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“Guy see you later, my baby is calling me “ He said as he rushes inside..

“Hmmmm, is this a good life of living or what?” Pippy said as he went to his room
The following morning was Monday which is known to be a working day for all. Phillip who is known to be a graduate lawyer who is still searching for job to raise a little fund so that he can go to law school in other to be called to bar,
But Lanre (known as Larry) was working with a small organisation firm l
producing plastics ,and Jones on the other hand has no specific job he was known with because he was initially working as a factory worker before but due to the fact that he was caught up in a shameful act, he was sacked immediately.

“Guys, I’m off to work before I’m late” Larry said as he was adjusting his tie with polo shirt

“No problem, i myself is going out now in the next few minutes “ Phillip said as he was arranging his files

“To where friend? “ Jones asked as he was coming out of the toilet adjusting his trousers

“the job now! “ Phillip said with sober face

“oh sorry man, we initially forgot “ Jones said

“okay, I pray you meet your luck today” Lanre said as he make way to work

“Amen bro, thank you very much “ Phillip said as he went to get dressed

“Jonzy ,are you not going out today? “ Phillip asked

“No, I’m waiting for a babe, just coming to say hi” Jones said with a smile

“Hmm, *ekun, mojerie* all he knows is just p**sy! and p**sy!!” Phillip said giving him a friendly punch

“No she just want to come here to say hi and that’s all” Jones said flattering

“I pray that one day you stop all this your fraudulent life,you better advise your friend” Phillip said as he was getting himself dressed
“Hehehe, please and please don’t start with me this early morning” Jones said as he was raising up his eyebrows

” *Ohr, ooto oro lan ba eso*,we are telling you the truth, you should better sit down and think about your life and know the next thing to do” Lanre said in correction

“wo, the wahala of the two of you is too much, I don’t like it please” Jones said becoming angry

“Hehehe, sorry brother, I’m so sorry (faces Phillip),wo are you ready or I should go” Lanre said with a scornful look

” ***He hurriedly dressed as he was prepared to go*** ahahahah, *Otiya* let’s go now “ Phillip said with a swift

“better bye, till evening “ Jones greeted as they went out.

As days were rolling into weeks, Jones kept on living the kind of his fraudulent life he chooses to live,not until a day when he and Philip almost engage in a fight in their room but before that happened Lanre has get in between the two parties
*****@*/////$/////////(“”!*/$”? !”/$””:(“@$”@
At around 6pm,on Saturday, in the evening, Phillip, Jones and Lanre were moving down the street of their neighborhood chatting and having a conversation

“wait ooo,so this street is always boring on days like this when person no go work
sha “
Phillip said as he started the conversation while they were working

“abi this place bored ooo “ Lanre said in addition

“Ohr, hadn’t been that someone is able to get a side chick now, it could have been better “ Jones said in a promiscuous mind

“Oh my goodness,what wrong with this dude, ahh, why is it that every time, all you know is to talk about of……..

Before Lanre could finish talking, Jones suddenly hid at his back on noticing a red car passing by their side

[B] “Eheh, what’s wrong with you, why are you hiding behind my back?”
Lanre said seeing his strange attitude

“Wait wait,hope the car is gone? “ Jones said without paying attention to what lanre was saying

“Which car, what’s wrong with this one,?” Lanre said remaining baffled

“Haha, Lanre don’t you see that lady in the car?” Phillip said laughing wickedly

“which lady, I didn’t see her ooo “ Lanre said

“That Lady was the reason why your friend is doing hide and seek game “ Phillip said laughing

“so you mean this guy has Ehn Ehn that girl” Lanre said opening his eyes in amazement

“ahahahah, don’t you know that the girl in that car was the one that you met at home when you came back from work on that day “ Phillip explained

“Ohhh, now I remembered “ Lanre said

“He even lied to her that he was the one feeding you and I “ Phillip said

“Really? “ Lanre asked in surprise

“eesss, guys stop this now, you saw me on standing and you are still mocking me, it unfair Now “ Jones said as he get out from his hiding place

” I Pity you Ehn Jonzy,you that you can lie like mad “ Lanre said

“Wo guys *kiloshegangan* why you always pinning on me? “ Jones flared up

“See him anytime you correct him now, that person is in trouble “ lanre said

“***Phillip moved closer to him and whispered *** Bro please we are friends, change your lifestyle “ He (Philip) said and walkaway from him……

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