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I got to Ajiran and met association of mourners, immediately the saw me and my brothers, all those I saw gisting from afar started wailing and crying, I greeted them and just went in to see my granny.

Granny was weeping and I tried to console her, to everyone amazement I dint even blink or shed a tear. I met my sister, her eyes were swollen, she witnessed it all so I guess she felt the pain the most, I hugged her and she started sobbing again, I told her to be strong and my two friends with me took her out.

I got to the room where mama was la!d, and she still look alive, I sat close to the bed and tried telling her all that happened in school. I was brought back to reality by big bangs on the door, the door was forced open and I was told have been crying and shouting for the past ten minute and it seems I had locked the door from the inside.

Dad also arrived and we made arrangement for the burial, he called his friend, a pastor so as to officiate the program. We sowed the gown, bought the gloves and had a carpenter made a casket quickly.

Mrs Id bathed her body, and I carried her into the coffin myself, I and my friends took the coffin and after prayers had been made, she was eventually la!d to rest at about 3pm.

By 8pm we got back home and then broke the news to our neighbours, who couldn’t believe our calmness and the happiness on our faces. Not that we were happy, but like they say, she had gone home to rest, so we were happy her pains were over.

That night, I dreamt and saw her peeping through the window, calling my name, I saw her and asked her to come in, she said ‘hope I won’t scare your friends’ I told her its her house that no one would be scared. She came in and I explained all the issues in school to her. Then she said ‘tee, I can’t do anything to help you, I am dead now’ she then disappeared, and I suddenly woke up.

October 21st was suppose to be my convocation, but I was at home having the 8 days prayer for my mum, then I remember her words, that she won’t be at my convocation.
Soon I got a call from ife saying…………………


Soon, ife called me and told me we have been posted to the same state, wow, we started together and we are gonna end it together, fate must have had a plan for us I taught.

Fortunately enough ife and I were in the same platoon at the camp, but during this period, she was back on drugs, the ruggedness of camp was taking its toil on her fragile health, but she remained strong.

I made sure she was the first person I snapped a picture with in camp, I also had about 10 other pictures with her.

Camp was over, Ife worked are way to the city’s capital while I was pushed to the interior part of the state. I couldn’t see her till service was over.

Two years after service, Ife got married and soon enough she had her first child. I was so happy for her and proud of what she’s become. Ife now works with MTN nigeria, and she is taking the best care of herself.

****************** THE END**************


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