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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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Knowing she couldn’t take much more she
again guided my head saying,

“F--k me with your tongue.”

I eagerly buried my tongue inside her p---y
and felt the warmth and silky smoothness of
her p---y walls as my tongue moved inside
her. I began f-----g her with my tongue. She
kept her hands on my head and helped me
pump my head back and forth as I orally
f----d her. Her breathing became short as I
continued f-----g her and I wanted to feel her
c-m on my tongue and face.

She released my head and leaned back on her hands to support
some of her weight as she came closer and closer to the edge.

Deciding to try to surprise her, I shoved my tongue as deeply
into her p---y as I could, but instead of pulling back out and
continuing my f--k; I held it there and began swirling my
tongue in circular motions deep inside her.
Chika responded immediately and started cumming a few
seconds later. Her body first tensed as the first waves of her
o----m gripped her and then it relaxed as her p---y twitched
and danced all around my tongue and she let her o----m pass
over her. It seemed to me like she would never stop cumming,
but eventually her breathing returned to normal and she sat
back up slightly. I continued to softly explore her p---y lips and folds until she
slid herself off the edge of the pool and into the water next to
me. We kissed again and this time it was Chika who could taste
herself in her my mouth.

We spent quite a while like that together in the pool. We slowly

moved about the pool fondling and kissing each other both
happy and contented after cumming. We talked softly about
nothing in particular and generally enjoyed being naked

After a while longer Chika finally suggested we go inside and get
something to drink. Both the hot night and our efforts had left
me very thirsty so I quickly agreed. We climbed out and quickly
towelled off before I headed to the sofa and Chika to the kitchen
to prepare some cool drinks. She returned shortly with two big
glasses full of ice and apple juice. She sat close to me and we sat
cuddling each other and making small talk.
At one point the conversation moved to how hot it still was
outside despite the late hour.

“This ice sure feels good,”
Chika pondered as she held the cool
glass up to her forehead. I watched closely as she moved the
glass down her cheek and to her chest. She moved the glass
over her skin and I hoped she would next move to her b----t
but she stopped and looked at me.

She set her glass down on a table next to the sofa but not before
reaching in and pulling out a single cube. She held the cube in
her hand before moving it to my chest and rubbing it against
my skin. I jumped at the initial touch of the cube and its
coldness, but soon I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of the cold ice
and Chika smooth fingers gliding across my chest and stomach.

When the first cube had melted, Chika took another and continued teasing my face and arms with it. She took one more
cube and let that one melt as she rubbed it on my hips and
thighs. I just sat back and enjoyed her touch and could feel
some life returning to my d--k.

After the third cube melted Chika took another from her glass
but instead of returning to me, she leaned herself back on the
sofa and began to rub the cube against her own flesh. She
started at her shoulders and continued rubbing across her chest
and stomach. I watched in fascination as her skin grew wetter
and wetter from the melted ice. She took another cube from
her glass and returned to her stomach, but I couldn’t stand it
any longer. I reached out my hand and took the cube from her.

I watched as he then moved the cube to the tops of her b-----s
and began slowly rubbing the cube around and around on her
beautiful, soft boobs. Chika smiled and sighed as she watched
me slide the cube over her. Her n-----s had hardened and I
immediately took notice.

I slipped the cube in descending circles around and around her
b-----s until I was just moving the cube around the perimeter
of her n----e. I then slipped the cube onto her n----e and began
moving it around and around the hardening points. Her n-----s
quickly stiffened to rock hard points as I teased first one and
then the other with the ice. She m0aned in pleasure as the cold ice continued to further
excite her until it finally melted. I took a cube out of my own
glass and continued teasing Chika’s body with it moving first to
her legs and inner thighs before slipping it along the folds of her
p---y and then back up to her stiff n-----s. As that cube melted
we were done teasing each other and were ready for more. We
kissed on the sofa before standing up and moving together to
the master bedroom.

Inside the bedroom we stood next to the bed and kissed as our
hands roamed over each other’s bodies. The teasing with the ice
had left Chika’s n-----s completely erect and I loved the feel of
them pressing into my chest. Watching the effect the ice had on
her had brought my d--k to a full erection that Chika now
caressed in her hand.

