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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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This was a very different f--k from the last
few times we had been together. Before we
had been so worked up that we had f----d
wildly and lustily. Now, Chika took her time
and our f--k was very slow and gentle. I
enjoyed the feeling of closeness I had with
her as I watched her work her p---y up and
down on top of me. Since the pace was slower,
it lasted much longer than some of our
previous fu-Cks.

Chika stayed on top of me the whole time and
slowly worked us both to the edge of
cumming. When she knew that she was ready
to start cumming she drove herself all the
way down onto me and began massaging my
d--k with her p---y muscles. She knew from
before that I loved this and almost as soon as
she started, I groaned and she felt my c-m
begin to fill her.

The feel of my hot c-m erupting in her triggered her own o----m and she began to grind her hips from side to side as we both finished cumming. We kissed deeply as our orgasms
passed and then we settled down into each other’s arms before
drifting off to sleep.

The next day started early and I spent the entire day taking examinations. The questions were so hard and covered such a
range of subjects that I really had no idea how I did. By the end
of the day, I was tired and glad it was over. It was about 4PM
when the students and their parents were able to meet up again. We were passing near where the hostel had been reserved for
me and Chika suggested we at least look at it so I could get a feel

for where I would be living once I resume. I agreed and we
made our way over to the building. The hostel was empty as we
walked in and we quickly found the room. It was a very typical
dormitory and my initial reaction was that I wasn’t too excited
about moving into one later on.

Whoever had been assigned to the room with me had obviously stayed there as there was a suitcase on the wardrobe and the
bed had been slept in. We stepped inside and Chika closed the door behind us.

“Exciting, isn’t it?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“Not really,”
I honestly replied.

“Oh, it won’t be so bad,”
she said as she walked over to me and
put her arms around him.

“In fact, I’m you’ll find you can have lots of fun in a hostel.” She
leaned forward and we started kissing. We kissed for a short while and Chika slipped her hands down my trousers and
started unzipping. I jumped back and asked,
“What if my roommate comes back?”

“Don’t you find the risk a little exciting?”
she said. “Besides, he
won’t know who we are so he’ll just go home with a story of
these two h---y people he caught in his room.”

I was already pretty turned on from our kiss and from her stroking my d--k through my trouser and I had to admit to
myself that the risk was an extra turn on.
Throwing caution to
the wind, I began kissing her again and she resumed unzipping
my trousers. We dropped onto the bed and began kissing more
intensely and groping each other through our clothes.

Chika pushed my trouser down just far enough for my d--k to spring out. With my help she started to pull her skirt up until it
was around her waist. I fondled her legs and she pushed her
[email protected] off her hips and I slipped them the rest of the way down
her legs. I then mounted her and slid my d--k inside her wet
p---y. I started thrusting in and out of her and was very turned
on by the idea that we hadn’t even bothered to remove any of
our clothes other than her [email protected]
The excitement of the “quickie” and the fact that we could get
caught at any moment had me feeling very h---y. I started
f-----g her very fast and she began breathing heavily under me
as she started cumming. I continued f-----g her as fast as I
could until she finished cumming and then a few moments later
I erupted inside her with a loud groan. I shot my c-m deep
inside her and had barely finished when we heard footsteps and
voices coming down the hall.

We quickly jumped up and straightened our clothes as the
voices came nearer to the door. We heard the doorknob on the
room rattle and I barely had enough time to stuff her [email protected]
into my pocket before my roommate stepped into the room
with his parents. After a very quick round of introductions,
Chika and I made a fast exit and giggled to each other knowingly
as we quickly walked down the stairs. We kept walking down the stairs, I looked at Chika before
saying, “I have your [email protected] in my pocket. I love feeling your
wetness on them.”

Chika m0aned softly and smiled before replying, “I can feel your
c-m dripping out of my p---y and down my thighs.”

