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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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Chika stopped and picked up the bottle of oil
again. She poured a larger amount of the
golden liquid onto her palm and set the bottle
back down. This time she moved her hands to
my d--k and started massaging the oil into

Soon my d--k, balls, upper thighs, and stomach were all covered
in the oil. Chika’s hands glided across my oily flesh and the s£nsat!on of her touch modified by the oil was unlike anything I
had felt before. She first spent time massaging my balls and the
area around the base of my c--k. When I had started m0an!ng and thrusting my hips to try and move my d--k under her touch
she knew I was ready.

She grasped my d--k and started stroking it up and down.

She started by holding me with both hands, my d--k between her
slippery palms. She increased her tempo as she stroked until she found one that I responded to by closing my eyes and
rolling my head back. She removed one hand and gripped my s---t tightly with her other hand. She resumed pumping me at a
fast tempo. Some strokes she stopped below the tip of my now growing s---t and other strokes she let her hand slide up and over the

She expertly massaged my d--k with her experienced hands
until I was once again fully erect. She continued the oily hand
job until she was certain that my d--k was ready. While still holding me in her slick hand she stood up and helped me to my
feet. She led me down the lobby while never releasing my d--k.

She led me into the bedroom and had me lay flat on my back.

She crawled into bed after me, but rather than straddling me for another f--k as I expected, Chika turned around and lifted
one leg over my head. She settled into the 69 position on top of me and I found her p---y waiting for me directly over my

I started sU-Cking and licking her p---y as I felt her hands and mouth stroking and sU-Cking my d--k.

I raised my arms and started massaging her a-s as he licked her p---y. I started to massage her a-s cheeks and soon moved my
fingers closer toward her a-----e.

Her position naturally parted her a-s so my fingers had no problems slipping between her cheeks and finding her a-----e. I
ran my fingers across her puckered hole and massaged her hole with my index finger.

I felt Chika release my d--k and I felt her
hand on top of mine at her a-----e.
Her hand was still completely coated in oil as she rubbed her own fingers over her a-s leaving a slippery coating. She also
rubbed her hand over mine so my fingers were also coated with
the slippery substance.

She turned and returned to her sU-Cking and licking. I continued my stimulation of her p---y with my mouth as my finger
quickly repositioned itself at Chika’s a-----e. As I started to apply pressure Chika pressed back into me and I felt my finger
dip into her a-s.

I slowly worked my finger in and out until I could bury nearly my entire finger length into her a-s. Her a-s was very tight
around my finger as I started to slowly drive the finger in and out of her. We continued this position for a while until Chika moved off me
saying, “I want you to f--k me.” She repositioned herself on her hands and knees so her a-s and p---y were presented to me
making it clear she wanted me to f--k her d----e style. I quickly climbed into position behind her. I held my d--k in my hand
and started rubbing it up and down her p---y.

I moved up and positioned my d--k at her a-----e and started
to push but Chika stopped me saying only, “Not yet.”

I slipped my d--k down and shoved it into her p---y as far as I
could. I started f-----g her and found I again loved the s£nsat!ons this position gave my d--k and I enjoyed the feeling
of control this position gave me. I rode her thankful that our previous fu-Cks had drained me enough that I had good self-
control at this point. I looked down and watched my d--k
disappear inside her as I pushed forward.
My eyes were soon drawn to her a-----e which was now
completely exposed to my sight and touch. I watched it
contract as we f----d and soon I repositioned my finger at the
entrance. Chika m0aned loudly as my finger started f-----g her
a-s in time to my d--k f-----g her p---y. I could feel my finger
inside her a-s with my d--k and I could feel my d--k sliding
inside her wet p---y with the finger in her a-s.
I left my finger buried as deeply as I could in her a-s and
focused on f-----g her and the intense feelings I got from being
able to feel my finger with my d--k. Chika was m0an!ng louder
and instructed, “F--k me hard.”

Leaving my finger up her a-s I started f-----g her as hard as I
could. The sound of our skin slapping and the bed bouncing off
the wall filled the room.

Chika was grunting loudly and I fought hard to not c-m until
she did. I didn’t have to wait long as she shouted, “Yes!” and
started cumming.

Her a-----e constricted around my finger so tightly it surprised me and her p---y muscles again danced around my d--k.

As soon as she stopped cumming I pulled my finger out of her a-s and gripped her hips. I continued f-----g her as hard as I could and I increased the strength of the f--k by starting to push and pull her hips in the
opposite direction I was moving.

Chika m0aned in pleasure and between thrusts gasped, “F--k
me hard.”
I wildly f----d her like this until I felt my balls jump signalling I was going to c-m.

With one last surge I buried my full length into her and started to c-m. I didn’t shoot as much c-m as I earlier attempts but the
s£nsat!on for me was as strong as before. I held still deep within her as I came and for a few minutes after. In silence we stayed
like that as I watched some sweat drip from my forehead onto
her back.

My d--k eventually became soft and slipped out of her with a small slurping noise.

We immediately collapsed on the bed
together and fell asleep.

I was awakened gently by Chika’s hand rubbing my chest.

I opened my eyes and saw the early morning light on the window. I looked at the clock and saw it was 7:30AM.

“It’s about time for me to go pick up Emeka at the airport,”
whispered. She told me that I could shower if I wanted to and I gladly said yes. I asked her to join me but she declined saying
she needed to clean up the house quickly.
I showered and then helped to finish straightening the house as
she took a brief shower. We gathered my stuff and exchanged a
long kiss before getting in her car. She dropped me off a few
blocks from my house and I dreamily walked the rest of the way

My d--k felt completely spent between my legs as I rested that day, but it was the best feeling I could imagine.

And guess what happens next.

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