With the same hand she had been holding my d--k she began teasing her own c--t.

The f--k and the feel of my c-m
had brought her right to the edge and she would only need a
little teasing before it would be over.

I watched as she played with her c--t and decided to help her
along so I leaned forward and s----d one of her b----t into my
mouth. I quickly found her n----e and soon had s----d and
teased it until it stood hard against my tongue.

I softly bit her n----e and then s----d it into my mouth roughly
as I applied great suction. This was all Chika needed as she
m0aned, “Oh God!” and started cumming. I held her n----e
tightly in my mouth as she came and continued to sU-Ckle on her
after her o----m had passed.

After she finished cumming we sat in silence, my now soft c--k
still inside her, for several moments. Chika then lifted herself off
me and stood up holding her hand out to me. “Let’s go to bed,”
she said as I took her hand and got myself up from the tub.

I stepped out of the tub and paused to briefly dry ourselves off with the towels we had brought in earlier.

Chika took my hand
again and led me back to the master bedroom. We climbed into
the smooth sheets together and lay on our sides facing each
other with our arms wrapped around one another. Chika rested
her leg over mine and we kissed softly before falling asleep.

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