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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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I m0aned at the sight of Chika rubbing her
own oily b-----s and had to shift positions to
free my hard d--k. Chika quickly kissed me
and then motioned that I should continue

On the video Chika had moved to the edge of
the bed. She sat on the edge of the bed facing
the camera and slowly spread her legs. She
continued rubbing her oily b-----s before
leaning back onto the bed and moving her
hands to her p---y.

The camera zoomed in and the screen was filled with her fingers
expertly teasing her c--t and sliding in and out of her obviously
wet p---y. As the camera zoomed back out her fingers were
covered with her own juices. Chika sat back up and raised one of her legs placing the foot on
the bed next to her. She now had one foot on the floor and one
foot on the bed and her p---y was spread wide. She moved a
hand over and picked something up off the bed next to her.

A soft buzzing noise indicated that she had picked up a d---o
and she started to work the rod into her c--t. She looked straight
into the camera as she continued to rub the d---o slowly up and
down her slit.

She buried it as deep as it would go in her p---y and said, “This is what I do when you’re not around, Emeka. I think about your
big c--k filling my wet p---y and tease my c--t with this d---o.

I think about how you feel inside me, stroking in and out. When I
get close to cumming I imagine you pulling your hard d--k out
of me and shooting your c-m all over my face and b-----s.

Think about me lying on my back with you standing over me,
my face and b-----s covered in your thick, salty c-m and my
p---y dripping wet from having your hard d--k shoved deep
inside me. Think about that and c-m for me. C-m all over your
hand. Ahhh, c-m for me.”

As she spoke the final words she began her own o----m from
the work the d---o was doing. She m0aned and twisted her hips
as she came in the video. When she finished cumming she
pulled the d---o out of her p---y and slipped it seductively into
her mouth. She gave it a b-----b and whispered, “I hope you
came hard, Emeka. I hope you came all over yourself for me.”

The screen went back to static and Chika picked up the remote and pushed pause. “So, was that as entertaining as the movies
you found this afternoon?”
she asked playfully. I sat with my mouth hanging open in near shock from what I had seen. In all the p--n I had ever watched I had never seen anything so hot and lewd as that. It was so real. I had a raging hard on and
my heart was thumping hard.

was all I could muster in reply.

“I knew I really should have punished you for being so annoyingly nosy this afternoon, but frankly watching you watch
the tape really turned me on so I decided forgive you this time.

However, I think you’ll find that sometimes homemade sextapes
are much better than downloaded ones or movies.”

“Why… when,”
I stammered to try and learn more about the

“Emeka goes on long business trips sometimes, so we started
making tapes for each other so we wouldn’t get too lonely
without the other. Sometimes we just tape ourselves for fun.”

I nodded but said nothing. I couldn’t believe the teacher I had
been lusting after all these years and I had always thought of as
so proper and dignified could be such a s--t when she wanted
to be. Chika leaned over and planted a hard kiss on me and
roughly explored my mouth with her tongue.

“If you’re lucky maybe I’ll make a sextape for you someday,”

she whispered. My eyes widened at the thought of having such a

“Want to see more?”
she asked as she hit the play button again
without waiting for his response.

Chika placed a hand on my knee and she started to caress my
thigh as we continued to watch.

The static continued for a little
while and the picture finally resumed.

It was again in the
bedroom and I could see Chika struggling with the camera in the reflection from the mirror.

She was wearing the same black shoes.

She had the white shirt
on but none of the buttons were done so her b-----s swayed freely.

she said on the DVD,

“I’ve got it all ready.”
The camera moved over to the chair the corner of the bedroom and where a man sat naked.

“Is that your husband?” I asked even though I knew the answer.

“Yes,” Chika replied as she knelt on the floor before me, “keep

Emeka, Chika’s husband, began to stroke his d--k in the video.

He had started semi-erect, no doubt from Chika’s earlier
performance, but soon had stroked himself until he was fully
erect. I couldn’t tell but his d--k looked about the same size as
my own. Other than on p--n I had never seen a guy’s d--k, and I wasn’t
used to seeing a guy jerk off without a woman helping. Emeka started talking about how much he wanted to drive his d--k into
Chika’s p---y and feel her juices drip down onto his balls.

He talked about f-----g her b-----s and feeling her sU-Ck his d--k with her mouth. He stroked himself harder and faster as he

As I watched the TV, Chika slid the pyjama trousers I wore over
my d--k and off me entirely. She stroked my chest and enjoyed
my reaction to the video as I sat naked on the chair before her.

