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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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I was out of his chair and in the water almost
immediately. I dove in and swam over to where she was.

The water was deep enough at this part of the pool so that only our heads and shoulders remained out of the water.

We wrapped our arms around each other and began kissing.

Chika lifted her feet off the bottom of the pool and wrapped her legs around my waist as we kissed.

With the help of the water I was easily able to hold her in this position as I stood on the bottom of the pool.

Having both her arms and legs wrapped around me as we kissed really turned me on and my d--k started growing. We stayed like
that for a short while before she unwrapped her legs and stood on the pool floor. I stood up on the pool floor and moved over to her. I reached
behind her and untied the single knot that held her bikini behind her neck. I then grasped the fabric just above her b-----s and
started peeling it off her body. When I had removed and discarded her bikini Chika remained floating on her back. I was
standing near her feet looking directly at her. She spread her legs wide before me and simply said, “Come here.”

I moved forward slightly and Chika dipped her waist into the water. I held my d--k in my hand and used it to guide myself
into her waiting p---y. It took me a few moments to find the right spot, but when I did I smoothly slid into her. Once she felt
me inside her she pushed herself off the wall and wrapped her arms around my neck as she wrapped her legs around my waist.

We were now in the same position as when we had been kissing but we were now both naked and my hard d--k was firmly inside
her p---y.

Again, the water’s fluidity made it easy for me to hold this position and I started to “bounce” Chika softly up and down in
the water and on my d--k.

Chika helped by pushing on my
shoulders slightly and I soon found a tempo of leg and arm movements that was comfortable and provided a good f--k for
us both.

I greatly enjoyed f-----g in the pool. I found that the water helped control my tempo so I didn’t t----t too fast and end things too soon.

The resistance of the water meant that, even if I
tried to speed up, I had to keep my pace nice and slow.

The feel of her wet skin sliding against mine was also a huge turn on for me.

We exchanged many deep tongue kisses as we
continued to f--k.

I wanted this feeling and this moment to last forever, but the need to release the building pressure in my d--k was becoming overwhelming.

Chika, too, had become overwhelmed by her pleasure and started to c-m with a soft m0an. She hadn’t given me any indication she was close to cumming so I was slightly surprised
when she tensed and I felt her p---y start to spasm.

I watched her face as she came and she m0aned and sighed softly as her o----m peaked and then passed.

Watching her c-m with her face only inches from mine pushed me past the point of no return.

I started breathing hard as my own o----m built up and finally released inside her.

She opened her eyes and looked at me just
as I started to c-m and that eye contact made me c-m even harder.

I drove her up and down as quickly as I could as I shot all the c-m I had into her.

We kissed deeply and then hugged
each other and remained that way for several more minutes.

We each enjoyed the feeling of being inside each other.

After many more minutes of fondling and kissing we moved away from each other and relaxed, still naked, in the water for a
while longer.

“I’ve got to get something to drink,” Chika said as she climbed out of the pool and walked naked over to where she had
previously been sitting. She finished the rest of her drink and looked up at the hot late afternoon sun. “It’s getting a little hot
for me,”
she said, “let’s move inside where it is cooler.” I agreed
and hopped out of the water.

Chika handed me a large towel and we each towelled off.

We moved to the living room and sat together on the sofa. We
flipped on the TV and flipped some channels for a little while.

With a look at the clock Chika stood and said, “It’s starting to get
late and we should get ready for tonight. I’m going to take a quick shower and run some errands. There is another shower in
the second bathroom that you can use.”

She gave me a quick kiss and then walked down the hall toward the master bedroom. I wondered what she had planned for tonight as I walked down the hall and looked for the second bathroom.

I heard the water running in the master bath and considered for a moment sneaking in to join her in the shower. I decided against it though
as she had been clear about my using the other shower and I didn’t want to do anything to mess up her plan.

Finally I found the second bathroom and took a really long, hot shower.

Feeling revitalized after my previous efforts I got
dressed in a change of clothes from my overnight bag and wandered back out to the living room. I looked around for Chika
but found no sign of her.

I then noticed her car was gone from the garage so I grabbed the remote and relaxed on the sofa until she returned from her

Chika returned about 30 minutes later carrying a few bags. She wore a tight dress that really showed off her figure. She also
wore a pair of high heels on her bare feet that looked a little out of place with the dress, but I hoped she had worn them for my

She went into the kitchen with everything and came out in a few minutes with some take-away food on a couple of

We had each already came several times over the last 24 hours so they had released their pent up sexual energy.

This allowed us to eat a wonderful dinner and enjoy each other’s company for a
while after dinner.

We sat close on the sofa and watched some
TV, and our hands often wandered to caress each other. We talked through the night also, but not as a teacher and former student as we had normally previously interacted.

Instead they talked as lovers and friends.

As the series we watched ended, Chika turned to face me and I could see a definite glimmer of lust in her eyes. She leaned into me and we embraced in a wet, needy kiss.

As we kissed I could feel her hand slide down my chest across the front of my shirt.

She pulled my shirt up from my waist and easily over my head.

She then unsnapped my shorts and lowered my zipper before sliding my boxers down my legs and onto the floor.

We kissed again after she had tossed my shorts away.

Chika broke our kiss, sat back slightly, and looked at me.

She slowly and s£[email protected] ran her hands up my stomach and chest to my shoulders and back down my arms. Chika stood up and
surveyed my naked form in front of her.

Chika slowly reached up to the top button on her sundress.

She slowly undid that button and then every other button down to her waist. She let the dress slide off her shoulders and fall into a
heap on the floor at her feet. She brushed it aside with her feet and moved her hands behind her and unclasped her lacy black
bra. With a shrug of her shoulders she slipped the bra off and tossed it aside.

She then looped a thumb on either side of her [email protected] and slowly slipped them down her legs. She then paused and stood naked in front of me letting me see her completely. She sat down on the sofa next to me and resumed briefly our
previous kiss.

Chika again broke the kiss and began lightly kissing and sometimes licking me along the jawline on either side of my
face. She continued to my cheeks and ears.

As she did this I was lightly exploring her body with my hands.

I massaged and caressed her flesh constantly moving my hands.

I wanted to experience every possible part of her body.

Chika shifted slightly and began kissing and licking my neck. She gradually moved down to my chest and stomach. She paused
for a time at his n-----s and gently s----d and circled each with her tongue.

This felt electric to me. I had never thought of my
n-----s as e----c before, but Chika found a way to make every
part of me scream with pleasure.

Skipping over my legs and the most obvious target Chika slid
down to the floor and gently picked up one of my feet.

She brought it to her mouth and proceeded to sU-Ck and nibble my toes. I watched her closely as she worked on one foot and then
the other. While still holding his foot Chika said, “I feel the feet and toes are
a vastly underutilized erogenous zone.

Take the time to do this
to a woman’s feet during foreplay and she will definitely make it worth your while.”.

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