It was now my turn to groan and I had to try and compose myself as we stepped out. I suggested we go back to the hotel
and finish what we had started but Chika said that she wanted to
get some dinner first.

she added as we walked outside the building, “some
things are better when you have to wait.”

We walked to the edge of campus and found a restaurant that was serving dinner. We went in and had a pleasant dinner
despite the fact that I was completely distracted knowing that
she wasn’t wearing her [email protected] and that my c-m was seeping
out of her p---y. I desperately wanted to drop to my knees and
sU-Ck her p---y so I could taste her, but I knew that would have
to wait.

After dinner she suggested we take a quick tour of some of the
nightlife. I agreed even though all I wanted was to go back to the
hotel. We found a nightclub and she led me inside. It was pretty
dark and the music was turned up loud. There was a good
crowd in the place and we stood at the side and surveyed the
scene. Chika took my hand and led me out onto the dance floor.

We started dancing to the music and I marvelled at how she
moved and swayed to the music. Several other guys noticed
also as three different times, guys would dance over to her and
try to pick her up. Each time she politely declined and then
made her way over close to me and danced with her body
pressed against mine. Knowing that so many guys were
watching her and wanting to be with her made me feel very
h---y. These guys wanted her but I knew I would be the one
f-----g her soon.

We stayed at the club dancing and drinking for a while before
Chika said she was ready to go. I happily agreed and we walked
outside arm in arm. Being away from our residential town and
in the big university town meant we didn’t have to be careful
about being seen together. I loved that I could put my arm
around her or caress her a-s as we walked and nobody who saw
would think anything other than perhaps it was a bit odd that
our ages were so mismatched. We walked back to the hotel and got in an elevator for the ride
upstairs. As the doors closed Chika kissed me roughly and said,
“I can’t wait to f--k you.”
She stepped back just as the doors
opened and we hurriedly walked to our room.
As soon as the door closed behind us, we each started pulling
the other’s clothes off. As we wildly undressed each other we
made our way over to the bed. Tossing our clothes all over the
room, we jumped into bed and started to lustily kiss and grope
each other. Chika soon moved down to my d--k and she again
s----d me into her mouth.

Whereas the previous night she had been very soft and gentle
with her mouth tonight she was nasty and wild. She s----d me
greedily until I groaned, “I need to taste you.”

She spun herself around until she was over me in the 69
position. She returned to sU-Cking me as I buried my tongue in
her p---y and savoured the taste that I had been waiting for all
night. I could smell myself in her p---y from our earlier f--k
and I ran my tongue all over her p---y in between thrusting it
into her and f-----g her with it. I then moved my tongue up to
her a-----e and began to feverishly lick her there.

The raunchiness of licking her a-----e only turned me on more
and made me want to continue rimming her. I tried shoving my
tongue into her a-s and f-----g her with it, but the hole was too
tight. Chika still m0aned as I tried to shove it in and enjoyed the
added pressure it created.

We continued using our lips, teeth, and tongues to tease each
other until Chika rolled off me and pulled me over her. She
guided my d--k into her and we began to f--k each other hard.

The mattress rocked back and forth and the bedsprings creaked
loudly as we f----d. Chika reached up and gripped the bed
sheet and held on tightly as I plunged into her over and over.

She thrusted her hips up into me and we started grunting with
our efforts and with the strength of our f--k.
I was the first to lose control and I cried out loudly as I started
cumming. I kept up my tempo as I drained myself completely
into her. After such an intense o----m I knew I would soon get
soft so I continued wildly f-----g Chika after I came so I could
watch her c-m. She still held onto the bed sheet and she
grunted with each of my thrusts.

I began telling her how he wanted to watch her c-m and how I
loved feeling her as she came on my d--k. I continued talking until she suddenly tensed under me and
yelled, “Yessss!” She m0aned over and over as she came and I was certain that anyone in the surrounding rooms would surely
have heard us. When she finished cumming I lowered myself onto her and lay exhausted in her arms. We were both completely spent and entirely covered in sweat as we kissed and
caressed each other.

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