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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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A couple of weeks passed as I fell into the holiday routine of studying and hanging out with my friends. It was still
two weeks before Chika and I would be traveling to the university for the big admission examination and I had
begun to think that would probably be the next time I would be able to see her.

One Saturday afternoon as I sat around the house trying to figure out what I should do that night my phone rang. It was
Chika. We exchanged brief hellos and my heart and d--k jumped when she asked if I was available for another study

I excitedly replied, “did your husband go out of town again?”
she replied, “Emeka is in the shower right now. I told him
that we had wanted to do one more quick study session and he said that was fine by him. Did your parents go for their vacation
again this weekend?”

I happily answered as I started to see where Chika was

“Great. I’ll gather some things and be over there soon.”

I hung up the phone and quickly ran around the house straightening up a bit. It really didn’t need it but I was so excited
I needed something to do to keep myself busy until she arrived.

About 35 minutes passed before I heard a knock on the front doorbell. I rushed to open it and let Chika inside. There wasn’t
any need to worry about the neighbours seeing her as we had
the perfect excuse for our being together. As soon as the door closed behind her we kissed and let our lips part slowly as our

tongues began their own slow, s£[email protected] dance.

After the kiss, I showed her in and we moved to the living room.

She opened the poly bag she brought with her and pulled out a book and a small stack of papers. She set them on the table and
told me they were some things she wanted me to read before we left for the examination. That was the end of the talk of the
examination however as I poured us some drinks and we sat
and chatted for a few minutes.

“I was wondering if you would show me around your room,”

Chika said during a pause in our conversation.
I led her upstairs to my room. The room had a double bed with a small cupboard against the wall. There was a small TV and DVD
player on top of the cupboard. Along one other wall was a long,
low wardrobe with a large mirror on top. I showed Chika
around very quickly as it was a rather small room. “Not very
I said in conclusion.

“I don’t quite think you’ve shown me everything,”
Chika added
with a slightly playful tone to her voice. I looked at her in puzzlement before she added, “Show me your porno

I was so caught off guard that I first looked at her in shock and
then started to stammer but she interrupted me and continued,

“I already know you like p--n, and I also know that almost all 18
year old boys have a p--n collection somewhere. Show it to

I slowly moved to the long, low wardrobe, opened one of the
bottom drawers, and reached deep inside. On accident once I
had discovered the back of the drawer was loose and could
easily be pushed off. With the drawer inside the wardrobe I was
able to stash my small collection behind the drawer and nobody
would ever know unless they removed the drawer completely
and looked way in the back of it.

I pulled out five magazines. I usually only kept about five
magazines in the house and I would get rid of one when I get
tired of it or when I found something better. I dropped the item
on the bed. “Show them to me,” Chika said as she sat on the bed
next to the magazines.

I sat next to her and picked up the top magazine and started
flipping some pages. It was a standard magazine filled with
photos of models in lingerie. Chika sat next to me and looked at
the pictures as I flipped the pages. The next magazine was full of
pictures of two women posing like they were having s-x. Most
of the pictures were of one woman caressing the other’s b-----s
or of one woman just about to lick the other’s p---y with her
extended tongue. The third magazine was one that contained
stories sent in by readers along with pictures. “Read me a story,”
Chika instructed.

I started reading a story with my heart racing and my head
pounding. Showing off my private collection was making me
very nervous and I wasn’t sure where Chika was taking this. I
continued without really paying any attention to what I was
reading when Chika began to softly kiss the side of my neck. I
stopped reading but she told me to continue. I kept reading as
she continued kissing my neck and then moved to my ear and
the side of my face.

At her insistence I read two more stories with her continuing to
tease me with her lips and tongue.

“Does it turn you on to read about all that f-----g?”
she teasingly asked.

