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Mrs Chika, my Favourite Teacher, (the F
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She set my foot down and stood up holding
her hand out to me. “Follow me,” she said and began to lead me down the hallway. She led me back to the master bedroom and she la!d
down on the bed before me.

As I stood next to the bed Chika said, “The biggest problem that young boys make during s-x is we ignore the foreplay.

S-x is much more than the final f--k and cumming. I want you to practice taking your time and experience me.”.
I paused briefly, not knowing quite where to start, but then
remembering her previous words I went directly to her feet and toes. I tried to repeat the treatment that I had just received and
took my time massaging, kissing, and licking her feet. For a long time I continued on to every other part of Chika’s body.

She wouldn’t let me touch her b-----s or p---y yet, so I explored the rest of her body. She rolled over so I could continue with her back.

After spending much more time caressing and exploring her back she again rolled over onto her back.

This time as she rolled she parted her legs somewhat which I took as the OK to continue to that area. I moved between her
knees and resumed my kissing and licking on the insides of her thighs.

I could again smell the strong scent from her p---y.

Now that she had trimmed the hair it looked much more like those I
had seen in the porno videos.

I was soon drawn into her scent and so my mouth was inches from her glistening p---y. Unsure of how to continue I gently

kissed her just above her v----a. Chika sensed my hesitation and whispered, “Don’t worry about what to do. Just explore me
and I will help you.”

I lowered my head and started by lightly licking the area that had recently been shaved. I moved farther between her legs and started slowly exploring with my tongue and lips.

As I continued Chika spread her legs further to give me better access and I
gained some confidence in my work. Occasionally Chika would say things like “That feels great” or
would instruct me to change positions slightly and focus on a new area.

Mostly she concentrated on helping me know how hard or fast I should stimulate her.

I paid particular attention to her p---y hole.

I had heard other guys at school talk about how much we hated eating p---y and
how disgusting it was.

As I explored the inside of Chika’s p---y
with my tongue I was sure that we must have never actually done it.

sU-Cking Chika’s p---y had me in heaven. I loved the feel of her soft wetness under my tongue.

I loved the smell and most of all I loved the taste of Chika.

If it weren’t for my need to take care of my own sexual needs I was sure I could have stayed there sU-Cking her p---y all night.

My tongue inside her was having an obvious effect on Chika.

She had started breathing harder and was softly making satisfied m0an!ng sounds.

I heard her softly whispering instructions to
me and I immediately followed her wishes.
“Ummmm, faster,” Chika whispered.

She had started rotating her hips into my face and was getting close to cumming.

I darted the tip of my tongue into and out of
her p---y.

Chika instructed in a louder voice. I shoved my tongue as deep as I could into her. This position left my face
pressed against her thrusting p---y and I was soon covered with juices from inside her. I began to quickly f--k her with my tongue.

I would fully remove my tongue from her and then immediately bury it back in as deep and as fast as I could.

My tongue was soon burning from being held in such a position but I was determined to make Chika c-m on my face.

I didn’t have to wait long as Chika soon grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my face into her.

I buried my tongue as far as I could and started to wiggle the tip deep inside her.

She was bucking her hips and pressing my mouth tightly onto her p---y.

With a loud grunt Chika started to c-m. She stopped moving her hips and pulled even harder on my head.

The warm wet walls of her p---y danced over my tongue as she
shuttered from her o----m. She was squeezing my head tightly
between her thighs and all of my senses were filled with her entirely.

Through her thighs i could hear her m0ans, i could feel the soft flesh of her thighs with my fingers, and i could see her stomach
rise and fall both with my breathing and with the spasms i felt under my tongue.

Mostly my senses of smell and taste were overwhelmed as she came and it seemed as though she grew even wetter and that
her scent grew stronger.

Chika released my head and relaxed as her o----m passed.

I continued to lick her p---y and was eagerly trying to collect as much of her juices with my mouth and tongue as i could.

I could hear Chika regaining her breath and composure and decided to try something new.

I had been lying on my stomach and was supported up with my elbows, but I now moved my arms so i was flat on my chest
with my face in Chika’s crotch.

I slowly tongued her p---y and started periodically dipping my tongue beneath her p---y to the area between it and her anus.

