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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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The feeling of being “controlled” by Chika by having her pin me down and f--k me drove me wild. I watched her boobs as they bounced and danced just inches from my face. After only a couple of minutes I said,

“I’m cumming,”
and started filling Chika with my white, sticky c-m.

Chika continued f-----g me and, just as I finished cumming, she
gritted her teeth and m0aned as she started
to c-m.

She held me down as she finished cumming
and for several minutes afterwards.

We kissed and she lay on top of me as we each
regained our breath.

She eventually rolled off of me and we
cuddled together side by side. A few minutes
later she looked at the clock and said,

“I’ve got to go and you’ve got to study.”

As I watched in some
confusion Chika got up out of bed and put the dress back on with nothing underneath. Sensing my confusion she explained.

“My husband’s flight leaves tonight and I am going to pick him
up at his office and drive him to the airport. I’ll be gone for a
few hours, but I’ve got some homework for you while I am

I got out of bed and put my clothes back on with my mind racing about what sort of kinky homework Chika had in store
for me.

She led me out to the large dining room table where there were a few books and papers. She began explaining that she had some information on the examination that i would be
taking next month and that she wanted me to read.

She also had some practice questions I was to work on while she was out. I was visibly disappointed at the actual homework,
but Chika just laughed and explained that if the cover story was to work I had better at least do some real work.

Besides, she explained, I might actually have a chance to get the admission if
I worked at it. She gave me a quick kiss, told me to grab whatever I could find for dinner, and she then left.

I stood in the living room for a few moments after she left and looked around.

I thought about going to the sofa and finding
something good on TV, but then decided that I had better take a look at the work Chika had prepared for me. I initially gathered
up the materials, got myself a drink, and went out to the table next to the pool.

I tried to study outside, but the day was
extremely hot and I soon started sweating from just being outside in the heat.

I moved back inside and really started reading through the books and papers. For the next several hours I only paused to
refill my drink.

Otherwise I read up and completely lost track of time.

Eventually I heard a car door shut and the garage door closing.

Chika dropped her purse on the table by the door and came over to me. “How’s it going?” she asked. I told her what I had
been able to get done and she sat down and went over some of my questions with me.

We talked about the test for a while
longer until I had all of my questions answered.
A silence filled the room before Chika’s tone changed from that
of teacher to that of lover and she said, “You really worked hard
while I was out. I think you deserve to take a break.”
With that
she leaned into me and our parted lips met in a slow, s£[email protected]
kiss. Chika parted the kiss long enough for her to straddle my lap and
sit on my lap facing me before resuming our kiss. Chika’s hands
rubbed the back of my head and neck while I wrapped my arms
around her and massaged her back through the thin fabric of
her dress. Our tongues danced softly together except when one
of us would tease the other’s lips or ears with our lips and
tongue before returning to our kiss. I could have continued the
embrace for longer, but after several minutes Chika parted our
kiss and stood up off my lap.

“I could use a swim,”
she said as she took my hand and led me
out by the pool. The sun had set but the air was still heavy and
hot as we stepped outside. The clear night meant that many
stars were visible in the night sky. We stood for a few seconds
and we both admired the night sky before we turned to each
other and resumed our kiss.
Our hands roamed freely across each other’s backs now as our
tongues continued their slow, sexy dance.
Chika began pulling my shirt up from my waist and soon had it
tossed into a ball on one of the chairs. I quickly started to undo
my shorts as Chika began unbuttoning her dress. I pulled off my
shorts and tossed them on top of my shirt. I stood naked before
Chika and watched as she undid the top four buttons on her
dress. She then pushed the dress off each shoulder and the
dress gently fell to the ground. She stepped out of it and then
kicked off the high heeled sandals.

I moved forward to embrace my naked lover but she
whispered, “You’ve got to catch me first,” and she then dove
into the pool. I dove in after her and began chasing her around
the pool. As we leaped in the water Chika laughed and splashed
me with water as she always managed to stay just one step
ahead of me and out of my reach.
I didn’t mind being teased as I was able to catch wonderful
glimpses of her wet b-----s or a-s as she dove and swam in the
water and, although I never caught her, our bodies often
rubbed together so I could experience the e----c way her soft
skin felt under the water. Besides, I knew that once I did catch
her that the end result would be well worth the chase. This was
another side of Chika that I loved to see. As she escaped me, she
laughed and splashed like a girl of my own age. Again, I wasn’t sure what my vision of her home life was like
before, but he never expected she would have ever splashed
naked in her pool laughing and giggling like a school girl.

Eventually we both tired of the chase and Chika finally allowed
herself to be caught by me. I was able to catch her from behind
and we now stood on the bottom of the pool, me behind her,
with my arms wrapped around her. I held her tight and enjoyed
the feeling of our wet bodies rubbing against one another.

My d--k had become nearly fully erect during our kissing and
had softened during our play in the pool. Now, with it pressed
up against her bouncy a-s, it quickly started to harden yet again.

she m0aned,
“Looks like you’ve caught me.”