Each time I looked at her she told him to keep watching the TV.

Emeka continued talking about everything he wanted to do to
Chika. He paused for a moment and then said, “And just when I
am about to c-m I want you to roll over on your stomach and
stick your a-s in the air like the s--t you are. I will move behind
you and shove my d--k into your a-----e. Yeah, baby.

Can you feel me f-----g your a-----e?”

My d--k visibly twitched with excitement and Chika started to
undo the buttons on her shirt. After she slipped the shirt off, she
s-------d my lap and lowered herself onto my d--k. I looked at
Chika as I entered her wet p---y but she pushed my head to the
side and told me to keep watching.
Emeka was obviously close to cumming and was grunting as he
quickly stroked himself. As I watched Emeka bring himself
closer and closer to cumming Chika slowly f----d me.

I had wrapped my hands around Chika and I was feeling her fat
a-s as she slid up and down on me.

“Oh baby, I’m getting ready to c-m for you. I want to c-m all over you baby. Oh God!”
Emeka grunted out these last lines on
the screen just before his d--k erupted with a massive jet of
c-m that flew through the air before landing on his shoulder.

He continued stroking as he shot jet after jet of heavy, white
c-m all over himself.

Watching Emeka c-m on the screen was more than I could take
and I started cumming inside Chika as she slowly f----d me.

Emeka started massaging his own c-m into his skin on the
screen before the image returned to static. As I watched the last of the tape Chika continued riding me until
I became soft again and slipped out of her. She moved onto the
chair next to me and la!d down with her head propped up on
one of the arms at the end of the chair.

She motioned me to come to her with her index finger. I leaned
over her p---y and started to lower my head but she grabbed
me and stopped me.

“Did you like watching Emeka c-m?”
She asked in a very wicked whisper. “Emeka cums like that for me all the time. He cums on
my face, on my b-----s, and inside my p---y. I want you to clean up my p---y. Eat my p---y like you would if you had just
watched Emeka f--k me. Eat Emeka’s c-m from inside me.”
pushed my face to her p---y and I immediately shoved my tongue deep inside her..

Chika continued talking dirty about me licking up Emeka’s c-m
as I devoured her p---y and my c-m. I uncontrollably licked at
her c--t and f----d her with my tongue.

During our last weekend together, I had hesitated at the idea of eating her p---y
after I came inside her, but now I couldn’t think of anything else
I wanted to do.

Watching the tape had made me so h---y that I would have done anything she had asked.
Again and again I shoved my
tongue deeply inside her. My face was covered with our juices
as I wildly f----d her with my tongue. She soon started grinding
her hips and cumming as she ground her p---y all over my face
and tongue.

We remained together on the chair holding each other for a
long time after she came. I was surprised at how the video of
Emeka masturbating had affected me. Prior to tonight I would
have been completely turned off by watching another guy, but
being with Chika tonight made watching the video seem very
e----c and kinky.

Chika moved her hand to my lap and started to gently fondle
my d--k. She played with me for several minutes before I said,

“That was pretty intense. After that and everything else this weekend I’m not sure it’ll be ready for a while.”. “I think you’ll find that, in the right hands, you’re capable of
more than you think,”
she answered. She leaned over and kissed
me softly. She teased me by tracing her tongue around my lips
softly. She moved to my ears and neck and repeated a similar
tease with her tongue softly moving along my flesh. I could only
sit back and enjoy the s£nsat!ons this much older woman was
giving me.

As she used her tongue to tease my face and neck she continued
to fondle my d--k and balls with her talented fingers. Despite
her efforts my d--k remained soft between her fingers.

She stood up and told me she would be right back before
disappearing into the kitchen. I heard her opening some
cabinets before she returned with a plastic bottle. She stopped
directly in front of me and lowered herself to her knees before

She pushed my knees apart, spreading my legs. She unscrewed
the cap from the bottle she had and poured some of the liquid
onto her hand. As she sat the bottle down I saw that she had
brought a small bottle of groundnut oil back from the kitchen.
With her hands she began to massage the oil into her b-----s.

They were soon glistening from the thin coat of oil that she rubbed into each b----t. She worked slowly, concentrating on
one b----t at a time. I moved a hand to my d--k and played with
myself as I watched her.

I could feel some life coming back as Chika continued to massage her oily b-----s.

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