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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F–k Tales of my life) - Season 1 - Episode 25
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The party of a lifetime just happened, especially for Lenny. A threesome with his secondary school teacher and his university lecturer.

Crazy Lenny (Shutterstock)

Chika m0aned and lay flat on her back as Amina crawled onto her hands and knees between her legs. Amina lowered her mouth to Chika's p**sy and eagerly began sU-Cking and licking as I moved behind Amina. I slipped my d!ck back into her p**sy and started fu-Cking her from behind as Amina quickly drove Chika toward another orgasm.

Hearing Chika's m0ans and seeing her react to Amina's sU-Cking very much excited me and I soon started fu-Cking Amina harder and faster. She lifted her head from Chika's p**sy and urged me on.

"Yes, fu-Ck me hard. Do me."
She continued like that for a few more moments before she returned to Chika's p**sy.

I was now fu-Cking Amina hard and I held her hips tightly. With one last grunt I drove myself into her and started cumming. She m0aned from her throat but kept her lips and tongue on Chika's p**sy as she felt my cum in her. I continued to slowly fu-Ck her after I finished cumming as I watched her sU-Ck Chika.

It was only a few minutes later that Chika called out and started cumming. Chika had been massaging her own boobs and she let her fingers roll around and around her own hard nipples as she came. Amina sU-Cked at her wildly as she came and continued sU-Cking her much more softly and gently after her orgasm passed.

My softening d!ck soon slipped out of Amina and I lay down next to Chika. Amina crawled up on Chika's other side and all three of us exchanged long kisses. We stayed like this kissing and fondling each other for a long time until Chika finally said that she needed to get back home.

After we all got dressed again Amina drove us back to Chika's car and we said goodbye. Amina and Chika exchanged one brief kiss before Chika got out of the car and Dr. Amina drove away.

I got in Chika's car and she started the drive home. We chatted some and then sat and enjoyed the silence. About halfway home Chika began telling me that she was very pleased with my progress during their tutoring sessions and that she thought I might be ready to start some more advanced lessons. I had no idea what she meant but from the sound of her voice I quickly agreed that I would do whatever she wanted.

"I love a willing student,"
she said with a sexy smile.

As we neared my house she said that she would be very much looking forward to creating some more advanced lessons for our sessions. She was hopeful that I would be as eager a student and as quick a learner at the next level as I had been so far.

I still had no clue what she meant but she was clearly excited by the next level, whatever it was, and after all we had done to and with each other so far I knew that I wanted to be involved with whatever it was that could make her excited.

She drove into my compound and opened the boot. I opened the door and I said I was ready for our session and the next level whenever she had the time. She said she didn't know when she would be available, but that she would let me know.

I got out of the car and grabbed my bag. She drove off with a wave and I went inside and told my parents all about (most of) the weekend.


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