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Must Read: Campus Dilema (18 ) - Season 2 - Episode 84
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I held the later lowering myself to the bed. What is all this problem? I asked myself.

I am not finished with Shania now it’s IJ. I thought what we had was professional. By the way she has a boyfriend why have feelings for me? Who is it going to be after IJ? Probably Purity.

I la!d down on the bed thinking and for a moment, I regretted why I ever had anything to do with all these girls.

After some moments of regret, I started feeling pity for IJ. I remembered my case with Cindy; how I felt when I saw her with another guy even when I haven’t told her about my interest. I remember how frustrated I was.

I remembered my sister telling me that for a girl to open up and profess her love to any guy, that it must have taken a great deal of courage and shouldn’t be taken for granted.

I picked my phone and dialed IJ but it rang out twice and wasn’t answered. After I called her, I called Shania again and got same old response.

I typed a message and sent to IJ
‘If you can come back, we can talk things through. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings.’
I waited for minutes but got no reply after I got a delivery rapport. I dropped my phone and picking her spare key from my cart, I headed to her room. Set a trap for me with rice and a big catch you are going to get.

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