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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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When the snacks arrived, Chika stayed out of
view. Chika suggested we eat up in my room
so we went back upstairs and set the snacks
on the bed between us. We both hungrily ate
the snacks and tossed leftover snacks on the
floor when we finished. Chika rushed over to
me and cuddled up against me. I loved the
way she felt against me and I returned her

After a few minutes, Chika looked up at me
and said, “I appreciate you showing me your p--n collection earlier, but I think you are still hiding some from me.”

I didn’t have time to say anything before she
continued. “I know you must have some
movies around here, so don’t even try to deny
it. Get them out, I want to watch them.”

I went over to the cupboard that had the TV
on top and pulled a single disc from behind a
big pile of sweater. Instead of keeping a
bunch of p--n movies, I kept a single ‘best of’ disc that had all of my favourite scenes. I
slipped the disc into the DVD player and
pushed play. I turned around to see that
Chika had removed her shirt and I slipped off
my own shirt and shorts before getting back
into bed. We watched scene after scene as we
sat together. I had a hard-on both from sitting naked with Chika and from
watching the scenes to which I had jerked off too many times to
count, play out on the TV in front of us. I looked over at Chika and noticed that her n-----s were hard and I couldn’t hold
myself back any longer. I leaned my head over and took one of her n-----s into my mouth and began sU-Cking on it.

She m0aned as I teased her and started moving back and forth
from one b-----s to the other. As I s----d her, I could hear the various grunts and groans still cumming from the TV and it
turned me on even further. After a while longer Chika pulled my head up to hers and with a look of lust in her eyes told me to
f--k her.

She la!d on her back and spread her legs wide. I quickly mounted her and began f-----g her missionary style. We
f----d wildly as Chika alternated between watching me and
watching the TV and I looked back and forth between her b-----s and her face. Chika finally looked at me and said, “Do you like watching when the guys c-m all over the women in the videos?”

he m0aned.

“Good, I want you to c-m all over my b-----s. I want to feel your sticky c-m all over my b-----s.”

Her dirty talk quickly drove me to the edge and I hurriedly pulled out of her p---y and stood next to her with my d--k
pointed at her b-----s.

“C-m for me. C-m all over my b-----s. I need to feel it,”
Chika continued as I rapidly jerked myself off. With a loud grunt I started cumming. It wasn’t a huge amount of c-m but the heavy white jets landed directly on her b-----s as Chika m0aned in satisfaction as I continued to pump my own d--k and shoot
the last of my c-m onto her.

“Look at me,” Chika whispered. “Look how your c-m sticks to
my b-----s. Now, eat it off me.”

I dropped my head to her b-----s and eagerly began to sU-Ck my own c-m off her soft boobs. Chika m0aned and kept telling me
to eat my c-m as I made sure to sU-Ck up every last of the drops that I just shot onto her.

When I finished I dropped to the bed
next to her.

A few minutes later she said that her husband would be expecting her back soon so she had better go.

We kissed deeply and she stood to leave. She looked at herself in the mirror and
saw that her b-----s were still covered with the sticky residue of my c-m and my saliva.

“Doesn’t look like I can go home quite like this,” she said with a
smile. “Mind if I take a quick bath?”

I hopped up and turn on the shower for her as she collected her clothes.

The bathroom tub was far too small for two adults so Chika climbed in and I sat on the edge next to her. “Let me bath
I said as I picked up the soap. Chika sighed and leaned back as I lathered up her body and rinsed her off. She loved the
feel of my young, soft hands playing with her skin and I loved the feel of her wet, soapy skin. As she sat with her eyes closed
and her head tilted back, I finished rinsing her leg and set it back into the water.

Instead of getting her a towel, I let my hands slide up her thigh toward her p---y.

Chika sighed heavily and spread her legs for
me as I started to tease her p---y with my fingers. I played with her c--t and the folds of her p---y before I started f-----g her
with a finger. I then slid a second and then third finger into her as I continued finger f-----g her. Chika didn’t move and she
simply let me f--k her with my fingers as she enjoyed the feel of my knuckles moving back and forth inside her.

