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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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The next week at school I stopped by Chika’s
office a couple of times and we talked about
our next tutoring session. The end of the
school session was only a couple of weeks
away and we had some trouble finding time
for our next meeting.

The rest of the school year passed and we weren’t able to
arrange another meeting. Some good news did arrive, however,
when I had written the JAMB examinations and I was successful,
so I would be invited to the university over the holidays to take
the post UTME test and compete for admission.
I had decided on a university about three hours from his home.

Most of the other kids from my school were going to other
universities, so there would only be a few familiar faces at the
start of the new semester. By coincidence, Chika was an
alumnus of the university I picked. She had been very helpful in giving me information about the
university and its various strengths and weaknesses long before
our special tutoring sessions. A visit to the university with my
parents had sealed the deal and I decided to go there.

The invitation letter was initially confusing as I hadn’t applied
for the examination yet. I looked closely at the second page
where it said that I had been selected for the examination
“…based on the quality of the work samples submitted by your
referee Mrs. Chika…”

The letter went on to explain that both me and my referee would be asked to come to campus along with all the other

candidates for a weekend where I would take the final examination and I would be interviewed.

Needless to say my parents were excited at the letter and they
quickly made the arrangements with Mrs. Chika to have her
drive me to and from the weekend as we talked after my
graduation ceremony. She told them that she had submitted
some of my papers early in the year just after I selected the
school and apologized for not telling them.
My parents were too excited to care that the news was a
surprise and the plans were soon set for the weekend trip. We
would be leaving in a month.

A few days passed after graduation I made the usual rounds of
graduation parties and celebrations. As I idled about the house
one afternoon the phone rang and I was surprised to hear Chika
on the other end. We made small talk for a little while before
she said,

“My husband would soon go on a business trip. He’s leaving
Friday and won’t be back until Sunday. Can you come over this

I said almost before she finished asking.

she said, “I’ll pick you up at 3PM.”

I quickly agreed and couldn’t contain my smile as I hung up the
phone. “What was that about?” My mother asked.

“Oh, that was Mrs. Chika saying she was willing to help me prepare for the scholarship test this weekend if I had time,” I

“That Mrs. Chika is such a good teacher,”
my mom replied,

“we’re really going to have to thank her for all the extra time she has been putting in with you.”

I laughed to myself and went up to my room and jerked off to visions of Chika and the various ways I hoped i would f--k her
that weekend. The scholarship test would provide the perfect cover for us. Now Chika could pick me up on Friday and drop
me off Sunday and we could just say I was either going to or returning from a tutoring session.

My parents were again going for a vacation so I would be on my own again for the weekend and, hopefully, in bed with Chika for
most of it.

The next few days passed very slowly but finally Friday arrived.

I packed a small backpack with my books on top and a couple of
changes of clothes and my toiletries on the bottom. That way I
wouldn’t have to return home once Chika picked me up. Chika pulled up in front of Mike’s house promptly at 3PM. I said
goodbye to my mom and that I would see her on Sunday. I told her I didn’t expect to be home before they left for the beach.

My mom insisted on walking out to the car with me so she
could thank Mrs. Chika for her efforts.

As I hopped in the passenger seat, my mom thanked Mrs. Chika
over and over for her time and effort.
“It really is my pleasure,” Chika said happily, “Lenny is a good
boy and has really come a long way since we started working
together. I’ll take good care of him and won’t keep him up too
late studying.”

With a final wave Chika pulled her car away from the gate and headed back to her house. She placed her hand on my thigh
and started to rub my leg as she drove.

Her hand soon moved up to my g---n and I spread my legs apart. As she continued to drive, she massaged my d--k through
the thin cotton material of my boxers.

After about 15 minutes,
we arrived at Chika’s house and she drove into the garage and
shut the door behind us.

She still hadn’t said anything since we left my house and I was so focused in her fondling me on the drive I hadn’t said
anything either. We each got out of the car and walked into the
house. Chika wore another light dress and a pair of high heeled

I watched her a-s jiggle in appreciation as i followed her into the
house. I dropped my bag by the front door as Chika took hold
of my hand. She led me to the bedroom and turned around to
face me once we were inside.

“Hi lover,”
she said softly as she smiled warmly at me. She kissed
me on the lips softly and then pulled away from me slightly. She reached down to the bottom button on her dress and
slowly started to unfasten each button, one by one, until they all
had been unfastened and only her hands held the thin dress
closed. She then slowly pulled her dress open and off of her
dropping it into a heap at her feet.

My mouth dropped open as she revealed herself to me completely.

She hadn’t been wearing anything under her dress and she now stood completely exposed to me with only the sandals on.

I stood frozen as i slowly let my eyes roam up and down her body drinking in the sight of her. It had been several weeks
since our last session and i found the look of her naked body intoxicating.

I was also very stimulated by the fact that she had gone out of the house and she even had a pleasant conversation with my
mother while wearing nothing under her dress.
Something about that seemed very nasty and i liked it.
She didn’t move to kiss me and she instead began to
immediately start removing my clothes. She unbuttoned my
shirt and tossed it to the floor before removing my sandals.

She then dropped to her knees before me and started undoing
my shorts. She soon had my shorts sliding down my legs and
tossed them into a pile next to us. I had been so excited the
whole day already and that combined with the vision of her
naked body before me had my d--k completely erect. It now
stood straight out in front of me pointing directly at Chika.

Still on her knees she paused for a moment and watched my
d--k. She m0aned a deep lusty sound and then moved her head
forward and engulfed my d--k in her mouth. I groaned in
surprise at how aggressive Chika was being, clearly she had been
waiting for this as much as I had, and I loved the feel of her lips
and tongue as she s----d on my d--k.

The b-----b lasted only a brief time before Chika released me
and stood up saying, “I want to f--k you.”.

She led me over the bed and guided me so i was laying on my
back. She s-------d me and slowly lowered herself onto my
waiting d--k. We each m0aned as i entered her

She sat over me and f----d me masterfully. She drove her own
p---y up and down and back and forth over my d--k until we
were both going wild with desire.
I had been alternating between keeping my hands on her hips, I
loved the way her hips felt as she wriggled over me, and I
fondled her b-----s. However, she now took my hands in hers
and she used her weight to pin my hands to the bed on either
side of my head. With my hands restrained she then started
driving herself up and down on my d--k rapidly.

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