Chika broke the kiss and moved onto the bed. She lay on her
back and spread her legs inviting me to climb on top of her in
the missionary position. My d--k easily slipped into her as her
fingers help guide me. For a moment I thought she would
maintain her hold on me as we f----d, but she moved her hand
and brought them to rest on my lower back. I started f-----g
her as we looked into each other’s eyes. It was dark in the room
but enough of the moonlight came through the window that I
could see the outline of her b-----s as they moved back and
forth in rhythm with my thrusts.

Unable to resist them I lowered my head and s----d a n----e
into my mouth. They were still rock hard and I ran my tongue
around and around the hard points. Chika began groaning as I
continued teasing her n-----s as we f----d. I opened my mouth
a bit and took her entire n----e into my mouth before sU-Cking.

Chika reacted immediately and instructed, “Harder.”

I s----d harder on her n-----s and in my own growing
excitement began f-----g her harder and faster. Chika m0aned
over and over until she cried out and I felt her begin to c-m.
That was all I could take as I had already been working hard to
control my own c-m.

As her p---y spasmed around me, I released her n----e and
lowered my head so it was directly next to hers. I started
cumming into her and felt her p---y walls constrict around me
as she “milked” me as I came. We remained still for several minutes after our mutual o----m.

I loved the feeling of closeness to her and enjoyed having my
whole body pressed against hers as I came. Chika’s hand
absentmindedly ran across my back, as she too loved this
intimate contact with me. Before either of us could say or do
anything else we both fell asleep.

I felt Chika running her fingers over my chest and stomach. I
woke up with a big smile for Chika. I tried to touch her b----t
but she stopped me and said, “There will be plenty of time for that later. For now, I want to eat.” She then crawled out of bed
and grabbed a shirt off a chair in the corner of the room. It looked to me like one of her husband’s shirts as it was quite
large on her. Chika buttoned a few of the buttons in front and
then pulled a pair of pyjamas trouser from a drawer and tossed
them to me. “These should fit you,” she said.

I put on the pyjama trouser and followed Chika into the kitchen.

We both prepared and ate a large breakfast. The efforts of the
previous night had developed a large hunger in us both. After
breakfast we sat talking and reading for a while until Chika said,

“Umm, I don’t know about you, but I could use a nice long bath.”
We helped each other up and returned to the large
master bathroom. Chika started the water running in the tub
and poured some bubble body wash into the water. She fetched a couple of towels and la!d them next to the tub as
it slowly filled with the very warm water and the soapy bubbles.

The tub was an oversized one that would easily fit two and
perhaps even three people.

As the water continued to fill the tub Chika unbuttoned her shirt
and stepped into the water. I removed my trouser and followed
her into the warm water. We both sank low in the water and
enjoyed the warming s£nsat!on on our bodies. Chika slipped
lower and dipped her head in the water before returning to her
position with the water at her neck level. I remembered her
advice from our previous shower together and I slid over next
to her as I picked up a bottle of shampoo.
I slowly built the lather up in her hair and took my time
massaging her scalp. I then used a small cup that was sitting
next to the tub to rinse the soap out of her hair.
Enjoying the s£nsat!on of cleaning and massaging her I then
picked up a bar of soap and worked a healthy lather up in my
hands. I started rubbing my soapy hands over her shoulders
and neck before washing her arms. I already had a hard on and
I hadn’t even touched her b-----s or p---y yet.
The feel of her soapy skin under my fingers was driving me wild
and I loved watching the white lather smear across her skin. She
sat up straight in the tub and leaned forward so I could
continue washing her back.

When I finished her back I slid closer to her and picked up the bar of soap as I wrapped my arms around her.

He began rubbing the soap across her stomach and then moved up to her
chest after I built up a large lather over her stomach. I waited as
long as I could stand before sliding my wet and soapy hands over her b-----s and massaging the soap into her. I took my
time and worked the lather all over both b-----s until they both
were covered in a creamy white layer of lather.
Chika leaned back into me and m0aned in satisfaction as my
hands moved over her b-----s. As she leaned back into me, my
d--k was now pressed up against her back and the gentle
friction from her wet skin on my erection was driving him wild
with desire. Soon I couldn’t wait any longer and I let my hands slip off of
Chika’s b-----s and slide down her stomach beneath the water
until they reached her p---y. Chika moved her legs apart as
wide as she could and I immediately started massaging her

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