“Yes,” I softly replied as she took the magazine out of my hands,
put it on the pile with the others, and tossed them all onto the

“What about if I told you I wanted to feel your hard d--k deep
inside me?”
she said in a low sexy voice. “I want to feel you
sU-Cking my n-----s until they are hard and tight and then I want
you to sU-Ck on my p---y. I want you to tease my c--t and to f--k
me with your tongue until I am good and wet. Then I want to
bend over you and softly take your hard d--k into my mouth.”

As she talked she started undressing me. “I love the way your
d--k feels in my mouth. I want to f--k you with my mouth.

Ohhh, I would love to feel your hot c-m shoot into my mouth
so I could swallow it all, but I need to feel you inside my wet,
wet p---y. I lay back and tell you to f--k me as hard as you can.

You drive yourself inside me and I can feel you moving in and
out of me as you f--k me hard. I start to pinch and twist my
n-----s as I come closer and closer to cumming.”

Her voice then trailed off as she now had me completely naked,
lying on my back, with her sitting over me still fully dressed.

“You keep driving your hard d--k into me over and over and
over until I start cumming like I’ve never c-m before. Just as I
start to c-m I feel your hot c-m shooting deep into me. I love
the feel of your c-m. Your c-m fills me completely and you
keep driving your d--k into me over and over and over…”

Chika started kissing my chest and stomach and stopped her
story. I had never heard anything as nasty and hot as Chika
saying all of those things and my d--k was hard as a rock. She
continued kissing and licking my chest before she got up and
stood next to the bed. She began to unbutton her dress as I
stayed still and just watched.

She slowly dropped the dress to the floor and revealed her next
surprise to me. Under her dress she wore a white, strapless bra
and a white pair of [email protected] I stared in awe as she slowly spun so
I could appreciate her nudity fully.

Still standing next to the bed Chika then began to run her hands
lightly over her stomach and b-----s. “Stand up,” she whispered
in a throaty voice. I immediately stood next to her. “Take off my
she whispered.

I first unsnapped the clips holding the bra in back and slipped it
off of her. I slowly looped my fingers in her [email protected] and slid
them off her legs. She now stood before me completely naked.

She turned around and placed her hands on the top of the wardrobe so she was looking directly into the big mirror. She
looked at me in the mirror’s reflection and simply said, ‘F--k

I stood off the bed and got into position behind Chika. I used a
hand to guide my d--k to her waiting p---y. I started to slide
into her and moved my hands to her hips. I f----d her slowly
with my eyes closed at first just enjoying the feel of her. “Open
your eyes,”
she said. I opened my eyes and looked into the
mirror in front on me.

I saw Chika looking back at me in the reflection and watched
lustfully as her b-----s swayed from side to side as we f----d. I
loved being able to see her so completely as we f----d and I tried to memorize every detail of how she looked with me deep
inside her.

I put my arms around her and started massaging her b-----s
and playing with her n-----s while I watched her reaction in the
mirror. Chika was now m0an!ng and she moved a hand down to
her p---y so she could tease her c--t. I watched her fingers as
they danced over her sensitive c--t. Seeing her play with herself
in the reflection was nearly too much for me and I knew I needed to c-m soon. I released her t--s and put my hands back
on her hips and started f-----g her faster.

Chika m0aned loudly and started to c-m as she pushed her hips
back into me.

I was wild with lust now and f----d her even harder. It only took a couple more strokes and I started cumming hard into
her. I watched in the mirror as I spent myself inside her and we
stood together caressing each other and regaining our breath
for many minutes.

Finally, Chika turned around and guided me back onto the bed.

We stayed together kissing and fondling for a while longer before my stomach growled loudly. We agreed to order some
snacks and I tossed on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt so I could greet the delivery man.

Chika searched through my wardrobe and found one of my old
T-shirts to wear. We went down to the living room and watched
TV until the snacks arrived. I couldn’t stop staring at Chika as
she wore one of my faded old shirts.

Through the thin material I could see the outlines of her dark
n-----s and the shirt was short enough that I could easily see
her p---y and a-s whenever she moved or lifted her arms.

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