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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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“Jerk off for me,”
she instructed. I grabbed my d--k and
began stroking it slowly up and down.

Chika watched me
for a short while before she walked over to me and pulled
me to my feet.

“Lay down,”
she whispered to me. I did as instructed and
she pulled a chair near me. I watched as she pulled the
chair up over my legs. She placed the chair so my legs were
trapped beneath it and so its seat was just above my
Chika sat in the chair and placed a foot on either of my
thighs. She kicked off her sandals and then used her toes
and feet to massage my thighs and stomach and to
occasionally tease my d--k. She moved her feet together so my hard d--k was being held
between her soles, just as the busty had h done in the movie.

She started to slowly move her feet up and down and started
jerking me off with her feet.

I had been watching her feet as she teased me and was surprised
how turned on she had made me only using her feet. As I
watched her feet stroking my d--k, I admired how sexy the act
felt and looked. Her toenails were painted a bright pink and I
groaned as my mind pictured how they would look covered
with my c-m.

Chika continued stroking me with her feet, gently adjusting her
rhythm and pressure for maximum effect. “C-m for me baby,”
she whispered but I was on the verge of losing control and
didn’t need any encouragement. I held out as long as I could
before I started cumming.

I grunted once and my c-m started shooting onto her feet and

my own stomach. Chika’s feet stroked me as I spent my load
and started to become soft again. “Mmmm,” she hummed,
“looks like we’ve made a mess, better clean it up.”

To my surprise she stood up and s-------d my chest. She raised
a foot to my face and said, “Clean up your mess or there will be
no more for you.”
I looked down at her raised foot and saw my
c-m had hit her ankle and that more had dribbled onto her
toes. I timidly moved my head to her ankle and licked off the
small line that had landed there.

There was only a mild taste as I swallowed my own c-m from
her foot. I moved my head over to her toes and hungrily s----d
her big toe into my mouth. I s----d each toe separately and
scooped my c-m off them with my tongue. I was getting more
used to my own taste now and I was beginning to think I might
even like the taste when she pulled her foot away and said, “Very
good, but it looks like there is still more mess to clean up.”

She lowered herself to her knees beside me and she started to
lustfully lick my c-m off my stomach as she kept eye contact
with me. She slowly scooped up each jet of my c-m with her
tongue and swallowed it making sure that I could see it all.

When she had licked up the last large jet of my white c-m she held it in
her mouth and crawled up to my mouth and kissed me deeply.

As her tongue entered and explored my mouth, I could feel and taste my c-m on her tongue. We swapped it back and forth with
our tongues until we parted the kiss and each swallowed what remained in our mouth.

She lay on the floor next to me for a few minutes as I replayed
the scene in my mind. I had never imagined that someone’s feet
could be so e----c or that I would actually enjoy the taste of my
own c-m.

She eventually stood up off the floor and helped me to my feet.

Before I could start getting dressed, she began to scold me for poke nosing.

She said that I could consider myself lucky that she didn’t end our tutoring right on the spot but that any further invasions of her own privacy would surely be the end.

I apologized over and over and thought for a few minutes that I had fatally screwed up the best thing that had ever happened to
me. Chika let me feel shame a while longer before telling me that she was serious about it not happening again, but that she was
willing to forgive and forget my mistake this time.

Chika then said that she could use a swim to relax, so we went
out to the pool area. I was still naked as I had never bothered to
pick up my clothes from her son’s room. Chika began stripping
once we got outside and soon dove into the pool naked.

I jumped in after her and we relaxed and chatted as we floated in the cool water.

We stayed in the water for a long time before I
asked, “So what should we do tonight?”

“I don’t want to risk being seen together outside the house,”

Chika said, “I’ve got too much to lose if our ‘arrangement’ gets
discovered. I haven’t had time to plan a trip out for us, so I think
we need to stay here. Besides, I’m not in any mood to stray too
far from the bed.”

