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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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It had been a late night for us and we had
definitely wore ourselves out, so we both
slept soundly well into the morning. I woke
up first and discovered we had moved into
the classic “spoon” position with her in front of him.

My d--k was nestled against her a-s as my arm wrapped around her stomach. I slowly woke up and la!d still enjoying the feel of
her naked form pressed against me.

She appeared to still be
soundly asleep and I watched her chest rise and fall with her
deep breathing.

I knew that after the past two nights I should be completely spent, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of her boobs as they
hung softly just a few inches away from my hand. I slowly stretched out my fingers and lightly touched the soft skin on her
stomach. There was no reaction from Chika so I moved my
hand up and started to softly caress her naked b----t. Chika m0aned softly in her sleep as I gently sq££zed the flesh
of her b----t. I softly teased her n----e and felt it start to stiffen
even though Chika was still mostly asleep. I continued
massaging her naked body until she began stirring and waking
up from her own deep sleep.

“Morning lover,”
she hummed as she woke up. I continued
massaging her b-----s and teasing her n-----s as I now started
kissing and licking her neck and ear.

Chika la!d still and drank in my touch.

I was still a little awkward and inept with her b-----s, but she loved the way I wasn’t afraid
to take the initiative and she knew that before long I would have the touch of an experienced lover.

Besides, she enjoyed the
ineptitude of my touch as it reminded her of how young and eager I was for her and how much she could still teach me.

My d--k had started to stiffen and she began to softly move her hips back and forth grinding her fat a-s into me.

This continued for several minutes until my d--k was completely hard and she was ready for feeling more than just my touch. She rolled away
from me onto her stomach and then crawled up on all fours.

She looked at me and without saying a word I knew what she wanted.

I moved behind her and into the d----e style position I had watched on many porno tapes. Chika’s hand reached back
between her legs and she guided me to the wet lips of her p---y.

I placed a hand on each of her hips and slowly sunk myself all the way into her.

Initially I didn’t enjoy this position as I
couldn’t see Chika’s beautiful t--s as we f----d and I couldn’t watch her face. However, once I started thrusting into her and she started
thrusting her own hips back into me i quickly changed my mind on that position.

Entering her p---y at this different angle made
her p---y feel different as it softly slipped back and forth along my d--k.

I also found the feeling of control in this position very exciting.

I could use my hands on her hips to guide her and to push and
pull her back and forth as I thrusted. Also, I loved being able to
watch my hard d--k slip in and out of her. Each time he pulled
back he could see the wetness of her juices all over him.

I watched my d--k disappear in and out of her for several
minutes longer as we continued to f--k. I then watched Chika’s
back as she rocked back and forth and found this view of her
had more benefits than I initially thought. I ran my hands across
her back and groped her fat a-s before returning them to her
hips. After all our previous encounters I was able to last much
longer than ever before and we continued f-----g this way until
i finally knew i had to release my c-m. I gripped her hips tightly
and began pushing and pulling her in an opposite rhythm from
my thrusts.

Chika started grunting softly each time i t----t into her and
soon my body tightened and i grunted loudly as i started to
c-m. I continued f-----g her during and after i came until i
finally became so soft that i slipped out of her.
Chika had yet to c-m and I wasn’t sure what i should do. Part of
me said i should slide under her and start sU-Cking her p---y, but
i hesitated because i wasn’t sure of doing that after i had just
filled her with c-m. Before i could decide Chika rolled onto her
back and i moved next to her. She lightly took my hand in hers and guided my hand to her
p---y. She began to rub her own p---y and tease her c--t both
with her own fingers and with mine. She dipped two of my
fingers and one of her own inside her p---y and i felt the warm
mixture of my c-m and her juices. She guided my fingers back
and forth inside her until they were completely soaked in juices
and then she led my touch to her c--t.

Together we teased her c--t as she moved closer and closer to

I watched her in fascination as i loved watching her touch herself and especially loved the way my fingers felt as we
smoothly slipped between hers and her p---y. She started breathing heavily and concentrated her touch into a specific
rhythm on her c--t.

I slowly pulled my fingers away from her p---y and began
massaging her inner thigh as she continued masturbating
before me. With a groan she turned her head to the side and
started cumming. I continued massaging her thighs, stomach,
and b----t as she lay still after she finished cumming.

She moved closer to me and we kissed before she said, “That’s a
great way to start the day.”
With that she got up from bed and
wandered into the bathroom on one side of the room. She
emerged a few minutes later dressed only in what must have
been one of her husband’s shirts. It hung just low enough to
cover her sweet p---y and fat a-s.

“You should be going,”
Chika said, “I don’t know what time my
husband is coming home today and I think it would be good if
you left before too many neighbours are up.”.
She leaned over me and kissed me passionately. “I do want to
thank you for this weekend. I want to do this again soon.”

My heart and, if it hadn’t been completely wasted from the
previous two days, d--k jumped when she said that. “I can’t
was all I said as I climbed out of bed. Together we
collected my stuff from around the house and I shoved
everything back into my bag.

With one last kiss near the door I got out of the house and took
a taxi home. I took a long shower and rolled the events of the
weekend over and over through my mind. I ate a quick lunch
and slept the rest of day on the sofa in the living room until my
parents arrived home that evening.

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