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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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She had been sitting on a couch that was turned away from me so I hadn’t seen her until she stood up.

Mrs. Chika was wearing a pink coloured silk robe that was loosely tied around her waist. The robe was open in several places revealing what she wore underneath which was a silk nightgown the same colour as the robe.

The nightgown was very low cut in front and revealed much of Mrs. Chika’s boobs.

The only other clothes that Mrs. Chika wore
were a pair of strapless high heels.
“Shall we get right to work?” she asked knowing what the answer would be.

She lightly grabbed my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. The silk sheets on the king size bed had already been turned down and there were more candles
burning. “Now, were you a good student for me? Did you do your

I said yes. Mrs. Chika continued, “So when was the last time you played with yourself?”
I was slightly startled by the question, but then softly said, “The morning before our last lesson.”

“Good. Very good. Now, did you c-m?”

I nodded. I wasn’t sure where Mrs. Chike was heading with this.

“What were you thinking about when you came?”

I felt a bit awkward and told her that I had been thinking of her.

Mrs. Chika smiled a very sexy smile at me when I said it was her.

Mrs. Chika tried to adopt a proper teacher voice as she said,

“Our previous lessons were quite brief.
It occurred to me that

you haven’t really seen your teacher yet and I haven’t entirely seen my student.

So to begin I want you to remove all your
clothes for me.

Mrs Chika sat down on a chair in the corner of the room and watched as I began to remove my clothes.

My d--k was already fully erect and stood straight out from my stomach as I
straightened up after removing all my clothes. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked over at Mrs. Chika.

Mrs Chika slowly stood and said,[b] “You may not touch yourself unless I say so.”
She walked over and stood directly in front of
me. She slowly ran her hands up the sides of her legs and across her stomach.

She continued rubbing herself through her robe
being very careful to avoid her b-----s or p---y. She slowly untied the robe and let it softly fall to the floor. She slowly turned in a circle so I could see all of her.

I could now see that the nightgown had spaghetti straps so Mrs. Chika shoulders and most of her back were exposed.

The gown was cut to the top of her fat a-s in back. It was also slit up one
side to the middle of her thigh.

The gown itself was plain silk,
very simple and elegant.

I knew Mrs. Chika wasn’t very athletic, but she clearly kept herself in good shape.

Her large b-----s sagged slightly, but it
only made them more alluring to me.

Her n-----s had stiffened
and were very noticeable under the gown.

Mrs. Chika continued letting her hands roam all over her body.

She would occasionally run them over her boobs and when she saw the reaction that got from me she started paying more
attention to her b-----s. Her fingers would circle her erect n-----s and then she would cup each b----t in a hand and lift
them slightly.

When she felt that I had enough she pulled the straps off her shoulders and let the gown fall to her waist. Her b-----s were now fully exposed to me.

She briefly massaged them and then
shifted her hips to let the gown fall completely to the floor.

My head was spinning and my heart was pounding.

All I wanted to do was c-m.

I felt like I was going to explode.

The show I was getting was better than anything I could have imagined.

I desperately wanted to throw Mrs. Chika down and f--k her.

Mrs. Chika ran her fingers slowly down the side of my face and whispered, [b] “Show me how you play with yourself.

I want to watch you.”

She returned her hand to her n-----s and started to gently roll them between two fingers.

Her other hand moved across her
stomach toward her p---y. I finally tore my glance away from her boobs and looked at her p---y.

I was surprised to see it looked much different than it had the only other time I had seen it.

Mrs. Chika had shaved her p---y
hair so only a thin line of short hair remained.

She could see the effect her “new look” was having on me.

I watched intently as her hand explored her newly shaved area.

Mrs. Chika put one foot on the bed next to me to both provide
her better access to her p---y and to improve my view.

She dipped her fingers still lower and they were soon covered with her juices.

Mrs. Chika touched my chin and pushed my head back slightly I was looking at her face.

“I want to watch you m--------e.”

I lightly wrapped my fingers around my d--k and in a single stroke all my pent up sexual energy was released.

With a loud grunt I started to pump my c--k as I came. Having not c-m in several days combined with Mrs. Chika’s show left me with a lot
of c-m and it erupted from me with a surprising force.

The first jets shot through the air and landed on Mrs. Chika’s stomach. The following jets seemed to land everywhere. When I finished
cumming there was c-m on the sheets, my legs, my hand, and on my stomach in addition to the original deposit on Mrs. Chika.

She instructed me to lie on the bed on my back.

I quickly scooted myself up onto the bed and la!d down, all the while watching Mrs. Chika to see what she was planning.

Mrs. Chika slowly crawled onto the bed and knelt down beside me.

She brought her hands to my chest and started running them over the smooth skin.

Mrs. Chika spoke softly, “Too many people think c-m is dirty or that it is perverted to enjoy a man’s c-m.

don’t be afraid of playing with your c-m.

It makes a great reason to give someone
a massage.”

As she spoke her hands slid down to my stomach and her fingers picked up the drops of c-m that lay there.

She softly massaged my chest as she rubbed my c-m into my skin.

She turned slightly and continued the massage on my legs and feet.
Whenever she found my c-m she paid particular attention to that part of me and softly rubbed the sticky fluid into my skin.

She finished my legs and moved to my arms giving them the same wonderful massage.

I watched her in a satisfied bliss and enjoyed the way her boobs swayed softly as her hands explored my body.

She asked me to roll over and continued her massage on my back.

She started at my feet and slowly moved up my body.

She paid particular attention to my a-s but eventually moved up to my back.

Everything about what was happening was turning me on.

I had just c-m a few moments ago but the combination of my soft touch, her smell, the silk sheets, and the realization that I
was going to get to f--k her combined to bring my erection back very quickly.

As I lay on my stomach I had to shift my position a couple of times to keep my hard d--k from being uncomfortably pinned beneath me.

Without saying a word she guided me to roll back over onto my back with her hands. My d--k stood straight up from me and seemed to be just waiting for her touch.

Mrs. Chika softly gripped my d--k in her hand. She lightly stroked me and enjoyed watching me wriggle beneath her touch.

I was trying to watch her as she fondled me, but I often was overcome with the s£nsat!on and had to shut my eyes.

I hadn’t yet even tried to touch her naked body, but that was just fine with her.

For now she just wanted to feel me and make
me c-m.

She stroked me at a tempo that she thought wouldn’t be enough to make me c-m. She would periodically release my s---t and
massage my balls.

She softly held them or rolled them in her fingers. I groaned the first few times she did this so she paid particular attention to this part of him.

For my part I had never really thought of my balls as a sexual object.

I never touched them when I jerked myself off and was amazed at the sexual charge I felt at her touch.

Mrs. Chika continued stroking me and teasing my balls until she felt I had enough and
finally decided to let me c-m. She concentrated on the s---t entirely and increased the tempo
of her strokes slightly.

That small increase made all the difference to me as I immediately groaned and felt my c-m
getting ready to explode.
I grunted and started cumming.

The c-m sprayed all over my stomach with the last of it slowly oozing from my d--k and running down onto Mrs. Chika hand.

Mrs. Chika kept her stroking constant as I came and only stopped when I had spent my entire load.

I looked up at her face and watched as she seductively licked my c-m off her fingers and hand.

The look in her eyes had.

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