It felt wonderfully different from my smooth d--k and she soon was m0an!ng as her o----m started and her p---y began
clenching and spasming around my fingers. As she finished cumming I slid my fingers out of her and leaned down to kiss
her. We kissed a while before she got out of the tub and towelled herself off.

She looked at the clock and she said really had to go. Any later and her husband might get suspicious. She quickly got dressed
in everything but her [email protected] I walked her to the door and just before I opened it she turned and said, “I want you to keep
She handed me her [email protected]

“The next time I’ll be able to see you will be when we go to the university in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, whenever you
get h---y I want you to m--------e with my [email protected] I want you to wrap them around your d--k as you jerk off and then shoot
your c-m all over them.”
She then kissed me hard and shoved
her tongue deep into my mouth. “Thanks lover, I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”

The three weeks before the big trip to the university passed fairly rapidly. I had used Chika’s [email protected] on many occasions and
was anxiously looking forward to f-----g her again. Chika arrived around noon on Friday and knock the front door. My
mom answered and invited Chika inside. My mom, Chika and I sat around the dining room table talking about the weekend
ahead. We ended up talking until nearly 2PM when Chika looked at her watch and said we should go to beat the rush hour traffic.
I said goodbye to my mom and tossed my bag in Chika’s boot.

With a quick horn and a wave, Chika and I drove off.

The ride was mostly uneventful as we chatted about the weekend and various other topics. Chika was dressed in one of
her “teacher” outfits that had always made me fantasize about her and I enjoyed catching glimpses of her legs through the slit
in her skirt or watching the outline of her soft b-----s as she drove.

We arrived at campus and found the information desk for the
examination candidates. We each were given a folder of information and were told that the placement would start soon.

A really boring guy gave us the full outline of the details of the weekend and the exams as we sat in a big auditorium nearly full
with students.

We were told that a dorm room had been reserved for each student with two people assigned per room, but that we should
feel free to stay with family or friends if we wanted.

After the orientation there was a brief interactive session where all the
students had a chance to mingle.

I enjoyed the mixer and met some interesting people, but in the back of my mind I couldn’t wait for it to end so I could go back
to the hotel.

Finally the mixer ended and I said goodbye to the people I had been chatting with. I got in Chika’s car and she teased me saying, “Oh, so you don’t want to stay in the dorm room then?” We laughed as she drove us to the hotel.

Chika remembered the city well from her time in school and found the hotel quickly. She had reserved a room at a nice place
that was a little expensive but not as bad as some others in town.

We checked in, went upstairs, did a little unpacking, and finally put our bags away. “You feel good about this weekend”
Chika asked. “Not too nervous or anything?”

I replied that I wasn’t nervous at all until the interactive session.

Seeing how smart some of the other children were made me realize that maybe I should be taking the whole thing more

“The worst thing you can do tomorrow is be nervous,” she told
me. “Just relax and you’ll do fine.”
She moved around behind me as I sat on the bed and started rubbing my shoulders and neck. “Here, maybe this will help
relax you,”
she added as she worked her fingers expertly around
my lower neck.

I let out a big sigh and I could feel myself becoming simultaneously more relaxed and more excited under her
touch. She continued the massage for a long time before she
eventually stopped and climbed onto the bed next to me. We
kissed each other for a long time and we began to remove each
other’s clothes. Soon we were lying naked next to each other as we kissed and fondled one another. Chika pushed me onto my back and lowered her head to my d--k. It was already hard from her fondling and she s----d me softly into her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down my
s---t and teased the tip of my d--k with her tongue. I wanted to
feel her p---y under my tongue but before I had the chance,
she climbed onto me and lowered her p---y onto my hard d--k.

She sat still for a few seconds and we mutually enjoyed the s£nsat!on. She then started to slowly f--k me as she ran her
hands over my chest and stomach.

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