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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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Mrs. Chika gave a devilish smile when I said that and replied, “I better put you out of your misery then.” With that she grabbed the waistband of my boxers and pushed
them to the floor with one smooth motion.

My d--k popped out of my boxers and stood straight out from my body pointing directly at Mrs. Chika.

He could see it bent slightly. Mrs. Chika took a couple of seconds to simply stare at my d--k as it danced in front of her. She finally
reached up with her right hand and started to massage the area just at the base of my d--k.
She let my pubic hair run through
her fingers as she rubbed the entire area around my s---t.

Finally she wrapped her fingers around the base of my c--k.

Her grip was very gentle at first as she just held my d--k in her hand.

She tightened her grip slightly and started stroking.

I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe how good this felt. Mrs. Chika started stroking faster with her right hand and reached up to
cup my balls with her left hand. She finally whispered, “C-m for
me Lenny. I want to watch you c-m.”
Hearing her say those words was more than I could take. Just at that moment she
started stroking me even harder and I m0aned loudly as I started to c-m.

Mrs. Chika had shifted so my d--k was pointed directly at her b-----s but my first shot of c-m was so forceful that it ended up
landing near her shoulder.

Stream after stream of c-m erupted from my d--k as she continued to stroke me. The entire front of Mrs. Chika’s top was

now covered with my c-m.
Large drops of c-m were sticking to
her b-----s and began to slowly drip down toward her stomach.

Mrs. Chika continued to rub and stoke my c--k as it softened.

She finally collected the c-m that was still hanging from the tip
of my d--k with her fingers and quickly licked it from her fingers.

She sat back slightly and looked at me as she spread her legs slightly and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She didn’t need
to say anything as her body language clearly said it was her turn and I didn’t waste any time getting to work.

I quickly dropped to my knees between Mrs. Chika’s spread legs.

I reached one hand out to each of Mrs. Chika’s knees and gently began to massage her thighs just above her knees.

The feel of her firm but soft flesh really turned me on. I slowly allowed my massage to progress further up her thighs and began paying more attention to the insides of her legs.

As my massage continued I noticed how wet the crotch of Mrs. Chika’s [email protected] had become. The smell also struck me.

Mrs. Chika’s strong, musky scent had my head spinning and made my d--k start to tingle again. My massage had now reached the very
tops of Mrs. Chika’s thighs and I had started to allow my fingers to pass over her p---y.

I couldn’t feel much through her [email protected],
but I could feel her wetness.

Without saying anything Mrs. Chika took my hands and guided them to the waistband of her [email protected] and it slipped down to her

I looked again between Mrs. Chika’s legs and saw the p---y I so often fantasized about for the first time. Her p---y was very
hairy and not like anything I had seen in magazines or on videos.

Her p---y lips were swollen and covered in her own moisture.

I could see the wetness glistening from her v----a and without thinking moved my hands up to feel the wetness.

I slowly ran my fingers through the hairs on her p---y.

I cupped her p---y with my right hand and felt her juices run over my palm and fingers.

As I explored her p---y Mrs. Chika
started to slowly rotate her hips. Occasionally I would look up at her face and found that Mrs. Chika was alternating between
watching me and leaning her head back and enjoying the s£nsat!ons.

Finally I decided I needed to feel inside her p---y and placed a finger at the entrance to her v----a.

I slowly started to insert my finger when Mrs. Chika rocked her hips forward and pushed
herself completely on my finger.

It was wonderfully wet and warm and I quickly inserted a second and then a third finger.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to do so I slowly started to move my fingers in and out.

With my other hand I began exploring the
area just above her v----a where I knew the c--t was located.

As I slowly finger f----d her I gently massaged her p---y with my other hand and paid particular attention to any areas that
seemed to get a reaction from Mrs. Chika. Mrs. Chika had begun rocking her hips more and more and was taking a more active role in the finger f-----g. Suddenly she whispered, “Oh Lenny, that’s the spot. Keep your hand right
Hearing the lustiness of her voice at this moment completely turned me on.

I had heard her voice many thousands of times over the past few years, but it had never
sounded like that. I concentrated my massage to that small area and really began to watch Mrs. Chika’s reaction.

Very quickly Mrs. Chika again spoke, this time with mor urgency in her voice, “F--k me faster, Lenny.” I did as commanded and greatly increased the speed of my finger
f-----g. At this point, my whole hand was covered with her p---y juice.

I felt Mrs. Chika’s p---y clench around fingers and her body suddenly tightened.

Through clenched teeth she cried, “Ohhhh yes.” Her p---y spasmed around my fingers and I knew that she was cumming.

I continued to finger f--k her as she came and then slowed the f-----g as she regained her composure.

The room was silent for a few moments except for the sound of Mrs. Chika’s heavy breathing as she tried to regain her breath.

She reached down and took hold of my hand around my wrist and removed it from her p---y. She slowly brought my hand up
to my mouth and said softly, “Taste it.
Taste me.”
I did as instructed, slowly and anxiously at first, but then with more enthusiasm as I realized that I enjoyed the taste.

Mrs. Chika m0aned as she watched me clean off my hand.

When I finished she released my hand and stood up.

She stepped out of her [email protected] and pulled her skirt down. She picked up her underwear and walked over to her desk. I was still kneeling on
the floor with my own pants and boxers around his ankles.

My d--k was semi-rigid at this point as I watched Mrs. Chika. She stood at her desk with her back to me for a few seconds and
then said, “I think you should go.”. I didn’t know what I expected her to say, but that wasn’t it. I mumbled a quick, “OK.” I stood and quickly got dressed.

Mrs. Chika walked around behind her desk and sat in her chair.

I thought I noticed her quickly glancing at me, but every time I looked at her she would look away.

I gathered my school bag and book, with one last look back at Mrs. Chika, I left her office.

As I walked toward home, my head was spinning.

I couldn’t believe the encounter I just had, but I was also confused at the way it had ended.

I had expected a good-bye kiss or something
but instead I had been dismissed.

Had Mrs. Chika played me and used me as a sexual ragdoll to get herself off, or had the whole
thing been a wonderful spontaneous moment?

I spent the whole rest of the weekend either trying to figure out what to do next
with Mrs. Chika or masturbating to my memories of Friday.

A couple of times I decided to call her, but I would be fearful.
What if her husband answered the phone? What would I say? I ultimately decided that as much as I wanted to I would have to wait for Mrs. Chika to make the next move.

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