My hands began to caress her b-----s under the water.

They felt so smooth and soft surrounded by the pool water.

I sq££ze them in my hands and felt how some of their weight was
supported by the water. I continued to softly fondle her b-----s
as i began kissing her shoulders and the back of her neck. Chika
m0aned softly and it was clear that she enjoyed my touch.

I continued my teasing of her with my lips and tongue on her and also I started to softly kissing and lick her ears.

All the while my hands continued massaging and teasing her b-----s.

Unable to take more teasing, Chika turned toward me and pushed me
back against the wall of the pool. I held the wall of the pool as Chika lifted my legs so I was floating on my back in the water.

Chika parted my legs and slipped herself in between them.

She moved forward until her face was at my crotch. She slipped my legs up over her shoulders and lowered her head to my
d--k. She softly s----d my d--k into her mouth and teased it with her tongue. I easily balanced with my hands on the wall
and my legs on her shoulders as the water supported much of
my weight and made it feel like I was floating as Chika continued
sU-Cking me.

She looked up at me and then brought her head back away
from my d--k before sticking out her tongue and licking the
head of my d--k over and over in a style that was driving me
crazy. I m0aned in pure lust at the sight of her teasing me so promiscuously and I m0aned, “sU-Ck me.”.

She smiled and gave my d--k a few more licks before once again
lowering her head and engulfing my d--k in her mouth. She
brought a hand up out of the water and wrapped it around the
base of my d--k as her head began bobbing up and down on my
d--k. She continued sU-Cking me for as long as i could stand. I
began groaning softly as I felt my c-m getting ready to explode
into her mouth.

Reading me perfectly, Chika started pumping her hand up and down on my d--k as she continued bobbing her mouth up and
down on the tip of my d--k. Her hand slid easily along me as my
d--k was completely covered with her saliva.

The extra s£nsat!on of her hand gliding back and forth in her own saliva on me as
her mouth continued to tease me was more than I could take.

With a loud grunt I started cumming, Chika continued pumping
with her hand as she took my c-m into her mouth as she had
done when she first s----d me in her car. After a few spurts she
released my d--k from her mouth and continued pumping her
hand up and down as I shot the last of my c-m onto my own
stomach and her hand. I looked up at Chika and saw she had
some of my c-m on her lips as she smiled lustfully at me.

She parted her mouth and licked her lips suggestively sweeping
the last of the c-m into her mouth with her tongue. I was
completely turned on by the thought that she had just
swallowed my c-m. I had only seen that once in all the porno
movies I downloaded and I had watched the scene over and
over as I jerked myself off again and again. Now, here in the
pool, I couldn’t believe I had just watched Chika swallow my
c-m without a moment’s hesitation.
Chika turned her shoulders slightly and let my legs slip off. As I
stood on the pool floor Chika stepped to me and kissed me
deeply. She pushed her tongue deep inside my mouth and
wanted me to be able to taste myself in her mouth. I returned
the kiss eagerly and was extremely turned on by being able to
taste the remnants of my own c-m. I continued kissing until i
spun her around in the water so Chika now had her back to the
wall of the pool. I lifted Chika out of the water and placed her sitting on the edge
of the pool with her feets dangling in the water. I took a second
to admire Chika’s body as the moon glinted off the beads of
water that rolled down her b-----s. She was truly a beautiful
woman at any age.

My hands moved to her knees and with a gentle push, I parted
her legs. At the depth of water where i stood, my face was at the
same height as her waiting p---y and i wasted little time moving
to her. Chika scooted herself to the very edge to allow me better access as I snaked my arms under her thighs and rested my
hands on her hips. I brought my mouth right to her p---y and began licking in slow up and down motions starting above her
c--t and going as low as i could reach. Chika was very wet already so my tongue easily slipped along the folds of her p---y
as she let out a low m0an of passion. I continued just letting my
tongue slowly roam around and around her p---y for several minutes. I was in no hurry because I loved her taste and smell.
I decided to tease her a little more and moved away from her p---y as I started kissing and softly licking the insides of her
thighs. The wet skin slipped smoothly under my mouth. Chika though wasn’t ready for more teasing as she reached down,
took my head in her hands, and guided my mouth back to her
p---y. This boosted my confidence as she was clearly enjoying
my attentions, so I decided to try and tease her c--t. I moved my
tongue around where I supposed her c--t was.
Chika knew right away what I wanted and let me search somewhat awkwardly on my own before she again used her
hands to guide my mouth to the right spot. I gladly let her hands guide me into position and I felt Chika’s body stiffen slightly as i started teasing her c--t with the tip of my
tongue. I continued sU-Cking at her c--t and teasing it with my
tongue. Chika was now m0an!ng softly and was quickly approaching her o----m despite the fact that my touch was
inept and i was still a little unsure of exactly how to please her.

In spite of that Chika loved my energy and just the raw animal
way with which I licked and s----d at her.

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