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Must Read: Fredrick, Can You F*** Me? - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Feelings like electric shock ran down my body with every smack and this electric shock stopped at my cl!t which made me squirm , but anytime I tried to break free from his clutches he would sq££ze my butt0ckz and spank my butt0ckz cheeks harder. By this time my juice was visibly running down my legs, I bit on my lips to suppress my m0ans, I begged my [email protected] not to pour out any more juice but instead I heard “scorpion this chick likes it o” the quiet one finally spoke. “Scorpion!” that was the name of my first assaulter.

He turned me around and placed me facing him on the car “pleaseee” I mumbled through the handkerchief stuffed in my mouth after he made an attempt to spread my legs, I knew what was going to happen, i knew I was gonna be taught a lesson and a hard one, I could see the helplessness and anger in my husband’s eyes, he was going to watch his wife be F***ed by the leader of a set of armed robbers and maybe the rest of the crew could also join in the action . After many attempts to keep my legs closed my efforts were eventually subdued, my legs were now as open as an express way. Scorpion drove a finger deep inside my betraying [email protected], brought it out and looked at it, my love hole juice was running down his finger, he licked it off and smiled, i stared at a big birth mark on his wrist. I closed my eyes and I knew he was enjoying me suffer, he took his time in allowing every nerve in my body betray me, I wondered why he took his time as if I was his lover…..

Then I heard the sound of a belt fall to the ground, I opened my eyes and saw his pecker pointing straight at my [email protected], it was big ,no it was huge and I feared it might leave some marks. I started squirming but was held down by the quiet short one, the third chubby robber had brought out his J0yst!ck and was already stroking it gently. My eyes widened more with every inch of Scorpion J0yst!ck that was buried inside my hole. Soon he had every inch of his 8-inch monster in me, a tear ran down my eyes, I turned and looked at tied up Fredrick he looked blank. Scorpion pounded the living day lights out of my [email protected], ” arghhhhh hmmmm” he growled, he was using me ,i was at his mercy now, he took my left tit into his mouth and sU-Cked hard on it while using his hand to support himself . I could feel it building, I was going to Pour, scorpion sensed it and increased his pace going deeper and faster .. I couldn’t hold it any longer, I closed my eyes and began pushing my [email protected] towards his J0yst!ck allowing him to pound harder. I was growling through the cloth tied around my mouth, all thoughts of my husband and infidelity disappeared. I felt someone loose the cloth tied to my mouth and next thing I felt was something poking my lips,I opened my eyes and my mouth only to let the quiet one J0yst!ck slide in. I shamelessly sU-Cked him hard, taking as much as possible into my wet mouth, soon I was bobbing on it, I placed my hands on his balls and sq££zed it allowing more of his pecker into my mouth, I raised it and took his balls into my mouth sU-Cking it hard. The three of us were growling and m0an!ng like animals, the only reason anyone wouldn’t see us was because the car was packed at the side of a bush close to the junction a little far from the street lights but reflected enough for us to see.

I sU-Cked his J0yst!ck like my life depended on it, I sU-Cked until he poured Pour in my mouth and I swallowed everything and licked him clean. I was amazed at how long scorpion had been Bleeping me, my juice were dripping on the car bonnet, my [email protected] started convulsing, I was cuming “oh god! Oh god! Oh godddd!” I screamed, he held me down because I was shaking terribly, this was the first time I was cuming in months,my hair was messed up after sU-Cking a J0yst!ck, I was sweating, my [email protected] was squirting and I was drooling .”arghhhhh Sh*t! Sh*t! shittt!” scorpion growled and brought out his J0yst!ck spilling hot Pour on my Tommy, I shamelessly took some to my mouth and licked it.

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