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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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She tried to continue this treatment to my balls but couldn’t get to them properly from her position so she returned to the tip.

Without wrapping her lips around me,
she licked the tip of my d--k with her tongue. She licked the tip for a while and paid particular attention to the tender spot directly under the tip.

When she felt I had had enough of this treatment she again parted her lips and lowered her head onto my d--k.

This time she didn’t just stop at the tip, she took several inches of my d--k into her mouth.

She started to bob her head up and down; she really gave me a proper blow job.

As she started her lips would barely touch my
s---t so all I felt was the lightest of touches and the warmth of her mouth.

She gradually increased the tightness of her mouth and the pace with which she bobbed her head.

I couldn’t believe how amazing Mrs. Chika’s mouth felt. I had to work hard to not c-m all over her tongue when she was licking
the tip of my d--k, but this was too much to stand. I desperately wanted to open my eyes and watch Mrs. Chika work, but I was
so close to the edge that I knew the sight of her would be too much to take.

I could feel her increasing the pressure on me
with her lips and I could only throw back my head and m0an.

I wanted it to last forever but I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was about to c-m.

With a loud groan I started cumming into
Mrs. Chika’s mouth.

I opened my eyes to see what she would do and I saw her quickly move her mouth so only the tip of my d--k remained in her warm mouth.

She was holding my d--k very firmly now
between her lips and quickly wrapped her hand around the base of my d--k.

Mrs. Chika began quickly pumping her hand up and down along my s---t.

My d--k was coated in her saliva so her hand glided smoothly as she pumped.
I shot load after load into her mouth.

After the first couple of jets I noticed that Mrs. Chika opened her mouth slightly and was letting some of my c-m dribble from her
mouth back down onto my d--k.

Her pumping hand quickly smeared the c-m along the length of my d--k until it was entirely coated with the sticky combination
of my c-m and her spit. I thought I was going to c-m forever but eventually my ripples subsided.

Mrs. Chika slowly removed her mouth from my d--k and raised her head to look me in the eyes.

We stared into each other’s
eyes for a few moments and Mrs. Chika very slowly and deliberately swallowed the c-m that remained in her mouth.

She then very suggestively licked the c-m off her lips and cheeks that had been smeared there.

She then took the hand that had been wrapped around my d--k and brought it up to my lips.

Her hand was covered with my
c-m and at first I pulled back. Mrs. Chika raised an eyebrow and said, “Now Lenny, for this to continue I need to have a willing

I leaned forward and took the tip of one of her fingers into my mouth.

I was hesitant at first but I quickly got into my work and soon had completely licked her hand clean.

I wasn’t sure I enjoyed tasting my c-m, but I was in no position to argue with
Mrs. Chika.

Not long after I had cleaned her hand Mrs. Chika said, “OK, that is your lesson for today.

Your next lesson will be in one week at
my house. I have written the address and other details on this paper.

Your homework for our next session is that you must not jerk off between now and then.

Do you understand?”

I quickly agreed and started putting my trouser back on.

Mrs. Chika drove me to my neighbourhood but dropped me off several metres from my house so my neighbours wouldn’t see

As she stopped the car I didn’t know what to say so I only said, “Thanks, Mrs. Chika.”
She laughed out loud at my formality and replied, “I think that, as long as we are away from school, you can call me Chika.”

With that she quickly grabbed my crotch and told me she had to go. I stepped out of the car and finished my walk home hoping
nobody would notice the huge bulge in my trouser.

My alarm clock rang and i woke quickly from my restive sleep.

If last week had passed slowly then this week was a real torment.

The past few days were especially hard, as I had been following Mrs Chika’s instructions to not m--------e.

I felt like I had a constant erection.

Friday finally had arrived and I was counting
the seconds until my lesson. I had memorized the directions she had given me last week. “The next lesson will be on Friday at my house starting at 10PM sharp. My house is at 15, Gbenga estate. When you arrive the
gate will be open. Walk into the gate, gather your things, go through the door on the left side of the gate, and be sure to hit
the button to close the gate as you enter the house.

This lesson will be more intense so come prepared to stay until I feel you’ve
learned what you will need.”

The last bell of the day rang and I hurried home to get ready.

As usual my parents had gone away for the weekend and I would
be on my own until Sunday night. Finally the time came and I drove to Mrs. Chika’s house.
I followed her directions exactly and glanced at my watch as I got out of the car taxi near her gate. 9:58, perfect.

I entered the doorway as instructed and closed the gate.

I didn’t know what to expect inside Mrs. Chika’s house and as I
stepped into the entrance I said a quick,
“Hello?” Her house was very simply but stylishly decorated.

The windows were shut and some candles were burning.

Some music was softly playing on the stereo.

“Hi Lenny. Right on time. I figured you weren’t going to be late.”

Mrs. Chika slowly stood as she greeted me and my jaw dropped open when I saw her.

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