Chika gave a happy m0an!ng sound so i knew l wouldn’t get any resistance.

I continued this teasing for a while until Chika lifted her legs off the bed and held them up by putting a hand behind each knee.

This served to not only open up her p---y even farther than before but it also rotated her hips slightly so her a-----e was
now clearly exposed.

With the improved access I focused more on the skin under her p---y and less on her p---y itself. Previous to that night the
thought of licking another person’s a-----e would have
disgusted me.

However at this point I wanted nothing more to feel Chika’s a-s hole under my tongue. Chika’s entire a-s crack was completely
covered with her own juices and my saliva, so my tongue slid smoothly along this previously taboo area.

Her a-----e felt much different under my tongue than her p---y had.

Where her p---y had been silky smooth and soft her a-----e was rougher. I eagerly wriggled my tongue back and forth across her anus, occasionally dipping my tongue back into
her p---y to collect her juices to further lubricate her a-----e. This was by far the nastiest, dirtiest, most disgusting thing I had
ever done and I was loving every minute of it!

I circled her hole over and over and savoured the nastiness of the act.

I tried a few times to shove my tongue up her a-s and f--k her with it as
I had done with her p---y but I found it too tight. Each time I
tried Chika m0aned appreciatively so I assumed the added
pressure on her a-s felt good.

I briefly thought what it would feel like to stick my d--k in her
a-s and f--k her. The idea sent a shiver down my spine straight
to my d--k.

Chika released her knees and moved her hands to my head. She
gently grabbed my hair and pulled me up away from her
bouncy a-s. She pulled me on top of her and for a moment we
stared deeply into each other’s eyes.
Chika then roughly pulled my head down to hers and t----t her
tongue into my mouth. She pushed me over to the side and
skilfully switched our positions so she was now on top of me.

She broke our kiss and whispered into my ear in a very deep
and croaky voice saying, “My turn.”
For the next 30 minutes or so (by this point I had lost all track
of time) Chika gently tickled, teased, explored, and stimulated
my body. She took her time and explored me ignoring only the
most obvious target. My d--k was rock hard and ready for
release; however because of our earlier adventures I also felt I
had more control over myself. Chika repositioned herself so she
was straddling my stomach facing me.

I could feel her warm, wet p---y resting on my stomach. “Do you want to f--k me?” Chika asked as she felt my chest with her

“Yes,” was all I could muster as a reply.

Chika moved back and lifted herself off me.

I felt her grasp my d--k and I expected her
to position it so she could drop down on it and insert it within her.

She clearly hadn’t completely finished teasing me as instead she held it flat against my stomach and then lowered herself
onto me.

Her p---y was now positioned so it was rubbing the underside
of my d--k. She shifted so her v----a was centered in the middle
of my s---t and started to slowly move her hips back and forth.

She was essentially stroking my d--k with her p---y although we
weren’t yet f-----g. This also resulted in my d--k soon being
completely coated with her warm p---y juices. I could only lie
back and groan softly.

I wanted to f--k her badly but I knew that Chika was in charge and that the wait would undoubtedly be worth it. Chika was enjoying watching me squirm beneath her but she
knew we both needed a release soon. She slid forward a little farther than she had been so her p---y was positioned just at
the tip of my d--k.

With a slight shift of her hips she moved her hips back and instead of sliding across my s---t her p---y now swallowed my

Chika’s tactics had been so subtle that I hadn’t realized anything
had happened until I felt myself entering Chika.
I watched Chika as she slowly f----d me. Her hands were on my
chest for balance and support as she took her time pleasuring
herself on me. Her b----t jiggled softly back and forth
hypnotically as she moved on top of me.
She f----d me this way for several more minutes before
pushing off my chest and sitting upright on top of me.

This new position had the effect of driving me even deeper into
her as she now sat upright with her whole body weight pressing
me into her. She began bouncing up and down slightly on her
knees in order to drive me in and out of her.
I watched as her b----t danced back and forth across her chest
as she bounced over me. I reached out and pinched her n-----s
lightly between her fingers. Chika’s eyes were closed so my
touch came as a surprise and she reacted quickly.
She m0aned, “Ohhh yeah.”.

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