I swam over to her and moved myself behind her before starting to rub her shoulders and neck. She sighed as I massaged
her and I said I could keep that up all night. I agreed and continued my massage, enjoying the effect my touch was having
on her.

After several minutes she said, “If you keep doing that we’re
going to end up straight back in the bedroom and won’t be coming out until tomorrow.”
She turned to face me, “That is the
plan I ultimately have for you, but first I need to eat something.”

The suggestion of food reminded me how hungry I was. Chika
suggested she leave to get some food, so her neighbours would
see her leave coming and going from the house as usual. She
took a quick shower, dressed, and left saying she would be back

When she left I took a shower of my own. I stood under the
water and thought about how close I had come to magnificently
f-----g up my arrangement with Chika. Still, it was very hot to
see her feet wrapped around my d--k and then covered in my
c-m, and she didn’t seem to be all that upset when she licked
the c-m off me. I finished my shower and towelled myself off. I
thought for a moment about what to wear but ended up just
grabbing the pyjama that Chika had given me that morning and
slipping them on.

I expected to find her back when I got done showering, but was
disappointed to find that she was still out. I grabbed the remote
and sat back on the chair and started flipping channels on the
TV. Just then I heard Chika pull back into the garage and she
soon walked in with a bag of ‘take away’. When she saw me on
the chair, she joked, “You’re truly a man. I’ll bet you didn’t move off that chair the whole time I was gone.” She didn’t wait for an answer and went into the kitchen.

She prepared the food and I turned back to the television.

She set the food on the table and then said she would be right back.

She disappeared to the room and then reappeared a few minutes later dressed in the same oversized shirt that she had
worn this morning. I smiled lustfully at her as she glided down the hall and moved to the dining room table.

We ate and sat together on the chair.

Chika turned on some soft music. We sat together kissing and caressing each other as the night wore on.

Chika looked at the clock and suggested we eat
some popcorn and trade massages while watching movies on TV.

I agreed and Chika told me I could pick the first movie.

I looked at the DVD rack and found a movie that sounded good to both of us.

I played the DVD and she returned with the popcorn.

We took turns rubbing each other’s arms, necks, and shoulders
as the movie played.

The movie ended as we sat on either end of the big chair with our feet extended into the other person’s lap.

We were giving each other simultaneous foot massages as the credits rolled. Chika then said, “Since you picked that one, how about I get to pick the next thing we watch?” I agreed and she moved over to the DVD rack. I watched her open the cabinet with their movies
and reach deep into the cabinet before pulling out a couple of discs. She looked at them briefly and then returned all but one.

She slid the disc into the DVD player before picking up the remote and returning to the chair. “What did you pick?” I asked.

“You’ll have to wait and see,”
she shyly replied.

She hit the play button on the remote and I watched intently wondering what all the mystery was about.

After some static, the
picture flicked on and I recognized the picture on the screen as Chika’s bedroom. I inhaled sharply in surprise as Chika watched
me to gauge my reaction.

“I think you’ll find this an especially interesting choice,” she said
as she slid over next to me and cuddled in close. Her voice could be heard on the screen asking if everything was ready. A man’s
voice replied, “All set.” The camera swung toward the bathroom
door and although the video was dimly lit, I could clearly recognize Chika entering the bedroom on the video. She was
dressed in a man’s white dress with black high heels.

As she entered the room music began to play and she began

As the video continued Chika slowly danced out of the dress shirt revealing the black bra, black [email protected] that he had seen in
her drawer earlier that day. She continued the striptease and
removed her bra and [email protected] but shoes on. As she danced she
fondled her b-----s and did many amazing twerking moves with
her a-s.

A man’s voice would often comment things like, “That’s it, baby.
Yeah, you know what makes me hot.”

The camera followed her over to the bedside table. She picked up a bottle of what looked like baby oil and started pouring it
onto her b-----s. She poured a large amount onto herself, set down the bottle, and began to massage the oil into her b-----s.

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