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…….Shout out to all you guys and ladies out there that you call yourselves what you cannot become in the next 100 years to come and even till you die….How funny does that sounds in your ear,when you call yourself the luxury things that you are not when you can’t get it at all…. But Before you act big when you are not,let you and I both read the story of this guy called *Jones*
……The day was bored like never, when Jones,a guy at his early 20s (20-23) who just finished his B.Sc as a Horticulturist,but due to his poor status he decided to stay with his friends Phillip and Lanre.

The morning was bright like never when he (Jones) was found with one of his friend(Phillip but popularly known as Pippy) when they are both playing the ludo game together at the front of their own 2 bedroom apartment which was solely secured by Pippy

“Omo,so you no ft play well, and you are lambasting that you will defeat me Ehn?” Jones said jokingly as he continue to roll his die on the ludo platform
“See you, so you think you can…….. (he threw the die only to notice that it was a *double six* that showed up
“Yes!! Yess!!! I got it” Pippy shouted in excitement as he saw his friend’s face
“oya play jare abeg” Jones said trying to show that he’s not moved by that

“Okay, oya oo.. 1,2,3….” He counted

Is that all? “ Jones said in anticipation
“no, Ehn Ehn, less I forget Jonzy” Pippy said as he pushed the ludo game aside
“what is that friend? “ Jones said as he focused on Pippy well

“Last night, mama landlord called me and she reported you to me?” Pippy said wearing on a frown face

“Ohhhh, what is wrong with this mama again” Jones said as he flared up

“Calm down Man, she said she doesn’t like how you do in this house?” Pippy said

“Okay, what did she say that we do?” Jones replied her in a feeble manner

“Not we but you only” Pippy answered in a reciprocating way

“okay what did she said that I did” He said

“Better,she said that she doesn’t like your ways, I means the way you live your life, bringing different kind of girls into the house with no reason or no one to point at that that is my wife-to-be, it’s unfair man and I personally do tell you that you should try to live a good life,this thing is becoming too much” Pippy gave him a friendly advice

“woo,leave that for me, I live my life like muah muah “ He said as he kisses his wrapped fingers

“But Jonzy, I’m telling you the real truth because….

Before Pippy could finish his speech,Jonzy,on seeing a fresh lady passing and rolling sideways across the front of their house
Seeing this Jones jumped up from his seat
“”**he whistled on seeing the sexy lady passing across*** “wo, Pippy,i will be back now,just two minutes “ he said as he rushed down to double cross the lady because he knows that she’s horny like never

“But Jonzy wait now, I’m still talking, you can’t walk out on me like that” Pippy shouted at him

“Pippy you know that? “ He signalled to Pippy

“And what is that?” Pippy asked being confused

“that ladies first ***he winks at Pippy***
“I pray that you won’t be killed by ladies” Pippy said in return as he saw his friend going down the stairs

“Hi…hello pretty damsel” Jones called her from afar as he was running towards her

“Yes?” the Lady said as she turned around to see who was calling her

“Wao!! I said it,i knew it would be a angel I was running towards “ Jones flattered
“***She smiled and saying*** Thank you “ she said she turned back to continue her walk

“Ahah not that fast now…. “ He said as he held her arm back

“aha what again now?” The lady said in annoyance

“Okay I’m sorry if my manner of approach is bad,…. I’m Jones by name but my friends call me Jonzy” He said in a flattering manner as he extends a handshake to her

“And I’m Jenny” She said after receiving the handshake

“Wao that a good name for a beautiful lady like you, well before I forget, my house is over there” He said boasting.

“Wao, you don’t mean it,that 3 bedroom flat is yours?” Jenny said pointing to the house

“yes now, including the cars out there “ He flattered again

“Well that so good of you” jenny said
“You know that sexy girl like you should not be working under this scorching sun or would you mind stepping aside just to relax yourself?,” Jones said with a sexy smile on his face

“Hmm, you know…. “ Jenny wanted to say something before Jones cut her

“Please don’t say no” he said jokingly as he was trying to plead

“Okay no problem “ Jenny said

“Thank you very much dear “ Jones said as he showed a way saying ladies first
It was just like a magic in the eyes of Pippy when Jones brought back Jenny into the house
“Oh my Goodness” Pippy shouted as he saw Jones leading the Jenny into the room

“What bro?, why the shout? “ He said smiling

“Jones, don’t tell me that was the lady we both saw when we were playing ludo outside earlier “ Pippy said with a surprised look

“Woo I just wan use this one to wash” he whispered

“Heheh I pray you won’t die of p**sy “ Pippy wondered

“Na you know, but anyway please I want to beg you for something man” Jones asked in a succumbing manner

“Then what is that? “ Pippy asked him

“You See, I want you to act like my errand boy ……

“Cut that, hope you have not boast to that chick you called a girl that you own this flat? “
Pippy said as he snapped at Jones

“Guy please now, do this one for me please?” Jones said in a pitifully manner
“but Jones wait how long will you continue to live this kind of fake life, it doesn’t pay at all” Pippy said advising him

“Hello baby come now “ Jenny called from inside with a romantic voice

“Guy see you later,my baby is calling me” He said as he rushes inside….

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